Surname Index of
by L.G. Ochsenreiter, 1926

	Day Co., SD -- Index to "History of Day County, 1873-1926"

	This file contains a name index to the book, "History of Day County from 1873-1926"
	by L. G. Ochsenreiter, published in 1926 by Educator Supply Co.

	This index was compiled by Denise Dennstedt, 

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Last Name           First Name       Pages                           Chapters

Aadland             Andrew           227-230                         Independence Township
Aadland             Arina            198-204                         Lynn Township
Aadland             Eric             198-204                         Lynn Township
Aadland             Hans             198-204                         Lynn Township
Aadland             Sarina           198-204                         Lynn Township
Aadsen              John             150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Aaenge              N. J.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Aarder              H. A.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Aasland             G.               146-149                         Troy Township
Aasland             Jorgen           154-156                         Valley Township
Aasland             Ole              170-171                         Waubay Township
Aasved              H.               194-197                         Union Township
Aasved              Hans             194-197                         Union Township
Aasved              M. J.            194-197                         Union Township
Aasved              Mina             194-197                         Union Township
Ackerman            A. W.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Ackerson            Andrew           154-156                         Valley Township
Ackerson            Josephine        146-149                         Troy Township
Ackerson            Ole              154-156                         Valley Township
Adams               ? (Dr.)          101-103                         City of Bristol
Adams               J. C.            33-71, 72-95, 182-186           City of Webster - Kidder Township
Adams               Joe              72-95                           City of Webster
Adams               M.               194-197                         Union Township
Adams               W. S. D.         72-95                           City of Webster
Afflick             James            167-168                         Morton Township
Ahlers              Alonzo           176-181                         Webster Township
Allen               A. M.            142-145                         York Township
Allen               Alex               169			     Central Point Township
Allen               Allen            222-226                         Homer Township
Allen               M.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Allen               R.               222-226                         Homer Township
Alley               Josephus         72-95                           City of Webster
Alley               Wm.              162-166                         Rusk Township
Alsager             Louis            242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Alsager             P. J.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Altoff              W. M.            170-171                         Waubay Township
Alvin               Peter            172-175                         Racine Township
Ament               B. G.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Amerude             Sander           227-230                         Independence Township
Ames                John             194-197                         Union Township
Ammerude            Peter            111-114                         Roslyn Village
Amundsen            Louis            231-235                         Liberty Township
Amundson            Christ           198-204                         Lynn Township
Amundson            Herman Bang      198-204                         Lynn Township
Amundson            Ole              133-141, 198-204                Highland Township - Lynn Township
Amundson            P. B.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Anderson            Anton            142-145                         York Township
Anderson            Arne             172-175                         Racine Township
Anderson            Chas.            142-145                         York Township
Anderson            Ed               172-175                         Racine Township
Anderson            Fred             111-114                         Roslyn Village
Anderson            H.               146-149                         Troy Township
Anderson            Hanna            182-186                         Kidder Township
Anderson            Hans             172-175, 236-241                Racine Township - Nutley Township
Anderson            James            146-149, 169                    Troy Township - Central Point Township
Anderson            Knute            157-161                         Butler Township
Anderson            Martin           198-204                         Lynn Township
Anderson            Mathilda         182-186                         Kidder Township
Anderson            Ole              111-114                         Roslyn Village
Anderson            Peter            157-161, 236-241                Butler Township - Nutley Township
Arndt               Aug.             172-175                         Racine Township
Arndt               Fred             172-175                         Racine Township
Arneson             Gust             133-141                         Highland Township
Arnston             J.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Arnstrong           Mary             187-191                         Bristol Township
Arthur              J. W.            167-168                         Morton Township
Ash                 Elsie G.         157-161                         Butler Township
Ash                 H. E.            157-161                         Butler Township
Ash                 Henry E.         115-116                         Butler Village
Aspin               Ole              222-226                         Homer Township
Aspin               Sylvester        222-226                         Homer Township
Astor               John             20-Dec			     Dakota Territory
Atchinson           Wm.              192-193                         Andover Township
Atkins              Henry            162-166                         Rusk Township
Auby                Louis            142-145                         York Township
Ault                Romeo            142-145                         York Township
Aultman             Jake             194-197                         Union Township
Austin              C. S.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Austin              John             157-161                         Butler Township
Austin              S.               187-191                         Bristol Township
Averil              Clara            21-32                           South Dakota
Babcock             Enos             167-168                         Morton Township
Babcock             M.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Bailey              Daniel           222-226                         Homer Township
Baisch              Mike             211-217                         Grenville Township
Baker               F. F.            176-181                         Webster Township
Baker               Laughlin         150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Baker               M.               187-191                         Bristol Township
Bakke               Aase             231-235                         Liberty Township
Bakke               Belle            231-235, 236-241                Liberty Township - Nutley Township
Bakke               Ingeborg         231-235                         Liberty Township
Bakke               James A.         236-241                         Nutley Township
Bakke               John A.          72-95,236-241                   Webster - Nutley Township
Bakke               Julia            236-241                         Nutley Township
Bakke               Julia A.         198-204                         Lynn Township
Bakke               Ole              72-95, 236-241                   Webster - Nutley Township
Bakken              O. E.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Ball                Tom              133-141                         Highland Township
Balser              E. A.            146-149                         Troy Township
Balzer              E.               72-95                           City of Webster
Balzer              Eckert           162-166                         Rusk Township
Barber              C. A.            142-145                         York Township
Barber              Franklin         117-118, 142-145                Lilly Village - York Township
Barker              A. E.            133-141,182-186                 Highland Township - Kidder Township
Barker              Jim              72-95                           City of Webster
Barker              John             133-141                         Highland Township
Baron               Martin           142-145                         York Township
Barrenger           G. W.            176-181                         Webster Township
Barrenger           Phillip          176-181                         Webster Township
Barry               J. L.            115-116                         Butler Village
Barse               Albert           33-71, 211-217                  Day Co. - Grenville Township
Bartell             Ben J.           150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Bartell             H.               170-171                         Waubay Township
Barth               U. F.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Barton              J. J.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Bashaw              Mrs. ?           72-95                           City of Webster
Batchelor           Ed               218-221                         Farmington Township
Bates               J. C.            176-181                         Webster Township
Bates               W. M.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Bathem              G. A.            194-197                         Union Township
Bathen              George           33-71                           Day Co.
Bauer               M.               150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Baukol              Peter            231-235                         Liberty Township
Bauske              Heinrich         172-175                         Racine Township
Beachy              Eph.             133-141                         Highland Township
Beaudreau           G.               150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Becht               Joseph           176-181                         Webster Township
Becht               Josephine        176-181                         Webster Township
Becker              J. P.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Beeney              A. S.            142-145                         York Township
Beetem              C. E.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Beetem              G. M.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Behres              Peter            154-156                         Valley Township
Belden              Hans             192-193                         Andover Township
Bell                Joe              142-145                         York Township
Benedickson         Carl             236-241                         Nutley Township
Benedickson         Soren            236-241                         Nutley Township
Benedickson, Jr.    Soren            242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Bennet              Julian           187-191                         Bristol Township
Bennett             ?                101-103                         City of Bristol
Bennett             Geo.             115-116                         Butler Village
Bennett             George A.        187-191                         Bristol Township
Bennett             Maud             187-191                         Bristol Township
Bennett             T. N.            192-193                         Andover Township
Bennette            ? (Capt.)        33-71                           Day Co.
Benson              Alex             172-175                         Racine Township
Bently              Deacon           192-193                         Andover Township
Berg                Gust             157-161                         Butler Township
Berg                M. K.            142-145                         York Township
Berget              Ole              227-230                         Independence Township
Berglund            Lars             236-241                         Nutley Township
Bergseng            H. J.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Berry               M.               222-226                         Homer Township
Bettis              Robb             157-161                         Butler Township
Betts               Clara            72-95                           City of Webster
Betts               E. H.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Beuschner           Gust (Dr.)       176-181                         Webster Township
Beuschner           Joe              176-181                         Webster Township
Bierschback         Anton            154-156                         Valley Township
Bierschback         Christ           154-156                         Valley Township
Bierschback         John             154-156                         Valley Township
Bierschback         M.               154-156                         Valley Township
Biezkowski          Frank            242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Biglow              E. W.            192-193                         Andover Township
Biglow              Orson            192-193                         Andover Township
Birschback          Anton            72-95                           City of Webster
Bisgard             Soren            96-100                          City of Waubay
Bissner             P.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Bjerke              Betsy            182-186                         Kidder Township
Bjerke              Emil K.          182-186                         Kidder Township
Bjorkblat           C. O.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Bjorkblat           C. W.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Bjugan              Maria            176-181                         Webster Township
Black               Jane             96-100                          City of Waubay
Blake               J. F.            72-95                           City of Webster
Blanchard           C. L.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Blanchett           J.               192-193                         Andover Township
Blanchett           L.               192-193                         Andover Township
Blank, Sr.          August           231-235                         Liberty Township
Block               A. J.            119-122, 242-243                Grenville Village - Kosciusko Township
Block               Anton            211-217                         Grenville Township
Block               August           242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Block               Ben              119-122                         Grenville Village
Block               Gust             242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Block               Joe              211-217                         Grenville Township
Block               John             242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Block               Martin           211-217                         Grenville Township
Blocker             John             133-141                         Highland Township
Blocker             Lloyd            133-141                         Highland Township
Blodgett            C. S.            104-106, 187-191                City of Andover - Bristol Township
Blodgett            J. P.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Bloom               Fred             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Bloom               Fredrica         128-132                         Wheatland Township
Blue Dog            Cheif            33-71                           Day Co.
Boardman            John             133-141                         Highland Township
Bohrson             T.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Boik                Bernard          211-217                         Grenville Township
Boland              Eric             227-230                         Independence Township
Bolhalter           John             167-168                         Morton Township
Bolland             Lars             227-230                         Independence Township
Bond                J. H.            192-193                         Andover Township
Bond                W. J.            126-127                         Egeland Township
Bones               M. M.            72-95                           City of Webster
Bones               T. A.            162-166, 172-175                Rusk Township - Racine Township
Bones               Thomas           72-95                           City of Webster
Bones               Thomas A.        33-71                           Day Co.
Bones, Jr.          Tom              72-95                           City of Webster
Bonner              John             222-226                         Homer Township
Bordahl             Even             111-114                         Roslyn Village
Bosland             A. T. H.         96-100                          City of Waubay
Bovie               C.               192-193                         Andover Township
Bowen               C. E.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Bowens              Fred             192-193                         Andover Township
Boyd                H. W.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Boyd                Jacob            72-95,  111-114                 City of Webster  - Roslyn Village
Brady               Charles          96-100                          City of Waubay
Brady               G. M.            133-141                         Highland Township
Brady               J. B.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Brandall            E.               194-197                         Union Township
Brandle             Ed               194-197                         Union Township
Brandmoen           John             231-235                         Liberty Township
Bray                A. P.            194-197                         Union Township
Bremer              G.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Brennan             J. H.            104-106                         City of Andover
Breske              Frank            119-122                         Grenville Village
Breske              John             211-217                         Grenville Township
Bretz               J. B.            192-193                         Andover Township
Brewer              Geo.             176-181                         Webster Township
Brigham             Anna             72-95                           City of Webster
Brigham             Thomas           33-71                           Day Co.
Brigham             Thos.            172-175                         Racine Township
Brigham             Tom              72-95                           City of Webster
Brindlson           Ole              142-145                         York Township
Briske              Joe              33-71                           Day Co.
Britton             Col.             107-110                         Pierpont Village
Brokaw              Lawrence         101-103                         City of Bristol
Brokaw              R. P.            101-103, 187-103                City of Bristol - Bristol Township
Brokaw              Will             101-103                         City of Bristol
Brookings           R. S.            192-193,222-226                 Andover Township - Homer Township
Brooks              C. E. (Dr.)      72-95, 162-166                  City of Webster - Rusk Township
Brorup              R. P.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Brough              Mose             218-221                         Farmington Township
Brown               Barker           227-230                         Independence Township
Brown               Crocker          218-221                         Farmington Township
Brown               Daniel           96-100                          City of Waubay
Brown               E. A.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Brown               John             154-156                         Valley Township
Brown               Thomas H.        21-32                           South Dakota
Brown               Walt             218-221                         Farmington Township
Brunsvig            Peter            236-241                         Nutley Township
Bryant              A. P.            192-193                         Andover Township
Bryant              Carter           192-193                         Andover Township
Bryant              Ella             192-193                         Andover Township
Bryant              George           33-71, 104-106, 192-193         City of Andover 
Bryndleson          ?                104-106                         City of Andover
Buck                C. D.            192-193                         Andover Township
Buck                Duane            192-193                         Andover Township
Buck                Elder              169			     Central Point Township
Bue                 K. K.            242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Bugan               I. P.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Buitner             Frank            231-235                         Liberty Township
Bulow               A.               205-210                         Raritan Township
Bulow               Chas.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Burbank             John A.          20-Dec			     Dakota Territory
Burch               A.               176-181                         Webster Township
Burges              J.               194-197                         Union Township
Burnham             A. J.            192-193                         Andover Township
Burns               Geo.             172-175                         Racine Township
Burns               George           33-71                           Day Co.
