Webster, Day Co., SD - G. A. R. (Civil War Vets)


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        LIST OF G. A. R. POSTS IN S. DAK.


Alphabetical list of Posts, South Dakota

Grand Army of the Republic, with names of

Veterans residing for a longer or shorter time in

the state.



                Gen. Crocker Post No. 70


        This post was mustered June 11, 1884, by H. G. C. Ross with

19 members; its largest membership was 39 in 1892, and upon last

payment of dues it had 9 members - July 22, 1912.



1884 Thomas A. Bones    Ed. C. Warner

1885 T. W. Ray          Ed. C. Warner

1886 T. W. Ray          Ed. C. Warner

1887 E. Huntington      J. C. Adams

1888 Charles Chapman    J. C. Adams

1889 J. C. Adams        T. C. Baker

1890 J. A. Lee          J. T. Goodwin

1891 S. W. Scripture    J. T. Goodwin

1892 E. C. Warner       W. C. Turner

1893 James W. Abbott

1894 J. W. Granger      Ed. C. Warner

1895 J. T. Goodwin      Ed. C. Warner

1896 H. W. Rawlin       Ed. C. Warner

1897 J. W. Abbott       Ed. C. Warner

1898 C. J. Shultz       Ed. C. Warner

1899 George Hallock     Ed. C. Warner

1900 Hugh Jones         Ed. C. Warner

1901 J. W. McElderry    G. B. Hallock

1902 W. T. Colwell      G. B. Hallock

1903 J. C. Moore        J. J. Cowan

1904 B. D. Fish         J. J. Cowan

1909 J. J. Cowan        J. W. Sanborn

1910 J. J. Cowan        J. W. Sanborn

1912 J. J. Cowan        J. W. Sanborn