The following table is an alphabetical index of surnames of persons interred in the Zoar Cemetery, Day County South Dakota. The data was obtained from Day County records held at the Webster Court House. No warranty is given on the completeness or accuracy of the data presented. Please notify cps if you can positively correct existing errors.

Indexed in 2003 by: Curtis P. Sigdestad

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Block Les W. 31-May-1946
Block Leo Warren 22-May-1994
Block 21-Aug-1999
Bue Belvina Adele 29-Sep-1994
Bue Conrad Knute 25-Mar-1986 Veteran
Chell Ellen Marie 7-May-1954
Dyrud Paul Denis 24-Mar-1946
Floe Osca.r E 23-Oct-1974 Veteran
Floe Ruth E 11-Apr-1976
German Esther 18-Aug-1976
Hendrickson Elisabeth 1-Aug-1989
Hendrickson Ronald Norman 29-Jan-2000 Veteran
Iverson Anne Helena 12-Nov-1977
Harold Paul 16-Feb-1996 Veteran
Knutsen Petra Fatland 23-Jan-1980
Lewis Anne Helena 20-Mar-1954
Lewis Martha Caroline 20-Jan-1978
Lindquist Oscar Albert 22-Aug-1949
Lunos Martha 16-Apr-1997
Lunos Peder 14-Apr-1977
Nelson Alma D 5-Jan-1983
Nelson Inga Jeanette 30-May-2000
Nelson Harold Paul 29-Sep-1952 veteran
Nelson Martin C 16-Nov-1978
Nelson Mathilda 17-Mar-1975
Pemrick Clara 21-Dec-1999
Peterson George 27-Mar-1952
Peterson Ole 8-Aug-1947
Peterson Peter 16-Aug-1948
Sanders Ole 5-Dec-1945
Shjonsberg Oline 28-Oct-1946
Sanders Ida Christina 3-Nov-1975
Skaarhaug Johanes L 7-Nov-1954
Skaarhaug Neil 15-Apr-2003 Veteran
Skjonsberg Burton L. 29-Mar-1978
Skjonsberg Oscar Peter 20-Sep-1948
Sundstrom Bethel S. 16-Mar-1989
Sundstrom Byron Donald 1-Aug-1999
Sutherland Betsey 8-Feb-1942
Sutherland Pearl 7-Jun-1952
Svalstad Andrew 19-Oct-1954
Tystad Edna Loraine 7-Feb-1998

Last Updated on 6 February 2004
By Curtis Sigdestad, Ph.D.