Burns               Thomas           33-71                           Day Co.
Burns               Thos.            172-175                         Racine Township
Burrigge            ?                218-221                         Farmington Township
Burt                I. J.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Burton              Elizabeth        187-191                         Bristol Township
Bury                Nick             182-186                         Kidder Township
Bury, Sr.           Wm.              182-186                         Kidder Township
Bush                C. C. (Mrs.)       169			     Central Point Township
Bush                Ella             72-95                           City of Webster
Bush                J. C.            33-71, 72-95, 162-166,176-181   City of Webster 
Bush                Mabel            72-95                           City of Webster
Bushnell            G. E.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Butler              B. A.            194-197                         Union Township
Butler              Geo.             157-161                         Butler Township
Butler              Geo. W.          115-116                         Butler Village
Butler              Harrison         115-116, 157-161                Butler Village - Butler Township
Butler              Rachel           154-156                         Valley Township
Bye                 Anne             133-141                         Highland Township
Byrne               Frank M.         21-32                           South Dakota
Byron               A. B.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Callender           J. W.            72-95, 162-166                  City of Webster - Rusk Township
Callsen             Hans             146-149                         Troy Township
Cameron             D.               194-197                         Union Township
Cameron             P.               194-197                         Union Township
Campbell            Mattie D.        192-193                         Andover Township
Carlson             Aug.             182-186                         Kidder Township
Carlson             Hans E.          167-168                         Morton Township
Carlson             J.               96-100, 182-186                 City of Waubay - Kidder Township
Carpenter           Wm.              192-193                         Andover Township
Carr                C. H.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Carr, Sr.           J. A.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Case                ?                101-103                         City of Bristol
Case                ? (Dr.)          96-100                          City of Waubay
Case                L. F.              169			     Central Point Township
Case                L. F. (Dr.)      154-156                         Valley Township
Case                M. J.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Casey               J. H.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Casper              Henry            154-156                         Valley Township
Casper              M.               154-156                         Valley Township
Casper              Peter            154-156                         Valley Township
Cass                W. M.            167-168                         Morton Township
Casson              James            146-149                         Troy Township
Casson              W. J.            146-149                         Troy Township
Castle              J. T.            194-197                         Union Township
Cavanaugh           John             192-193                         Andover Township
Cavanaugh           Matt.            133-141                         Highland Township
Cease               Chas.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Cease               Clarence         128-132, 133-141                Wheatland Township - Highland Township
Chaddock            Fred             187-191                         Bristol Township
Chamberlain         G. A.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Chamberlain         J. H.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Chambers            Arthur           222-226                         Homer Township
Chambers            Chas.            222-226                         Homer Township
Chambers            Geo.             222-226                         Homer Township
Chambers            J. J.            222-226                         Homer Township
Chambers            Jacob            222-226                         Homer Township
Chambers            Lilla            222-226                         Homer Township
Chambers            Louis            222-226                         Homer Township
Chambers            Wm.              222-226                         Homer Township
Chapin              E.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Chapman             George           154-156                         Valley Township
Chapman             Henry            154-156                         Valley Township
Chapman             J. R.            154-156                         Valley Township
Chapman             Ralph            96-100, 170-171                 City of Waubay  - Waubay Township
Chilsen             O. A.            72-95                           City of Webster
Chonen              Wm.              128-132                         Wheatland Township
Christenson         A. C.            170-171                         Waubay Township
Christenson         Andrew           227-230                         Independence Township
Christenson         Einer            205-210                         Raritan Township
Christenson         J. P.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Christoferson       H. C.            154-156                         Valley Township
Christoperson       Neri             154-156                         Valley Township
Church              Louis K.         20-Dec			     Dakota Territory
Citros              Rock             172-175                         Racine Township
Clark               Diantha          176-181                         Webster Township
Clark               G. E.            194-197                         Union Township
Clark               George Roger     20-Dec			     Dakota Territory
Clark               S. D.            142-145                         York Township
Clark               Wallace          133-141                         Highland Township
Clark               William          20-Dec			     Dakota Territory
Clausen             H.               146-149                         Troy Township
Clauson             H.               154-156                         Valley Township
Clemens             Emery            187-191                         Bristol Township
Clemens             James            187-191                         Bristol Township
Cliffgard           L. O.            146-149                         Troy Township
Cloyd               Annie M.         176-181                         Webster Township
Cloyd               John             176-181                         Webster Township
Cloyd               Josephine        176-181                         Webster Township
Cloyd               Thos.            176-181                         Webster Township
Cobb                W. H. H.         167-168, 169                    Morton Township - Central Point Township
Coburn              Peter            146-149                         Troy Township
Colby               Eri              157-161                         Butler Township
Colby               Fred             157-161                         Butler Township
Colcord             H. A.            192-193                         Andover Township
Cole                D. B.            194-197                         Union Township
Collier             G. W.            192-193                         Andover Township
Collins             Jim              33-71                           Day Co.
Colwell             W. T.            157-161                         Butler Township
Comfort             H.               170-171                         Waubay Township
Compton             C. H.            72-95, 133-141                  City of Webster - Highland Township
Compton             C. H. (Mrs.)     128-132                         Wheatland Township
Compton             D. B.            72-95, 133-141                  City of Webster - Highland Township
Compton             E. H.            194-197                         Union Township
Compton             E. H. (Dr.)      104-106                         City of Andover
Connley             T.               146-149                         Troy Township
Cook                John             146-149                         Troy Township
Cooper              E.               142-145                         York Township
Cooper              J. E.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Cooper              P.               194-197                         Union Township
Corbin              M.               142-145                         York Township
Corbin              Minna A.         142-145                         York Township
Cotten              E. S.            133-141                         Highland Township
Cowan               Andrew           150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Cowan               B. P.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Cowan               B. R.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Cowan               Center           150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Cowan               Frank            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Cowan               H. W.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Cowan               J. H.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Cowan               J. J.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Cowan               John             150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Cowan               P.               176-181                         Webster Township
Cowan               R. J.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Cowan               W. H.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Cowen               Scott            187-191                         Bristol Township
Coyne               Thos.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Crain               L. A.            167-168                         Morton Township
Crain               Martha           182-186                         Kidder Township
Crawford            Abe              33-71                           Day Co.
Crawford            Coe I.           21-32                           South Dakota
Crawford            F. H.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Crawford            W. M.            142-145                         York Township
Croal               J. P.            192-193                         Andover Township
Croal               Kate             192-193                         Andover Township
Croal               Tom              192-193                         Andover Township
Cromwell            Chas.            172-175                         Racine Township
Crowfoot            Wm.              205-210                         Raritan Township
Currence            H. B.            117-118, 142-145                Lilly Village - York Township
Currier             Wm.              146-149                         Troy Township
Curtis              C. C.            192-193                         Andover Township
Curtis              Chalmers         72-95                           City of Webster
Curtis              O. J.            192-193                         Andover Township
Cytlaka             S.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Cyzmowski           Anton            162-166                         Rusk Township
Dahl                John             222-226                         Homer Township
Dahl                M. P.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Dahl                Nels             231-235                         Liberty Township
Dalager             Betsy            198-204                         Lynn Township
Dale                J. J.            133-141                         Highland Township
Danelson            A.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Daniels             M. E.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Daniels             S. S.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Darling             Alfonso          150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Darling             I. H.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Darling             J.               150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Darling             S. H.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Darling             Silas            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Darmody             John             142-145                         York Township
Darmody             Kate             133-141                         Highland Township
Darmody             M.               133-141                         Highland Township
Dart                ?                107-110                         Pierpont Village
Dart                C. C.            222-226                         Homer Township
Dart                Ruby             222-226                         Homer Township
Davids              H. G.            167-168                         Morton Township
Davidson            Martin           198-204                         Lynn Township
Davidson            P. J.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Davis               A. C.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Dawson              Tom              142-145                         York Township
Day                 Arthur           126-127                         Egeland Township
Day                 Belle            222-226                         Homer Township
Day                 Merrit H.        33-71                           Day Co.
Debilzen            George           154-156                         Valley Township
Decoster            F. A.            146-149                         Troy Township
Decoster            N.               146-149                         Troy Township
Delaney             Thos.            154-156                         Valley Township
Dell                Louis            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Denny               A. F.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Denton              Samuel           33-71                           Day Co.
Depeel              L. T.            142-145                         York Township
Detiker             John             172-175                         Racine Township
Deutch              M.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Deveraux            Frank            162-166                         Rusk Township
Dickenson           May              72-95                           City of Webster
Dickenson           Phil             192-193                         Andover Township
Dickenson           W. G.            33-71, 176-181                  Day Co. - Webster Township
Dickenson           W. G. (Rev.)     162-166                         Rusk Township
Dickenson           Will             72-95                           City of Webster
Dickson             Albert           192-193                         Andover Township
Dilley              G. W.                                         169Central Point Township
Dillworth           James            198-204                         Lynn Township
Dishart             ? (Dr.)          117-118                         Lilly Village
Disler              C. E.            107-110                         Pierpont Village
Ditmanson           A. K.            172-175                         Racine Township
Ditmanson           Auge             172-175                         Racine Township
Ditmanson           D. A.            172-175                         Racine Township
Dodd                John             198-204                         Lynn Township
Doe                 John             187-191                         Bristol Township
Dokken              Anton C.         231-235                         Liberty Township
Dolan               John             167-168                         Morton Township
Dolney              Albert           211-217                         Grenville Township
Dolney              Frank            119-122                         Grenville Village
Dolney              Larry            211-217                         Grenville Township
Douglas             J. C.            192-193                         Andover Township
Douglas             Thos.            176-181                         Webster Township
Downing             Chas.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Downing             Hiram            182-186                         Kidder Township
Drambrowski         Aug.             162-166                         Rusk Township
Drambrowski         C. W.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Drews               J.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Duell               Chas.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Dueschle            Carl             157-161                         Butler Township
Dunton              F. C.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Durick              J. R.            192-193                         Andover Township
Durick              John             192-193                         Andover Township
Dutton              F. H.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Dutton              George E.        33-71                           Day Co.
Dwight              Ralph            222-226                         Homer Township
Dwight              Rance            222-226                         Homer Township
Dyke                J. F.            192-193                         Andover Township
Earl                G. W.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Eaton               E. E.            194-197                         Union Township
Eaton               W. A.            194-197                         Union Township
Ecker               Bessie           33-71                           Day Co.
Ecker               Charles (Mrs.)   33-71                           Day Co.
Ecker               Charles T.       176-181                         Webster Township
Ecker               Christ           176-181                         Webster Township
Ecker               May              33-71                           Day Co.
