The following table is an alphabetical index of surnames of persons interred in the Tabor Cemetery, Day County South Dakota. The data was obtained from Day County records held at the Webster Court House. No warranty is given on the completeness or accuracy of the data presented. Please notify cps if you can positively correct existing errors.

Indexed in 2003 by: Curtis P. Sigdestad

Last Name First Name BirthDate Death Date Comments
Amundson Omer C 27-Nov-1944
Baumbarn Emil A 27-Feb-1992
Bosmoe Cathrine 14-Oct-1976
Bosmoe Jacob M 12-May-1954
Bosmoe Nettie 30-Dec-1973
Bosmoe Nels 4-Jan-1947
Buhler Mabel 4-Jan-2002
Dalager 8-Jul-1942 Stillborn #1
Dalager Harriet Olivia 10-Dec-2000
Dalager 8-Jul-1942 stillborn #2
Dalager Leonard S 18-Apr-1989 Veteran
Davidson Chad Allen 27-Aug-1995
Davidson Earl P. 27-Dec-1983 Veteran
Davidson Girl 3-Jan-1951 Stillborn
Davidson Karen M 21-Sep-1947
Hanson Arlene L 8 Jul 1944
Hanson Arnt Henry 17-May-1979
Hanson Johanna 16-Feb-1951
Hanson Vickie 3-Aug-1952 burial date
Haugen Anna B 1-May-1948
Haugen Ole P 28-Jul-1941
Johnson Anna Sophie 28-Sep-1949
Johnson George Wesley 2-Jan-1942
Johnson Michael S. 30-Dec-1974
Larson Gordon J. 20-Aug-1991
Larson Leon Hjalmer 7-Aug-1986
McCarlson Arnold Jerome 13-Oct-2002
McCarlson Lydia Ann 24-Sep-2001
Mickelson ? 12-Oct-1944
McCarlson Melvin Hjalmer 25-Nov-1952
Nelson Reuben W 23-Dec-1994 Veteran
Nelson Baby boy 27-Dec-1948
Nelson Harold L. 16-Oct-1977
Nilsen Reynold O 25-Mar-1981 Veteran
Nilsen Trina P. 10-Mar-1949
Nordtvedt Ludvig N 15-Oct-1942
Nygaard Anna 12-Nov-1998
Nygaemard James O 12-Aug-1999
Olson John A. 25-Mar-1950
Olson Johanna 10-Jul-1947
Olson Odin Kalmer 11-Apr-1982
Pribula Sophia C. 22-Sep-1982
Tvinnereim Bennie L 29-Aug-1994
Tvinnereim Bent A 28-Feb-1947
Tvinnereim Lena Rasmina 22-Oct-1984
Tvinnereim Reuben Leonard 6-Jun-1980
Wik Dorothy Anna 9-Sep-1994 Veteran
Wik Florence A 27-Dec-1954
Wik Ingvald L 22-Jan-1996 Veteran
Wik Mavis Eileen 27 Ju 2000
Wik Merlin Gene 2-Dec-1994
Wik Ragnhild K 11-Aug-1950
Wik Reider M 31-Oct-1986
Wik Sigurd Arnold 25-Nov-1947

Last Updated on 6 February 2004
By Curtis Sigdestad, Ph.D.