Edmunds             Newton           20-Dec			     Dakota Territory
Edwards             D. W.            146-149                         Troy Township
Egeland             B. H.            126-127                         Egeland Township
Egeland             John H.          126-127                         Egeland Township
Egeland             Peter            126-127                         Egeland Township
Egge                T. E.            101-103, 117-118                City of Bristol - Lilly Village
Ehrdman             Alfred           172-175                         Racine Township
Eik                 Amund J.         128-132                         Wheatland Township
Elias               Barney           154-156                         Valley Township
Ellenbecker         J. P.            192-193                         Andover Township
Ellingson           B.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Elrod               Samuel H.        21-32                           South Dakota
Elwart              Joe              242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Empire              ?                104-106                         City of Andover
Endberg             J. B.            146-149                         Troy Township
Enebo               Mathias          227-230                         Independence Township
Engborg             C. F.            154-156                         Valley Township
Englehart           Geo. J.          167-168                         Morton Township
Englehart           J. J.            167-168                         Morton Township
Englehart           Laura            167-168                         Morton Township
Englehart           P. M.            96-100                          City of Waubay
Engler              Jake             154-156                         Valley Township
Engstrom            Johan O.         126-127                         Egeland Township
Ennessy             Pat              218-221                         Farmington Township
Enstad              A. L.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Ensted              John             227-230                         Independence Township
Ensted              Ole J.           227-230                         Independence Township
Ensted              Severt           227-230                         Independence Township
Erdman              Alfred           172-175                         Racine Township
Erdman              Chas.            172-175                         Racine Township
Erickson            A. E.            236-241                         Nutley Township
Erickson            Carl             227-230                         Independence Township
Erickson            Christ           227-230                         Independence Township
Erickson            Lars             211-217                         Grenville Township
Erickson            Martin           236-241                         Nutley Township
Erickson            Tom              227-230                         Independence Township
Ericson             B. O.            170-171                         Waubay Township
Esche               A.               154-156                         Valley Township
Esget               D. W.            142-145                         York Township
Esget               E. O.            117-118, 142-145                Lilly Village - York Township
Esterby             J.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Esterby             S. K.            192-193                         Andover Township
Estwik              Olaf             222-226                         Homer Township
Evans               John             101-103, 187-191                City of Bristol - Bristol Township
Evans               Math             187-191                         Bristol Township
Evans               Matt             101-103                         City of Bristol
Evans               T. L.            157-161                         Butler Township
Eveleth             C. M.            142-145                         York Township
Eveleth             Wm.              33-71                           Day Co.
Evenson             Lars             133-141                         Highland Township
Ewalt               John             211-217                         Grenville Township
Faar                Wm.              192-193                         Andover Township
Fadness             Ole              150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Falmer              C.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Fancher             J.               72-95                           City of Webster
Farman              S. C.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Farnsworth          Al               176-181                         Webster Township
Farrand             A. J.            176-181                         Webster Township
Farrar              G. D.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Farrar              H. J.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Farrington          Samuel           182-186                         Kidder Township
Faste               John P.          128-132                         Wheatland Township
Faste               Ole P.           128-132                         Wheatland Township
Faucher             J.               176-181                         Webster Township
Faulk               Andrew J.        20-Dec			     Dakota Territory
Faulkner            A. D.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Faulkner            Dean             33-71                           Day Co.
Faxon               B. F.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Fay                 Ed               133-141                         Highland Township
Ferder              H.               146-149                         Troy Township
Feske               Ernest           172-175                         Racine Township
Fick                Ben              128-132                         Wheatland Township
Fidsdal             Lars             111-114                         Roslyn Village
Fiksdal             John (Mrs.)      133-141                         Highland Township
Fiksdal             John M.          128-132                         Wheatland Township
Fiksdal             M. P.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Finch               Clark            157-161                         Butler Township
Finch               Fred             157-161                         Butler Township
Fink                J.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Fish                B. D.            33-71                           Day Co.
Fish                Ben              162-166                         Rusk Township
Fish                Delois           231-235                         Liberty Township
Fisher              Theo.            167-168                         Morton Township
Fisk                Robert           21-32                           South Dakota
Fisk                W. E.            142-145                         York Township
Fitzgerald          G. T.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Fitzpatrick         Thomas           170-171                         Waubay Township
Fjerdingstad        Lauris           198-204                         Lynn Township
Flanders            A. W.            172-175                         Racine Township
Flanders            Merd             172-175                         Racine Township
Flattum             Ole              157-161                         Butler Township
Fleischhaker        Joe              72-95                           City of Webster
Flint               E. E.            222-226                         Homer Township
Floe                Berta            198-204                         Lynn Township
Floren              O. O.            111-114                         Roslyn Village
Flower              L. C.            192-193                         Andover Township
Foldager            J. P.            126-127                         Egeland Township
Folsom              Abe              211-217                         Grenville Township
Folsom              R. L.            107-110                         Pierpont Village
Forbes              Emmit            133-141                         Highland Township
Forbes              George           187-191                         Bristol Township
Ford                George           101-103, 157-161                City of Bristol - Butler Township
Forsan              A. H.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Forsane             Eric             176-181                         Webster Township
Forsomn             Fredericka       205-210                         Raritan Township
Fortune             Chas.            192-193                         Andover Township
Fosse               J. A.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Fosse               J. J.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Fosse               J. T.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Fosse               Johanas J.       128-132                         Wheatland Township
Fosse               Torkel J.        128-132                         Wheatland Township
Fossum              O.               154-156                         Valley Township
Fossum              O. A.            146-149                         Troy Township
Fossum              Ole              117-118                         Lilly Village
Foster              E. R.            72-95                           City of Webster
Franklin            A. J.            169			     Central Point Township
Franklin            Roscoe           169			     Central Point Township
Freeman             G. F.            218-221                         Farmington Township
French              M. B.            133-141                         Highland Township
French              W. A.            126-127                         Egeland Township
Freund              L.               154-156                         Valley Township
Frick               A.               170-171                         Waubay Township
Frieke              Caroline         172-175                         Racine Township
Frisby              Chas.            157-161                         Butler Township
Fritts              Harry            170-171                         Waubay Township
Fritts              Homer            170-171                         Waubay Township
Fritts              Martain          170-171                         Waubay Township
Fritz               Homer            96-100                          City of Waubay
Fritz               M. W.            33-71                           Day Co.
Fromberg            Wm.              162-166                         Rusk Township
Fromburg            Gust             176-181                         Webster Township
Fromburg            L.               182-186                         Kidder Township
Fromelt             H.               119-122                         Grenville Village
Froslie             Eric             133-141                         Highland Township
Frost               Richard          172-175                         Racine Township
Fuller              D. M.            146-149                         Troy Township
Fulmer              R. A.             169			     Central Point Township
Furman              John             111-114                         Roslyn Village
Gamache             Joseph           218-221                         Farmington Township
Garrit              Ed               146-149                         Troy Township
Garwood             Joe              218-221                         Farmington Township
Gates               A. C.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Gearin              J. F.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Geier               J.               187-191                         Bristol Township
Geier               Jacob            187-191                         Bristol Township
Gerdes              Barney           162-166                         Rusk Township
Germaine            Silas            172-175                         Racine Township
Germaine            Smith            172-175                         Racine Township
Gibbs               C. D.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Gibbs, Jr.          Oliver           21-32                           South Dakota
Giblin              James            162-166                         Rusk Township
Giblin              Kate             33-71                           Day Co.
Giblin              Martin           33-71                           Day Co.
Gibson              E. B.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Gilbertson          Arne             205-210                         Raritan Township
Gilbertson          E.               146-149                         Troy Township
Gilbertson          Gilbert          111-114                         Roslyn Village
Gilbertson          Henry            111-114                         Roslyn Village
Gillett             Chas.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Gilmore             J.               192-193                         Andover Township
Gilmore             S. J.            192-193                         Andover Township
Gilpatrick          E.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Glaster             Mary             194-197                         Union Township
Glosimodt           Gulick           205-210                         Raritan Township
Glosimodt           Ole              205-210                         Raritan Township
Glosimodt           Oscar            205-210                         Raritan Township
Glosimodt           Sigred           211-217                         Grenville Township
Golnick             August           133-141                         Highland Township
Golnick             Paul             133-141                         Highland Township
Good                Alois            167-168                         Morton Township
Good                John             167-168                         Morton Township
Goodrich            W. H.            192-193                         Andover Township
Goodwin             Cora             218-221                         Farmington Township
Goodwin             Earl             111-114                         Roslyn Village
Goodwin             J. T.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Gower               Elmer            146-149                         Troy Township
Gower               L. J.            192-193                         Andover Township
Gower               Ruel             146-149                         Troy Township
Gramberg            J. D.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Grandberg           Herman           128-132                         Wheatland Township
Grandberg           J. D.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Grandstrom          A. U.            111-114                         Roslyn Village
Granger             V. J.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Grant               U. A.            194-197                         Union Township
Graves              Arthur           126-127                         Egeland Township
Graves              M. I.            194-197                         Union Township
Greeley             Horace           33-71                           Day Co.
Greggerson          Gregor           167-168                         Morton Township
Greggerson          L.               167-168                         Morton Township
Grove               J. J.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Grozeck             Anton            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Gruba               F. T.            242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Gruba               Frank            119-122, 211-217                Grenville Village - Grenville Township
Gruba               Joe              172-175, 242-243                Racine Township - Kosciusko Township
Gruba               John             211-217                         Grenville Township
Gruba               John B.          242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Gruba               Joseph           33-71, 119-122, 211-217         Grenville Village - Grenville Township
Gruba               Martin           242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Gruba               Robert           242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Gruba               Rosa             211-217                         Grenville Township
Grycheck            S.               242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Grzonska            John             242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Guandahl            A. J.            133-141                         Highland Township
Gubo                M.               192-193                         Andover Township
Guderian            Ed               33-71                           Day Co.
Guderian            Fred             33-71                           Day Co.
Guderian            Paul             33-71                           Day Co.
Guderian            Will             33-71                           Day Co.
Guiding             C. J.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Guimont             E.               192-193                         Andover Township
Gulander            J. O.            154-156                         Valley Township
Gunder              G. S.            236-241                         Nutley Township
Gunderian           Fred             167-168                         Morton Township
Gunderson           Carl             21-32                           South Dakota
Gunderson           Even             231-235                         Liberty Township
Gunderson           Gunder           242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Gunderson           Gust             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Gunderson           T.               154-156                         Valley Township
Gustafson           Eric             182-186                         Kidder Township
Haas                Carl             150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Haaseth             Christian        236-241                         Nutley Township
Haaseth             R. C.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Haelt               Anne             205-210                         Raritan Township
Hagen               Hans J.          205-210                         Raritan Township
Hagen               Julia M.         205-210                         Raritan Township
Hagen               Martha           211-217                         Grenville Township
Hagen               Ole H.           133-141                         Highland Township
Hagen               T. J.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Hagen               Tom J.           211-217                         Grenville Township
Hagey               N. C.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Hagne               Chas.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Haines              A. N.            176-181                         Webster Township
Haish               A. P.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Halbeslaben         H. J.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Hallstrom           S. G.            133-141                         Highland Township
Halter              Gilbert          162-166                         Rusk Township
Haltz               H. T.            192-193                         Andover Township
Halverson           Botle            211-217                         Grenville Township
Halverson           H. C.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Halverson           J.               157-161                         Butler Township
Halvorson           H.               154-156                         Valley Township
Hammer              Engelbert        198-204                         Lynn Township
Hammer              J. H.            96-100                          City of Waubay
Hammond             H.               222-226                         Homer Township
Hanke               R. W.            142-145                         York Township
Hanks               J. A.            192-193                         Andover Township
Hannon              Henry            222-226                         Homer Township
Hannon              Philander        222-226                         Homer Township
Hanse               Alfred           231-235                         Liberty Township
Hanse               Ed M.            236-241                         Nutley Township
Hanse               Hans             236-241                         Nutley Township
Hanse               Hans L.          231-235                         Liberty Township
Hanse               M. L.            236-241                         Nutley Township
Hanse               Ole              236-241                         Nutley Township
Hanse               Ole L.           231-235                         Liberty Township
Hansen              Arthur           72-95                           City of Webster
Hansen              John             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Hansen              Nels             146-149                         Troy Township
Hansmeier           H. F.            33-71, 187-191                  Day Co. - Bristol Township
Hanson              A.               146-149                         Troy Township
Hanson              Albert           236-241                         Nutley Township
Hanson              Andrew           157-161                         Butler Township
Hanson              Anton            172-175                         Racine Township
Hanson              Aug.             236-241                         Nutley Township
Hanson              August H.        236-241                         Nutley Township
Hanson              Chas.            176-181                         Webster Township
Hanson              E.               133-141                         Highland Township
Hanson              Engebret         236-241                         Nutley Township
Hanson              I. J.            33-71, 211-217                  Day Co. - Grenville Township
Hanson              M.               167-168                         Morton Township
Hanson              N. A.            146-149                         Troy Township
Hanson              O. A.            146-149                         Troy Township
Hanson              Ole              117-118, 176-181, 211-217       Lilly Village - Webster Township - Grenville Township
Hanson              Peter            231-235                         Liberty Township
Hanson              Sam              211-217                         Grenville Township
Hanson              Tom              128-132                         Wheatland Township
Harder              H. A.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Harrington          D. P.            96-100                          City of Waubay
Harris              Fred             182-186                         Kidder Township
Harris              J. L. (Dr.)      72-95, 162-166                  City of Webster - Rusk Township
Harris              J. M.            172-175                         Racine Township
Harris              Lincoln          182-186                         Kidder Township
Harris              Lyle             72-95                           City of Webster
Harrison            Harris           128-132                         Wheatland Township
Hart                David            104-106                         City of Andover
Hart                Father           117-118                         Lilly Village
Hart                W. A.            157-161                         Butler Township
Harter              Dan              218-221                         Farmington Township
Harter              George           218-221                         Farmington Township
Hartman, Jr.        Charles          128-132                         Wheatland Township
Hartman, Sr.        Charles          128-132                         Wheatland Township
Haselden            L.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Haskell             ?                107-110                         Pierpont Village
Hasseth             John             111-114                         Roslyn Village
Hastings            L. A.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Hatle               J. J.            236-241                         Nutley Township
Hauck               M.               111-114                         Roslyn Village
Haug                Andrew           157-161                         Butler Township
Hauge               Jens             231-235                         Liberty Township
Hauge               Ole              231-235                         Liberty Township
Haugen              A. T.            133-141                         Highland Township
Haugen              Ed. T.           133-141                         Highland Township
Haugen              O. T.            133-141                         Highland Township
Hauth               J.               162-166                         Rusk Township
Havens              W. T.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Hawkins             ?                107-110                         Pierpont Village
Hawkinson           Chas.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Hawkinson           Elof             182-186                         Kidder Township
Hawkinson           Frank            182-186                         Kidder Township
Hawkinson           Johanas          182-186                         Kidder Township
Hawkinson           John W.          182-186                         Kidder Township
Hayhurst            Louis            157-161                         Butler Township
Hays                ? (Prof.)        33-71                           Day Co.
Hazelden            Leonard          236-241                         Nutley Township
Hazelden            William          33-71                           Day Co.
Hazelton            A.               167-168                         Morton Township
Hazelton            L. M.            117-118, 142-145                Lilly Village - York Township
Heck                Lena             133-141                         Highland Township
Hedke               John             33-71, 172-175                  Day Co. - Racine Township
Heggalin            A. O.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Heggalin            O. O.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Heinrich            J.               162-166                         Rusk Township
Helgeson            Lars             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Helgeson            Ole              231-235                         Liberty Township
Hellevang           A.               205-210                         Raritan Township
Helming             Helen            187-191                         Bristol Township
Helvig              John             170-171                         Waubay Township
Helvig              Joseph           33-71, 211-217                  Day Co.  - Grenville Township
Hemmah              A. E.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Hendrichs           H.               162-166                         Rusk Township
Hendrickson         Amund            242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Hendrickson         Geo.             242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Hendrickson         H. O.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Hendrickson         John             231-235                         Liberty Township
Henning             Bernard          242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Henry               O. C.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Hermanson           H.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Hern                Sadie            126-127                         Egeland Township
Herpel              Daisy            192-193                         Andover Township
Herpel              John C.          192-193                         Andover Township
Herple              J. C.            104-106, 194-197                City of Andover - Union Township
Herr                Ernest           154-156                         Valley Township
Herr                Geo.             154-156                         Valley Township
Herr                Wm.              154-156                         Valley Township
Herreid             Charles N.       21-32                           South Dakota
Hersey              Chas.            227-230                         Independence Township
Hess                ?                104-106                         City of Andover
Hessinger           John             154-156                         Valley Township
Hibsik              Joe              242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Hicks               H. T.            192-193                         Andover Township
Hickson             R.               194-197                         Union Township
Higland             Fritz            142-145                         York Township
Hildahl             ?                107-110                         Pierpont Village
Hildebrand          ?                211-217                         Grenville Township
Hill                ? (Mrs.)         218-221                         Farmington Township
Hill                James            192-193                         Andover Township
Hillroof            Chas.            146-149                         Troy Township
Hilton              W. H.            176-181                         Webster Township
Hinze               Ferdinand        128-132                         Wheatland Township
Hinze               Gotlieb          128-132                         Wheatland Township
Hinzman             F.               172-175                         Racine Township
Hinzman             Ida              172-175                         Racine Township
Hjnowski            John             133-141                         Highland Township
Hoga                Robert           211-217                         Grenville Township
Holcomb             ?                146-149                         Troy Township
Holcomb             G.               146-149                         Troy Township
Holcomb             W. L.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Holden              N. N.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Holland             Gunder           227-230                         Independence Township
Holland             Halvor           227-230                         Independence Township
Hollenbeck          Jacob            205-210                         Raritan Township
Hollenberg          Jacob            205-210                         Raritan Township
Hollingsworth       Orton            154-156                         Valley Township
Holm                Iver K.          231-235                         Liberty Township
Holman              Englebert        154-156                         Valley Township
Holmquist           Ida              182-186                         Kidder Township
Holmquist           Peter            182-186                         Kidder Township
Holts               Wm.              176-181                         Webster Township
Horton              John             172-175                         Racine Township
Hoven               Hans T.          176-181                         Webster Township
Hoven               Hjelmer          176-181                         Webster Township
Howard              William A.                                 20-DecDakota Territory
Howe                Page             33-71, 172-175                  Day Co.  - Racine Township
Howell              J. E.            194-197                         Union Township
Howell              O. R.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Howland             R.               176-181                         Webster Township
Hoynes              Elias            227-230                         Independence Township
Huebsch             Fred             172-175                         Racine Township
Huebsch             Gust             172-175                         Racine Township
Huff                Amund            227-230                         Independence Township
Huggett             Geo.             157-161                         Butler Township
Huggett             W. P.            157-161, 205-210                Butler Township - Raritan Township
Hughs               Henry            194-197                         Union Township
Huntington          E.               72-95                           City of Webster
Huntington          Grace            72-95                           City of Webster
Huntington          Marcia           72-95                           City of Webster
Husong              D. W.                                         169Central Point Township
Hustad              Andrew           205-210                         Raritan Township
Hustad              Markus T.        211-217                         Grenville Township
Hustead             John             218-221                         Farmington Township
Hustead             Will             218-221                         Farmington Township
Hustes              C. R.            154-156                         Valley Township
Huston              ?                218-221                         Farmington Township
Hutchinson          Andrew           170-171                         Waubay Township
Hutchinson          E. S.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Hutchinson          Uzell            170-171                         Waubay Township
Hydlauff            Anna             150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Hydlauff            H. J.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Hydlauff            John             150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Hydlauff            O. W.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Hydlauff            R. C.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Ihrke               F. L. (Mrs.)     154-156                         Valley Township
Isaacson            T.               150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Iserlson            J.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Iverson             M.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Jacobson            H. J.            126-127                         Egeland Township
Jacobson            Hans             126-127                         Egeland Township
Jacobson            K.               133-141                         Highland Township
Jacobson            Ole J.           205-210                         Raritan Township
Jakjewski           P.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Jakulka             John             242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Janish              George           236-241                         Nutley Township
Janish              Mike             236-241                         Nutley Township
Janish              Steven           236-241                         Nutley Township
Jayne               William         20-Dec			     Dakota Territory
Jenkins             Steve            167-168                         Morton Township
Jensen              A. P.            154-156                         Valley Township
Jensen              Herman           231-235                         Liberty Township
Jensen              Ole              205-210                         Raritan Township
Jepperson           C.                   169			     Central Point Township
Jeske               Herman           167-168                         Morton Township
Jesme               Engbor           133-141                         Highland Township
Jesme               J. P.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Johnson             A.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Johnson             A. A.            192-193                         Andover Township
Johnson             A. E.            182-186, 231-235                Kidder Township - Liberty Township
Johnson             A. K.            192-193                         Andover Township
Johnson             A. N.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Johnson             Albert           231-235                         Liberty Township
Johnson             Andrew           111-114, 205-210                Roslyn Village - Raritan Township
Johnson             Anton C.         198-204                         Lynn Township
Johnson             August           231-235                         Liberty Township
Johnson             Bert             72-95                           City of Webster
Johnson             C. A.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Johnson             C. H.            101-103                         City of Bristol
Johnson             Carl             211-217                         Grenville Township
Johnson             Carl Aug         176-181                         Webster Township
Johnson             Caroline         211-217                         Grenville Township
Johnson             E. E.            194-197                         Union Township
Johnson             Ed. (Dr.)        104-106                         City of Andover
Johnson             H.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Johnson             Haldor           128-132                         Wheatland Township
Johnson             J.               126-127, 154-156                Egeland Township - Valley Township
Johnson             J. A.            104-106, 176-181, 192-193       City of Andover - Webster Township - Andover Township
Johnson             J. B.            142-145                         York Township
Johnson             J. G.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Johnson             John             154-156, 182-186                Valley Township - Kidder Township
Johnson             John H.          128-132                         Wheatland Township
Johnson             L.               194-197                         Union Township
Johnson             Laura A.         192-193                         Andover Township
Johnson             Louis            172-175                         Racine Township
Johnson             M.               33-71                           Day Co.
Johnson             M. D.            194-197                         Union Township
Johnson             Martin           227-230, 231-235                Independence Township - Liberty Township
Johnson             Mathias          176-181                         Webster Township
Johnson             Mina             231-235                         Liberty Township
Johnson             Minnie           72-95                           City of Webster
Johnson             Nels P.          172-175                         Racine Township
Johnson             O.               154-156                         Valley Township
Johnson             Ole N.           111-114                         Roslyn Village
Johnson             Oscar            72-95                           City of Webster
Johnson             P. C.            242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Johnson             Peter            111-114, 231-235                Roslyn Village - Liberty Township
Johnson             R. O.            222-226                         Homer Township
Johnson             Thos.            133-141                         Highland Township
Johnson             W. S.            222-226                         Homer Township
Jones               A. L.            142-145                         York Township
Jones               Arletta          126-127                         Egeland Township
Jones               B. E.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Jones               E. R.            142-145                         York Township
Jones               Hugh             172-175                         Racine Township
Jones               Tom              170-171                         Waubay Township
Jones               W. H.            126-127                         Egeland Township
Jones               Willis           146-149                         Troy Township
Jorgenson           Julia            157-161                         Butler Township
Jorges              A.               170-171                         Waubay Township
Judy                Ben              157-161                         Butler Township
Kalbo               Tom              117-118                         Lilly Village
Kamberstad          Ole              194-197                         Union Township
Kaplan              Frank            167-168                         Morton Township
Kassa               Dena             133-141                         Highland Township
Keeler              Ace              146-149                         Troy Township
Keller              J.               162-166                         Rusk Township
Kelley              J. F.            72-95                           City of Webster
Kellogg             M. C.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Kellogg             Morris C.        205-210                         Raritan Township
Kellum              D. D.            222-226                         Homer Township
Kellum              Mary             222-226                         Homer Township
Kellum              Shirley          222-226                         Homer Township
Kennedy             Geo.             182-186                         Kidder Township
Kennedy             George A.        182-186                         Kidder Township
Kennedy             Will             182-186                         Kidder Township
Kibler              J. E.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Kidder              ? (Judge)        33-71                           Day Co.
Kidder              D. C.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Kiderwoski          Joe              176-181                         Webster Township
Kila                August           242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Kinchneau           J.               192-193                         Andover Township
King                W. W.            142-145                         York Township
Kinney              Wm.              162-166                         Rusk Township
Kintz               J.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Kistner             Frank            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Kittleson           M.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Kjelaas             L. E. (Rev.)     211-217                         Grenville Township
Kjerland            T. N.            227-230                         Independence Township
Kjorsvick           P. A.            236-241                         Nutley Township
Kleven              Even             231-235                         Liberty Township
Kleven              H. O.            236-241                         Nutley Township
Kleven              John             231-235                         Liberty Township
Kleven              Ole H.           231-235                         Liberty Township
Kline               Hary             33-71                           Day Co.
Knapp               A. M.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Knapp               Amos             162-166                         Rusk Township
Knapp               Ben              198-204                         Lynn Township
Knapp               M.               101-103                         City of Bristol
Knaznowski          A.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Knight              Cora             218-221                         Farmington Township
Knight              Edgar X.         222-226                         Homer Township
Knight              J. D.            222-226                         Homer Township
Knight              Julian           222-226                         Homer Township
Knott               C. B.            101-103, 187-191                City of Bristol - Bristol Township
Knott               Truman C.        101-103                         City of Bristol
Knott               Will             101-103                         City of Bristol
Knude               Lars A.          236-241                         Nutley Township
Knudson             Christian        222-226                         Homer Township
Knutson             Anton            227-230                         Independence Township
Knutson             C.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Koch                Clara            172-175                         Racine Township
Koch                Harry            172-175                         Racine Township
Kolhasse            C.               128-132                         Wheatland Township
Kornick             Joe              242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Koslowski           V.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Koslowski           Vincent          211-217                         Grenville Township
Kotzea              John                169			     Central Point Township
Kramer              Lotta            21-32                           South Dakota
Krause              August           236-241                         Nutley Township
Krause              Carl             231-235, 236-241                Liberty Township - Nutley Township
Krause              E. J. A.         176-181                         Webster Township
Krause              Wm.              231-235, 236-241                Liberty Township - Nutley Township
Kreich              Jacob            133-141, 162-166                Highland Township - Rusk Township
Kretchmer           H.               170-171                         Waubay Township
Kreuger             Fred             154-156                         Valley Township
Krueger             C.               172-175                         Racine Township
Krzebiatkowski      Frank            211-217                         Grenville Township
Krzebiatkowski      J.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Kuecker             F.               72-95, 167-168                  City of Webster - Morton Township
Kuecker             Frank            167-168                         Morton Township
Kuhl                Anonie           162-166                         Rusk Township
Kuhr                Frank            242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Kupperschmidt       Joseph           242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Kurkowski           Anna             172-175                         Racine Township
Kurkowski           Boe              242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Kurkowski           Frank            211-217                         Grenville Township
Kurkowski           John             242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Kurkowski           Paul             33-71, 119-122                  Day Co. - Grenville Village
Kurkowski           Robert           242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Kvam                Hanna            227-230                         Independence Township
Kvam                Ole O.           227-230                         Independence Township
Kvernevig           Rasmus           146-149                         Troy Township
LaBaron             E. J.            142-145                         York Township
LaBaron             J. W.            142-145, 146-149                York Township - Troy Township
LaDuke              A.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Lafayette           Geo.             162-166                         Rusk Township
Laird               Ada              33-71, 72-95, 96-100            City of Webster -  City of Waubay
Laird               Rebecca          33-71                           Day Co.
Laird               Robert           176-181                         Webster Township
Lamberton           A. R.            222-226                         Homer Township
Lamberton           H. A.            222-226                         Homer Township
Lamberton           Joe              222-226                         Homer Township
Lamreau             ?                172-175                         Racine Township
Landon              E. D.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Lange               H. O.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Langland            Lars             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Lansing             A. J.            192-193                         Andover Township
Lansing             Andrew           194-197                         Union Township
Lapinski            M. (Mrs.)        128-132                         Wheatland Township
Lardy               M.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Larson              A.               172-175                         Racine Township
Larson              Anton A.         205-210                         Raritan Township
Larson              Axel             227-230                         Independence Township
Larson              Carl             205-210                         Raritan Township
Larson              Eric             194-197                         Union Township
Larson              Fred             176-181                         Webster Township
Larson              Fredericka       205-210                         Raritan Township
Larson              Hans             227-230                         Independence Township
Larson              Henry            198-204                         Lynn Township
Larson              I. O. D.         205-210                         Raritan Township
Larson              Jacob (Mrs.)     227-230                         Independence Township
Larson              L.               205-210                         Raritan Township
Larson              L. A.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Larson              Lewis            167-168                         Morton Township
Larson              Linas            205-210                         Raritan Township
Larson              Louis            167-168                         Morton Township
Larson              Ludvig           205-210                         Raritan Township
Larson              M.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Larson              Rasmus           198-204                         Lynn Township
Lasalle             S. T.            169			     Central Point Township
Lauritz             Alga             194-197                         Union Township
Lawler              Thomas           72-95                           City of Webster
Lawrence            W. R.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Leach               Chas.            115-116                         Butler Village
Leatch              A. J.            72-95                           City of Webster
Leatch              Chas.            167-168                         Morton Township
Leavenworth         Henry            20-Dec			     Dakota Territory
Lee                 A. J.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Lee                 Andrew E.        21-32                           South Dakota
Lee                 Andrew J.        198-204                         Lynn Township
Lee                 H. H.            133-141                         Highland Township
Lee                 Halvor H.        133-141                         Highland Township
Lee                 J. A.            33-71, 72-95, 176-181           City of Webster - Webster Township
Lee                 John             227-230                         Independence Township
Lee                 Mabel            33-71, 72-95                    City of Webster
Lee                 Ole H.           133-141                         Highland Township
Lee                 T. H.            133-141                         Highland Township
Lee                 Thora            133-141                         Highland Township
Lee                 Tom              133-141                         Highland Township
Leegard             John             157-161                         Butler Township
Lehman              A. W.            119-122                         Grenville Village
Lehman              J. P. F.         211-217                         Grenville Township
Leines              John             126-127                         Egeland Township
Lemke               Fred             187-191                         Bristol Township
Lemmon              Edna             194-197                         Union Township
Lemmon              F. E.            194-197                         Union Township
Lemmon              Robert           194-197                         Union Township
Lemmon              T. E.            194-197                         Union Township
Lemmon              T. P.            33-71, 194-197                  Day Co. - Union Township
Lemmon              W. H.            107-110, 194-197                Pierpont Village - Union Township
Lensegrav           Tom              205-210                         Raritan Township
Lensgrav            Ole J.           211-217                         Grenville Township
Lentsch             S.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Leonard             Tom              142-145                         York Township
Lesher              J. D.            192-193                         Andover Township
Lesner              Joseph           211-217                         Grenville Township
Lev                 Nels P.          176-181                         Webster Township
Lev                 Olof             176-181                         Webster Township
LeVoy               Harry            176-181                         Webster Township
Lewis               J. W.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Lewis               Meriwether        20-Dec			     Dakota Territory
Lewno               John             211-217                         Grenville Township
Lewno               Otto             242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Lickness            Christ           227-230                         Independence Township
Lightizer           John             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Lija                Mary             182-186                         Kidder Township
Lija                Peter J.         182-186                         Kidder Township
Limekuhl            Henry            154-156                         Valley Township
Lindberg            F.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Lindberg            Nels             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Lindberger          Aug.             162-166                         Rusk Township
Lindgren            Eric             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Lindgren            John             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Lindquist           Aug.             205-210                         Raritan Township
Lindquist           Chas.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Lindquist           John             205-210                         Raritan Township
Lines               John             96-100                          City of Waubay
Link                Fred             157-161                         Butler Township
Link                Ursula           157-161                         Butler Township
Lipinski            Frank            172-175                         Racine Township
Livingston          Robert R.                                  	     Dakota Territory
Loben               Andrew           236-241                         Nutley Township
Lochrem             Aug.             107-110                         Pierpont Village
Lockrem             Andrew           198-204                         Lynn Township
Lockrem             Ed S.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Lockrem             Gertrude         198-204                         Lynn Township
Loe                 Anna Marie       227-230                         Independence Township
Loe                 Knute O.         227-230                         Independence Township
Logan               J. A.            146-149                         Troy Township
Long                Ed.              126-127                         Egeland Township
Long                J. N.            126-127                         Egeland Township
Long                L.W.             176-181                         Webster Township
Long                Lurency          72-95                           City of Webster
Long                M. B.            133-141                         Highland Township
Long                Perry            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Long                Sarah            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Long                Wm.              128-132                         Wheatland Township
Longan              Nick             236-241                         Nutley Township
Lonsberry           J. H.            157-161                         Butler Township
Look                Carrie           128-132                         Wheatland Township
Look                Joseph           128-132                         Wheatland Township
Loomis              Doc              167-168                         Morton Township
Loomis              T. M.            104-106                         City of Andover
Lorensberg          Adolph           231-235                         Liberty Township
Lorensberg          Ludvig           227-230                         Independence Township
Lorenzen            J.               242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Loring              J.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Loseth              Elias            236-241                         Nutley Township
Loseth              Hans             211-217                         Grenville Township
Loseth              Ole              211-217                         Grenville Township
Loseth              Severt           211-217                         Grenville Township
Lounsberry          Hester E.        182-186                         Kidder Township
Lovig               C. O.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Lovig               Sina             211-217                         Grenville Township
Lowell              ?                101-103                         City of Bristol
Lowell              F. W.            101-103, 187-191                City of Bristol - Bristol Township
Lowell              Timothy          33-71, 101-103, 197-191         City of Bristol - Bristol Township
Lowritz             Alga             194-197                         Union Township
Lowry               Tom              170-171                         Waubay Township
Ludke               Ernest           167-168                         Morton Township
Lumby               H. H.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Lund                John             231-235                         Liberty Township
Lundberg            Hans             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Lundeen             John M.          182-186                         Kidder Township
Lundeen             M. P.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Lundeen             P. M.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Lundy               Peter            111-114                         Roslyn Village
Luscombe            C. E.            222-226                         Homer Township
Lutebauer           Frank            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Lutebauer           Mary             150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Lynch               Dan              104-106                         City of Andover
Lynch               J. R.            146-149                         Troy Township
Lyons               John             218-221                         Farmington Township
Lyons               Will             218-221                         Farmington Township
MacFarlane          Alex             194-197                         Union Township
MacFarlane          Duncan           194-197                         Union Township
MacFarlane          Jessie           194-197                         Union Township
Machmiller          Louis            187-191                         Bristol Township
Machmiller          Otto             187-191                         Bristol Township
Mack                J. S.            33-71, 107-110, 194-197         Pierpont Village - Union Township
Mackey              Lindsey          167-168                         Morton Township
Mackey              Lissie           167-168                         Morton Township
Magnus              Walter           72-95                           City of Webster
Makens              J.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Makens              Ody              192-193                         Andover Township
Mallett             A. W.            192-193                         Andover Township
Maloney, Sr.        Joe              242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Mandler             Geo.             96-100                          City of Waubay
Mandler, Sr.        Henry            170-171                         Waubay Township
Mann                Charles S.                                       Dakota Territory
Marcy               George           218-221                         Farmington Township
Markerud            Rondina          133-141                         Highland Township
Marsh               Art              218-221                         Farmington Township
Marsh               Charles          227-230                         Independence Township
Marsh               Orson            218-221                         Farmington Township
Marshall            David (Mrs.)     96-100                          City of Waubay
Marshall            Joe              119-122                         Grenville Village
Marshall            Mathilda         167-168                         Morton Township
Marshall            Mathilda J.       169			     Central Point Township
Marshall, Jr.       David            96-100, 169                     City of Waubay - Central Point Township
Marshall, Sr.       David              169			     Central Point Township
Marsten             E. C.            107-110, 194-197                Pierpont Village - Union Township
Martin              F. P.            222-226                         Homer Township
Martin              John D.          222-226                         Homer Township
Martyn              Chas. A.         194-197                         Union Township
Martyn              H.               194-197                         Union Township
Martyn              Laura            194-197                         Union Township
Marx                Joe              154-156                         Valley Township
Massey              Ed               133-141                         Highland Township
Mathews             John             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Mathews             S.               142-145                         York Township
Matteson            A. C.            104-106                         City of Andover
Mattison            L. M.            157-161                         Butler Township
Mattscheck          Frank            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Mattscheck          Henry            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Mattscheck          Joseph           128-132                         Wheatland Township
Mattson             Amanda           157-161                         Butler Township
Mattson             Chas.            157-161, 176-181                Butler Township - Webster Township
Mattson             Math             176-181                         Webster Township
Mattson             Matt             176-181                         Webster Township
Mattson             Peter            182-186                         Kidder Township
Maxwell             J. P.            126-127                         Egeland Township
Maynard             Ransom           222-226                         Homer Township
McAllen             John             194-197                         Union Township
McAllen             Mary             187-191                         Bristol Township
McAllen             Thos.            194-197                         Union Township
McAllens            John             107-110                         Pierpont Village
McAlley             Neil             133-141                         Highland Township
McCartney           F.               142-145                         York Township
McCartney           Geo.             157-161                         Butler Township
McCartney           Lee              142-145                         York Township
McClaren            Dan              142-145                         York Township
McClaren            James            142-145                         York Township
McClelland          R. H.            72-95, 162-166                  City of Webster - Rusk Township
McCloskey           Chas.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
McCloskey           James            154-156                         Valley Township
McCormack           Ed               72-95, 157-161                  City of Webster - Butler Township
McCumber            W. H.            205-210                         Raritan Township
McDougal            Ed               167-168                         Morton Township
McDowell            W. T.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
McElderry           J. W.            176-181                         Webster Township
McFadden            E. S.            176-181                         Webster Township
McFadden            J. E.            176-181                         Webster Township
McIntyre            W. P.            182-186                         Kidder Township
McKennet            Jack             154-156                         Valley Township
McKennet            Tom              176-181                         Webster Township
McKennett           Bob              157-161                         Butler Township
McKennett           Jack             101-103                         City of Bristol
McKennett           Thomas           33-71, 72-95                    Day Co. -  Cier
McKeown             John             162-166                         Rusk Township
McKibbin            Henry            157-161                         Butler Township
McKibbin            J. A.            157-161, 162-166                Butler Township - Rusk Township
McKibbin            Mary             157-161                         Butler Township
McKinster           Dewey            128-132                         Wheatland Township
McKinster           M. V.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
McKittrick          Jas.             194-197                         Union Township
McLaughlin          Wm.              218-221                         Farmington Township
McMahon             John             176-181                         Webster Township
McMaster            William H.       21-32                           South Dakota
McTaggart           W. M.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Mehlen              Even J.          227-230                         Independence Township
Melenk              J.               167-168                         Morton Township
Mellette            Arthur C.        12-20, 21-32,                   Dakota Territory - South Dakota
Mensing             H. (Rev.)        72-95, 119-122                  City of Webster - Grenville Village
Meuer               Anton            154-156                         Valley Township
Meuer               Mike             101-103                         City of Bristol
Michelson           Peter            198-204                         Lynn Township
Mickelson           A.               162-166                         Rusk Township
Midland             Tobias           198-204                         Lynn Township
Mieinski            Mike             119-122                         Grenville Village
Mietz               L.               176-181                         Webster Township
Milbeck             Ole              182-186                         Kidder Township
Miles               A. J.            222-226                         Homer Township
Miller              ?                104-106                         City of Andover
Miller              Emma L.          133-141                         Highland Township
Miller              Frank            167-168                         Morton Township
Miller              John             242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Miller              L.               169			     Central Point Township
Miller              Wm.              169			     Central Point Township
Mills               Carrie           192-193                         Andover Township
Milszgwski          John             242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Minzel              Chas.            115-116                         Butler Village
Mirau               Mary             72-95                           City of Webster
Mireau              Rudolph          172-175                         Racine Township
Moe                 ?                107-110                         Pierpont Village
Moe                 J. G.            222-226                         Homer Township
Moe                 Knute O.         227-230                         Independence Township
Moegling            ?                142-145                         York Township
Moen                Jule             227-230                         Independence Township
Moen                Knute            227-230                         Independence Township
Moen                Mikel            236-241                         Nutley Township
Moen                O. A.            154-156                         Valley Township
Moen                M. (Mrs.)        236-241                         Nutley Township
Molee               Elias            187-191                         Bristol Township
Moline              Chris               169			     Central Point Township
Moline              Nels                169			     Central Point Township
Mondry              Matt             242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Monford             Saidie           170-171                         Waubay Township
Monroe              James                                            Dakota Territory
Monshagen           Johm             231-235                         Liberty Township
Monson              N. O.            111-114                         Roslyn Village
Moody               Gideon           21-32                           South Dakota
Moore               Fred C.          205-210                         Raritan Township
Moore               J. C.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Moore               Nettie           176-181                         Webster Township
Moore               Robert           162-166                         Rusk Township
Moorehouse          Ben P.           187-191                         Bristol Township
Morey               Leonard          146-149                         Troy Township
Morgan              D. W.            146-149                         Troy Township
Morgan              J. F.            146-149                         Troy Township
Mork                J. K.            33-71, 198-204                  Lynn Township
Mork                Jacob            198-204                         Lynn Township
Mork                K. T.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Mork                R. K.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Mork                Rasmas K.        198-204                         Lynn Township
Morneau             G.               192-193                         Andover Township
Morrey              C.               146-149                         Troy Township
Morton              President        167-168                         Morton Township
Mortonson           Morton           198-204                         Lynn Township
Moshier             H.               154-156                         Valley Township
Moulton             Emelia           72-95                           City of Webster
Moulton             Franc            205-210                         Raritan Township
Moulton             Frank            72-95                           City of Webster
Moulton             H. E.            194-197                         Union Township
Moulton             M. M.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Moxness             C. A.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Moxness             Nick             187-191                         Bristol Township
Muhr                Chas.            146-149                         Troy Township
Munson              E.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Munson              N. O.            111-114                         Roslyn Village
Munson              Ole              107-110                         Pierpont Village
Munson              Ole M.           198-204                         Lynn Township
Murphy              E. J.            154-156                         Valley Township
Naessig             W. N.            72-95                           City of Webster
Naessig             Wm.              128-132                         Wheatland Township
Neidenfuher         J. V.            176-181                         Webster Township
Nelson              A.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Nelson              Albert           227-230                         Independence Township
Nelson              Christ           157-161                         Butler Township
Nelson              Eline            194-197                         Union Township
Nelson              Frank            154-156                         Valley Township
Nelson              H.               146-149                         Troy Township
Nelson              Hans             117-118, 198-204                Lilly Village - Lynn Township
Nelson              Nels             72-95, 182-186                  City of Webster - Kidder Township
Nelson              Nels O.          227-230                         Independence Township
Nelson              P. J.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Nelson              Swan             117-118                         Lilly Village
Nelson              T.               146-149                         Troy Township
Nerland             Bellis           227-230                         Independence Township
Nerland             M.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Nerland             Olaus            227-230                         Independence Township
Nerland             Ole O.           187-191                         Bristol Township
Ness                Wm.               169			     Central Point Township
Nevermoen           Ole              227-230                         Independence Township
Newberger           Geo.             236-241                         Nutley Township
Newell              J.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Newman              John             167-168                         Morton Township
Nichols             J. C.            157-161                         Butler Township
Nickelson           Kate             162-166                         Rusk Township
Nikeleison          J.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Nilson              A.               187-191                         Bristol Township
Nixon               May              72-95                           City of Webster
Norbeck             Peter            21-32                           South Dakota
Norby               Anton A.         198-204                         Lynn Township
Norby               Ole M.           157-161                         Butler Township
Nordness            L. L.            227-230                         Independence Township
Norris              M.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Northrup            Kate             101-103                         City of Bristol
Norton              John             72-95, 111-114, 205-210         City of Webster - Roslyn Village - Raritan Township
Novak               Matt             242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Null                Saidie           194-197                         Union Township
Nye                 Sreven           182-186                         Kidder Township
Nygaard             E. H.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Nygaard             L. J.            227-230                         Independence Township
Nygaard             M. J.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Nygaard             Martin           227-230                         Independence Township
Nyvold              E. H.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Ochsenreiter        L. G.            21-32, 33-71, 101-103, 162-166  City of Bristol - Rusk Township
Olden               M. A.            126-127                         Egeland Township
Olson               Alice            236-241                         Nutley Township
Olson               Amelia           157-161                         Butler Township
Olson               Ann              72-95                           City of Webster
Olson               Ben              172-175                         Racine Township
Olson               Ed               176-181                         Webster Township
Olson               Geo.             146-149                         Troy Township
Olson               Nels             222-226                         Homer Township
Olson               Ole P.           222-226                         Homer Township
Olson               Osmund           227-230                         Independence Township
Olson               S.               194-197                         Union Township
Olson               Torris           222-226                         Homer Township
Onstad              Carrie           236-241                         Nutley Township
Opliger             E. C.            107-110                         Pierpont Village
Opsahl              A. O.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Ordway              N. G.                                      20-DecDakota Territory
Osborn              E. O.            167-168                         Morton Township
Osborn              W. F.            172-175                         Racine Township
Oslowski            Julia            242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Osowski             F.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Oss                 J. V.            192-193                         Andover Township
Ostrander           D. J.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Ostrander           Elizabeth        162-166                         Rusk Township
Otterness           T. J.            133-141                         Highland Township
Otteson             Andrew           205-210                         Raritan Township
Overas              Mary             222-226                         Homer Township
Overgard            Bent             157-161                         Butler Township
Overgard            John             157-161                         Butler Township
Overgard            Joquam           157-161                         Butler Township
Overton             I. W.            72-95                           City of Webster
Owen                E. P.            33-71                           Day Co.
Owen                William          126-127                         Egeland Township
Page                Henry            182-186                         Kidder Township
Parker              Frank            72-95                           City of Webster
Parker              Kendal           72-95                           City of Webster
Parkhill            M. M.            167-168                         Morton Township
Parks               ?                119-122                         Grenville Village
Parks               David            157-161                         Butler Township
Parks               Lily             117-118, 142-145                Lilly Village - York Township
Parks               R. E.            117-118                         Lilly Village
Parks               Ross E.          142-145                         York Township
Parott              John             33-71                           Day Co.
Parrington          James            162-166                         Rusk Township
Parrington          Thomas           162-166                         Rusk Township
Parzek              Albert           242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Parzyhowski         Frank            119-122                         Grenville Village
Pasdick             Mary             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Patterson           George           117-118                         Lilly Village
Patterson           H. M.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Patterson           S.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Paul                D. W.            33-71, 172-175, 211-217         Racine Township 
Paul                Frank            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Paul                Henry            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Paul                J. L.            33-71, 101-103, 187-191         City of Bristol 
Paul                John             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Paul                W. M.            33-71, 72-95, 172-175           City of Webster 
Paul, Sr.           John (Mrs.)      128-132                         Wheatland Township
Paulson             A. E.            72-95                           City of Webster
Paulson             Amund            231-235                         Liberty Township
Paulson             Edward           126-127                         Egeland Township
Paulson             Issac            146-149                         Troy Township
Paulson             Jacob            231-235                         Liberty Township
Paulson             P.               146-149                         Troy Township
Payne               J. H.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Peabody             Elena            72-95                           City of Webster
Peabody             H. A.            72-95                           City of Webster
Peabody             P. D. (Dr.)      33-71                           Day Co.
Peabody             Percy D.         72-95                           City of Webster
Peckham             A.               142-145                         York Township
Peek                Ed               222-226                         Homer Township
Pemrick             Martin           150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Pendergast          John             72-95                           City of Webster
Pendergast          Lula             72-95                           City of Webster
Pennington          John J.                                          Dakota Territory
Perry               C. V. N.         218-221                         Farmington Township
Perry               Della            218-221                         Farmington Township
Perry               Orius            218-221                         Farmington Township
Perry               V. A.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Perry               V. N.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Pesall              Joe              133-141                         Highland Township
Pesall              John             142-145                         York Township
Pesall              M.               142-145                         York Township
Peterrausch         Wm.              162-166                         Rusk Township
Petersen            N. C.            126-127                         Egeland Township
Peterson            Alfred           167-168                         Morton Township
Peterson            Byrngel          133-141                         Highland Township
Peterson            Carrie           146-149                         Troy Township
Peterson            Claus            133-141                         Highland Township
Peterson            Dena             211-217                         Grenville Township
Peterson            Gust             205-210                         Raritan Township
Peterson            Ira              146-149                         Troy Township
Peterson            Isaac             169			     Central Point Township
Peterson            John             198-204                         Lynn Township
Peterson            Nels P.          172-175                         Racine Township
Peterson            O.               194-197                         Union Township
Peterson            O. M.            146-149                         Troy Township
Peterson            Olaf W.          172-175                         Racine Township
Peterson            Ole              146-149, 231-235                Troy Township
Peterson            P. A.            146-149                         Troy Township
Peterson            Pete             146-149                         Troy Township
Peterson            Peter            205-210                         Raritan Township
Peterson            Wm.              146-149                         Troy Township
Petrich             August           157-161                         Butler Township
Pettigrew           Richard F.       21-32                           South Dakota
Pew                 Fred S.          104-106                         City of Andover
Philbrook           R. J.            176-181                         Webster Township
Phillips            J. R.            176-181                         Webster Township
Piber               Emma A.          187-191                         Bristol Township
Pidcock             J. H.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Pierce              Gilbert A.                                       Dakota Territory
Pies                Phillip          172-175                         Racine Township
Pies                Walter           172-175                         Racine Township
Piet                Melchor          167-168                         Morton Township
Pike                Fred             96-100, 170-171                 City of Waubay - Waubay Township
Pionk               Jacob            211-217                         Grenville Township
Piper               ?                107-110                         Pierpont Village
Pischke             Alex             167-168                         Morton Township
Pischke             Clemence         119-122                         Grenville Village
Pischke             John             167-168                         Morton Township
Pischke             Paul             133-141, 162-166                Highland Township - Rusk Township
Pitsor              J. F.            142-145                         York Township
Pitzel              J.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Poelzer             J.               162-166                         Rusk Township
Polleris            M.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Pool                D. A.            194-197                         Union Township
Pool                Johnson          194-197                         Union Township
Potter              D. E.            142-145                         York Township
Potter              Ella             142-145                         York Township
Potter              Floyd            192-193                         Andover Township
Potter              S. J.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Potter              S. L.            115-116                         Butler Village
Potter              V. R.            192-193                         Andover Township
Pratt               W. E.            192-193                         Andover Township
Premus              S.               172-175                         Racine Township
Preston             Dr.              192-193                         Andover Township
Price               E. C.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Price               G. W.            194-197                         Union Township
Price               J. W.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Prunty              J. H.            192-193                         Andover Township
Prunty              P.               192-193                         Andover Township
Pruszinski          M.               242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Quam                Knute            157-161                         Butler Township
Quimby              Fred             176-181                         Webster Township
Raffleson           Henry            198-204                         Lynn Township
Raffleson           Ingborg          198-204                         Lynn Township
Ramsdell            C.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Ramsdell            D. E.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Randell             Francis          170-171                         Waubay Township
Rankin              Wm.              187-191                         Bristol Township
Rasmunson           Ed               205-210                         Raritan Township
Rasmus              John             198-204                         Lynn Township
Ray                 Florence         72-95                           City of Webster
Ray                 J.               198-204                         Lynn Township
Ray                 J. E.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Ray                 Jesse            72-95                           City of Webster
Ray                 T. W.            167-168                         Morton Township
Raynes              A. E.            104-106                         City of Andover
Reagen              Con (Mrs.)       182-186                         Kidder Township
Redetzke            G.               167-168                         Morton Township
Reed                J. B.            104-106                         City of Andover
Reed                S. J.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Rees                Matt             119-122                         Grenville Village
Reese               Matt             33-71, 172-175                  Day Co. - Racine Township
Reese               Theodore         170-171                         Waubay Township
Reetz               Herman           162-166                         Rusk Township
Reetz               Louisa           157-161                         Butler Township
Reetz               Martin           162-166                         Rusk Township
Reetz               Rubin            162-166                         Rusk Township
Reetz               William          162-166, 157-161                Rusk Township - Butler Township
Regan               Conn             182-186                         Kidder Township
Reilander           J. P.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Reiprich            Paul             150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Reiprich            Reinhold         150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Reiprich            Robert           150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Renkes              Nick             157-161                         Butler Township
Renvill             Gabril (Chief)   72-95                           City of Webster
Rexford             M.               96-100                          City of Waubay
Reynolds            J. W.            101-103                         City of Bristol
Reynolds            Jack             211-217                         Grenville Township
Rezeppa             J. H.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Rhoades             Henry            157-161                         Butler Township
Rhodes              Art              162-166                         Rusk Township
Rhodes              John             162-166                         Rusk Township
Rice                Harvey           133-141                         Highland Township
Rich                Fred             176-181                         Webster Township
Rich                Herman           167-168                         Morton Township
Richards            E. D.            154-156                         Valley Township
Richards            Wm.              192-193                         Andover Township
Richardson          Doc              33-71, 162-166                  Day Co. - Rusk Township
Rider               Wyman            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Rilander            J. P.            119-122                         Grenville Village
Robart              Andrew           162-166                         Rusk Township
Robb                Abe              128-132                         Wheatland Township
Robb                John             167-168                         Morton Township
Roberts             Amos             222-226                         Homer Township
Roberts             Geo. E.          222-226                         Homer Township
Roberts             John             33-71                           Day Co.
Roberts             Josh             176-181                         Webster Township
Robinson            Archibald        162-166                         Rusk Township
Robinson            Julia            205-210                         Raritan Township
Robinson            Wm.              205-210                         Raritan Township
Rokowski            Peter            119-122                         Grenville Village
Romerin             Adolph           111-114                         Roslyn Village
Romerin             Fred             111-114                         Roslyn Village
Rommel              Jack             33-71                           Day Co.
Romrein             Elsa             111-114                         Roslyn Village
Rondell             Felix            33-71                           Day Co.
Rondell             Francis          33-71                           Day Co.
Ronshagen           A. O.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Ronshagen           E. O.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Ronshagen           P. O.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Roolkvam            H.               154-156                         Valley Township
Roolkvan            O. H.            194-197                         Union Township
Root                Bennie           72-95                           City of Webster
Root                H. D.            176-181                         Webster Township
Rorick              Wm.              142-145                         York Township
Roseth              Andrew           150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Roseth              Ole              150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Roseth              Ole (Mrs.)       101-103                         City of Bristol
Rosholt             ?                111-114, 119-122, 124           Roslyn Village - Grenville Village - Railroads
Ross                A.               72-95                           City of Webster
Ross                Emma F.          187-191                         Bristol Township
Ross                Finley           72-95                           City of Webster
Roth                Wm. (Mrs.)       194-197                         Union Township
Rowlee              H. W.            133-141                         Highland Township
Ruggles             E. R.            72-95, 176-181                  City of Webster - Webster Township
Ruggles             W. R.            33-71                           Day Co.
Ruggles             W. S.            72-95, 176-181                  City of Webster - Webster Township
Ruggles             Willis Sidney    72-95                           City of Webster
Rumsey              Chas.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Russell             Dora             187-191                         Bristol Township
Russell             Ella             205-210                         Raritan Township
Russell             F. H.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Russell             Fred             157-161                         Butler Township
Russell             H. H.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Ryan                Dora             133-141                         Highland Township
Ryan                L.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Ryan                T. F.            192-193                         Andover Township
Rye                 Knute P.         227-230                         Independence Township
Rye                 Oxness P.        227-230                         Independence Township
Sabin               H. E.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Sabin               R. B.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Saga                Hans             236-241                         Nutley Township
Sagbak              Marie            198-204                         Lynn Township
Sager               ?                96-100                          City of Waubay
Salverson           Hans             126-127                         Egeland Township
Salverson           Louisa           126-127                         Egeland Township
Sanborn             Ike              142-145                         York Township
Sanborn             M.               142-145                         York Township
Sanborn             Mason            157-161                         Butler Township
Sand                Anton A.         194-197                         Union Township
Sand                Lars A.          194-197                         Union Township
Sandahl             J. K.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Sandvig             Andras           211-217                         Grenville Township
Sandvig             Andrew           211-217                         Grenville Township
Sandvig             Daniel           211-217                         Grenville Township
Sannes              A. G.            133-141                         Highland Township
Sass                Adam             133-141                         Highland Township
Satern              Lars             236-241                         Nutley Township
Satern              M. L.            236-241                         Nutley Township
Sattler             J.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Sauer               Christ           176-181                         Webster Township
Sauer               Gus              176-181                         Webster Township
Sauer               John             176-181                         Webster Township
Sauers              Christ           72-95                           City of Webster
Sauers              John             72-95                           City of Webster
Saxhaug             Emelie           72-95                           City of Webster
Scallin             Paul R. (Dr.)    72-95                           City of Webster
Schacher            Jacob            172-175                         Racine Township
Schad               J.               111-114                         Roslyn Village
Schafer             Louis            33-71                           Day Co.
Schafer             Theodore         33-71                           Day Co.
Schaffer            Louis            172-175                         Racine Township
Schaffer            Theodore         172-175                         Racine Township
Schaffer            Z.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Scherer             Quaredo          192-193                         Andover Township
Schlagel            L.               167-168                         Morton Township
Schloser            Arthur           192-193                         Andover Township
Schlotte            Carl             162-166                         Rusk Township
Schlotte            Julius           162-166                         Rusk Township
Schmaus             Frank            236-241                         Nutley Township
Schmaus             Mike             236-241                         Nutley Township
Schmeig             J.               167-168                         Morton Township
Schmidt             Augusta          162-166                         Rusk Township
Schmidt             Matt             72-95                           City of Webster
Schneider           Raymond          236-241                         Nutley Township
Schrader            A.               192-193                         Andover Township
Schreier            S.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Schulian            A. E.            111-114                         Roslyn Village
Schultz             Aug.             211-217                         Grenville Township
Schultz             C. J.            172-175                         Racine Township
Schultz             J. M.            126-127                         Egeland Township
Schumway            R. A.            192-193                         Andover Township
Schunberg           Peter            242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Schwab              Frank            126-127                         Egeland Township
Schwartz            J. A.            146-149                         Troy Township
Scripture           L. W.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Sears               Frank            33-71, 72-95, 192-193           Day Co.-  Webster - Andover Township
Sebion              Tennis           128-132                         Wheatland Township
Seedhouse           John             162-166                         Rusk Township
Seeley              A.               187-191                         Bristol Township
Sellevold           C. T.            236-241                         Nutley Township
Sellevold           L. G.            236-241                         Nutley Township
Severy              Laura            72-95                           City of Webster
Severy              W. W.            72-95                           City of Webster
Shannon             Mina A.          194-197                         Union Township
Shannon             Wm.              150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Shanon              J. A.            146-149                         Troy Township
Sharetts            J. L.            146-149                         Troy Township
Sharp               H. N.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Sharretts           G. L.            101-103                         City of Bristol
Shaw                Wm.              192-193                         Andover Township
Sheelar             Frank            133-141                         Highland Township
Sheelar             John             162-166                         Rusk Township
Sheelar             Wm.              162-166                         Rusk Township
Sheeler             Frank            133-141                         Highland Township
Sheeler             Wm.              72-95                           City of Webster
Sheen               ?                194-197, 107-110                Union Township - Pierpont Village
Sheldon             C. H.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Sheldon             Charles H.       21-32                           South Dakota
Sherrand            W. H.            222-226                         Homer Township
Sherwood            L.               194-197                         Union Township
Showerman           H. H.            115-116, 146-149                Butler Village - Troy Township
Showerman           Nellie May       146-149                         Troy Township
Sichmiller          John             119-122, 211-217                Grenville Village - Grenville Township
Sichmiller          Peter            211-217                         Grenville Township
Sigarty             M.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Sigdestad           Sakarias         198-204                         Lynn Township
Siglinger           C. W.            157-161                         Butler Township
Simonds             C. H.            194-197                         Union Township
Simonds             N. W.            194-197                         Union Township
Simonson            Knute            133-141                         Highland Township
Simonson            O.               198-204                         Lynn Township
Singelness          R. B.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Sjerven             Ole N.           146-149                         Troy Township
Sjurson             Rasmus           154-156                         Valley Township
Skaaden             Anton            231-235                         Liberty Township
Skaaden             M. (Mrs.)        231-235                         Liberty Township
Skaaden             Ole A.           231-235                         Liberty Township
Skaar               I. E.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Skaarhaug           John             242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Skoe                A.               146-149                         Troy Township
Skunberg            M. O.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Smail               Andrew           72-95, 162-166                  City of Webster - Rusk Township
Smail               E. W.            72-95, 101-103                  City of Webster - City of Bristol
Smail               Irene            72-95                           City of Webster
Smith               A.               72-95                           City of Webster
Smith               C. H.            167-168                         Morton Township
Smith               Ed               157-161                         Butler Township
Smith               F.               96-100                          City of Waubay
Smith               Francis          126-127                         Egeland Township
Smith               George           218-221                         Farmington Township
Smith               H.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Smith               J. L.            192-193                         Andover Township
Smith               John             111-114                         Roslyn Village
Smith               L. A.            192-193                         Andover Township
Smith               R. H.            72-95, 162-166                  City of Webster - Rusk Township
Smith               Stanley          218-221                         Farmington Township
Smith               Wm.              167-168                         Morton Township
Smithers            A. L.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Smoots              ?                33-71                           Day Co.
Smoots              J. W.            194-197                         Union Township
Smoots              S. A.            194-197                         Union Township
Smoots              S. D.            194-197                         Union Township
Snaza               J.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Snaza               Thomas           211-217                         Grenville Township
Snipstead           Louis            146-149                         Troy Township
Snipstead           Ole              146-149                         Troy Township
Snyder              C. F.            222-226                         Homer Township
Soderberg           J.               167-168                         Morton Township
Soland              Ole              187-191                         Bristol Township
Soldeteka           John             211-217                         Grenville Township
Soleberg            Lars             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Solem               Ole P.           198-204                         Lynn Township
Sommer              P. L.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Sorbel              A. O.            236-241                         Nutley Township
Sorbel              Martin           133-141                         Highland Township
Sorenson            Henry            231-235                         Liberty Township
Sorenson            S. O.            227-230                         Independence Township
Sornson             M.               72-95                           City of Webster
Sorum               N. J.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Speer               R. D.            222-226                         Homer Township
Speiring            Fred             176-181                         Webster Township
Spencer             G. W.            33-71, 211-217                  Day Co. - Grenville Township
Sperry              Geo.             218-221                         Farmington Township
Sperry              Nelson           218-221                         Farmington Township
Stadekles           F.               146-149                         Troy Township
Stafford            D. W.            96-100                          City of Waubay
Stakke              M.               227-230                         Independence Township
Star                J. A.            192-193                         Andover Township
Stariha             J.               162-166                         Rusk Township
Staton              James            146-149                         Troy Township
Staton              Rob              146-149                         Troy Township
Staton              Robb             154-156                         Valley Township
Stavig              E.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Stavig              M.               198-204                         Lynn Township
Stavig              M. M.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Stavig              Markus           211-217                         Grenville Township
Stavig              Michael          111-114                         Roslyn Village
Stavig              O. M.            111-114                         Roslyn Village
Stearns             Caleb            222-226                         Homer Township
Stearns             Eli              222-226                         Homer Township
Stearns             Frank            222-226                         Homer Township
Stearns             Mary             222-226                         Homer Township
Steele              Ed.              167-168                         Morton Township
Steen               Anna             133-141                         Highland Township
Stefferson          B. O. (Rev.)     111-114                         Roslyn Village
Stenberg            C. E.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Stephens            Dave             192-193                         Andover Township
Stephensen          R.                                            169Central Point Township
Stephenson          Johnny           33-71                           Day Co.
Stephenson          Maggie                                        169Central Point Township
Stevens             Frank            187-191                         Bristol Township
Stevens             Oscar            33-71, 172-175                  Day Co. - Racine Township
Stevens             W.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Stevens             W. E.            33-71, 142-145                  Day Co. - York Township
Stevenson           J. W.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Stevenson           R.               142-145                         York Township
Stevenson           Robert           96-100                          City of Waubay
Stewart             Wilson           192-193                         Andover Township
Stianson            Knud             236-241                         Nutley Township
Stianson            Valness          236-241                         Nutley Township
Stich               M.               162-166                         Rusk Township
Stickles            ?                104-106                         City of Andover
Stinson             Chas.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Stoddard            S. W.            176-181                         Webster Township
Stoli               J. P.            211-217                         Grenville Township
Stone               C. C.            172-175                         Racine Township
Stone               E. L.            104-106                         City of Andover
Stone               F.                                            169Central Point Township
Stone               Fred             133-141                         Highland Township
Stone               J. C. (Mrs.)     133-141                         Highland Township
Strand              Ole H.           231-235                         Liberty Township
Strandness          T.               187-191                         Bristol Township
Stringham           F.               96-100                          City of Waubay
Strobel             C.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Strobel             G.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Strock              W. F.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Strong              ?                104-106                         City of Andover
Subke               Charles          96-100                          City of Waubay
Suchy               Joseph           167-168                         Morton Township
Suchy               Thomas           167-168                         Morton Township
Suliev              B. S.            111-114                         Roslyn Village
Sullivan            Pat              194-197                         Union Township
Sunberg             A.               176-181                         Webster Township
Svang               Nels             198-204                         Lynn Township
Sveum               T. E.            133-141                         Highland Township
Svien               Henry J.         128-132                         Wheatland Township
Svien               Johanna          133-141                         Highland Township
Swan                ? (Miss)         104-106                         City of Andover
Swan                B.               192-193                         Andover Township
Swan                Bessie           192-193                         Andover Township
Swanson             Andrew           111-114                         Roslyn Village
Swanson             F. E.            133-141                         Highland Township
Swanson             John             205-210                         Raritan Township
Swanson             Nels T.          182-186                         Kidder Township
Swenson             Ole              227-230                         Independence Township
Swingle             F. W.            33-71                           Day Co.
Sykes               Lansing          33-71, 169                      Day Co. - Central Point Township
Syre                Tobias           198-204                         Lynn Township
Syverson            C.               126-127                         Egeland Township
Syverson            Ole              72-95                           City of Webster
Tabor               J. H.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Talcott             H. A.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Tanberg             John             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Tanberg             Olga             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Taylor              Bob              21-32                           South Dakota
Taylor              James            162-166, 187-191                Rusk Township - Bristol Township
Taylor              William          104-106                         City of Andover
Tegtmeier           H. C.            115-116                         Butler Village
Thoe                Knut             128-132                         Wheatland Township
Thoe                Odd K.           128-132                         Wheatland Township
Thoenes             M.               187-191                         Bristol Township
Thom                Hoda             154-156                         Valley Township
Thomas              M.               133-141                         Highland Township
Thompson            ?                172-175                         Racine Township
Thompson            Adolph           146-149                         Troy Township
Thompson            E. R.            33-71, 96-100                   Day Co. - City of Waubay
Thompson            Elling           146-149                         Troy Township
Thompson            I. O.            205-210                         Raritan Township
Thompson            Jas              192-193                         Andover Township
Thompson            John             146-149                         Troy Township
Thornes             Peter            236-241                         Nutley Township
Thornton            J. M.            157-161                         Butler Township
Thorson             M.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Threfetheren        A. B.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Thumb               Mary E.          150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Tice                J. N.            104-106, 192-193                City of Andover - Andover Township
Tinderholt          A.               146-149                         Troy Township
Tinquist            Ole              154-156                         Valley Township
Tobey               A.               194-197                         Union Township
Tobin               Eliza            218-221                         Farmington Township
Tobin               Richard          218-221                         Farmington Township
Tofley              C. A.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Tofley              John A.          198-204                         Lynn Township
Tom                 F.               146-149                         Troy Township
Tomasjewski         Mary             211-217                         Grenville Township
Tompkins            G. E.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Torbet              S.               194-197                         Union Township
Torgeson            Andrew           218-221                         Farmington Township
Torgeson            Severt           205-210                         Raritan Township
Torguson            A.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Torguson            T.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Towne               Ben              187-191                         Bristol Township
Townsend            L. A.            222-226                         Homer Township
Townsend            W.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Toy                 E. C.            104-106                         City of Andover
Treat               N. B.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Trefethren          Ethel            72-95                           City of Webster
Tronson             J. O.            101-103                         City of Bristol
Tuel                James            162-166                         Rusk Township
Turner              Edith            72-95                           City of Webster
Turner              F.               194-197                         Union Township
Turner              Henry            162-166                         Rusk Township
Turner              Ruth             72-95                           City of Webster
Tuthill             John W.          72-95                           South Dakota
Tuttle              A. C.            72-95                           City of Webster
Tvinnerein          Andrew           198-204                         Lynn Township
Tyndall             M. A.            107-110                         Pierpont Village
Tystad              Robert           242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Udell               M. A.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Urvig               Ole S.           128-132                         Wheatland Township
Vail                Hans             154-156                         Valley Township
Vail                Nels H.          150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Valsness            Engebor          198-204                         Lynn Township
Valsvig             Andrew           133-141                         Highland Township
Valsvig             M. K.            133-141, 142-145                Highland Township - York Township
Van Horn            ?                119-122                         Grenville Village
VanBrunt            H. C.            222-226                         Homer Township
VanBrunt            H. L.            222-226                         Homer Township
Vandersluch         A. V.            187-191                         Bristol Township
VanDusen            C. W.            176-181                         Webster Township
VanDusen            Riley            176-181                         Webster Township
Vannebo             J. A.            236-241                         Nutley Township
VanVleet            A.               194-197                         Union Township
Vehe                Chas.            157-161                         Butler Township
Vehe                John L.          157-161                         Butler Township
Velickon            Halvor           198-204                         Lynn Township
Vessey              Robert S.        21-32                           South Dakota
Vickery             Abe              218-221                         Farmington Township
Vik                 J. B.            236-241                         Nutley Township
Vik                 Julia            236-241                         Nutley Township
Vincent             Marshall         192-193                         Andover Township
Waage               John             227-230                         Independence Township
Wachtler, Sr.       P.               236-241                         Nutley Township
Waddle              Art              72-95                           City of Webster
Wagner              Henry            167-168                         Morton Township
Wahl                C. J.            187-191                         Bristol Township
Wahl                Hans J.          194-197                         Union Township
Walbaum             Henry            162-166                         Rusk Township
Walker              Sant.            167-168                         Morton Township
Walker              Wm.              150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Wallace             C. H.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Wallace             Edith            218-221                         Farmington Township
Wallace             Emma             218-221                         Farmington Township
Wallace             F. L.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Wallace             Frank L.         133-141                         Highland Township
Walton              Isaac            33-71                           Day Co.
Walton              W. E.            72-95                           City of Webster
Wankey              Joe              157-161                         Butler Township
Ware                 W. H.           194-197                         Union Township
Warner              Carrie           33-71, 72-95                    Day Co.  - City of Webster
Warner              Chauncy          33-71, 176-181                  Day Co.  - Webster Township
Warner              Cora             33-71, 72-95                    Day Co. - City of Webster
Warner              Ed               176-181                         Webster Township
Warner              Eva              72-95                           City of Webster
Wasilk              A.               33-71                           Day Co.
Wasilk              Anton            211-217                         Grenville Township
Wasilk              Frank            242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Wasilke             A.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Wattier             A.               154-156                         Valley Township
Way                 Thomas A.                                     123Crandall Village
Weathwerwax         C. S.            222-226                         Homer Township
Weber               Chas.            192-193                         Andover Township
Webster             E. C.            104-106, 192-193                City of Andover - Andover Township
Webster             George           33-71, 72-95                    Day Co. - City of Webster
Webster             J. D.            72-95                           City of Webster
Webster             J. P.            33-71, 162-166                  Day Co.  - Rusk Township
Webster             Orson            162-166                         Rusk Township
Webster             S. W.            192-193                         Andover Township
Wein                Christ           157-161                         Butler Township
Welcher             Dan              157-161                         Butler Township
Welsh               Frank            172-175                         Racine Township
Welsh               John B.          133-141                         Highland Township
Wenger              David            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Werner              Emil             182-186                         Kidder Township
Wessel              O. P.            104-106                         City of Andover
West                Geo.             170-171                         Waubay Township
West                Rodney           170-171                         Waubay Township
Westby              John             146-149                         Troy Township
Westfall            Clara            222-226                         Homer Township
Westgard            O. T.            231-235                         Liberty Township
Weyer               John             236-241                         Nutley Township
Wheeler             C. E.            176-181                         Webster Township
White               Irene G.         182-186                         Kidder Township
Whitefield          C. W.            218-221                         Farmington Township
Wickre              H. O.            227-230                         Independence Township
Wickre              Hannah           227-230                         Independence Township
Wickre              Jacob            227-230                         Independence Township
Wickre              Jens             227-230                         Independence Township
Wickre              John             227-230                         Independence Township
Wickre              Mandus           227-230                         Independence Township
Wiesenberg          Aug.             157-161                         Butler Township
Wika                Frank            211-217                         Grenville Township
Wika                John             211-217                         Grenville Township
Wilcox              A. M.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Wilcox              Eva Smith        33-71                           Day Co.
Wildey              James            154-156                         Valley Township
Williams            D. I.            72-95, 167-168                  City of Webster - Morton Township
Williams            Dave             33-71                           Day Co.
Williams            David            21-32, 72-95                    South Dakota -  City of Webster
Williams            E. A.            194-197                         Union Township
Williams            E. E.            182-186                         Kidder Township
Williams            J.               182-186                         Kidder Township
Williams            J. J.            128-132                         Wheatland Township
Williams            O. L.            167-168                         Morton Township
Williams            R.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Williamson          Nels             198-204                         Lynn Township
Williamson          Ole              198-204                         Lynn Township
Williamson          Wm.              198-204                         Lynn Township
Willits             E.               218-221                         Farmington Township
Wilsey              Robert           162-166                         Rusk Township
Wilson              ? (Prof)         72-95                           City of Webster
Wilson              C. G.            33-71                           Day Co.
Winson              Eric             198-204                         Lynn Township
Winter              Agusta           72-95                           City of Webster
Winter              Anna             72-95                           City of Webster
Winter              John             176-181                         Webster Township
Wirkus              L.               211-217                         Grenville Township
Wist                Lawrence         72-95                           City of Webster
Wist, Sr.           Martin           72-95, 242-243                  Webster
Witt                H. M.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Witt                M. F.            150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Witt                Martin           150-151                         Oak Gulch Township
Wojtowicz           James (Rev.)     119-122                         Grenville Village
Wolfe               Aug.             172-175                         Racine Township
Wolfe               Lydia            172-175                         Racine Township
Woodard             Mr. ?            33-71                           Day Co.
Woodard             S. J.            172-175                         Racine Township
Woodward            Dave             192-193                         Andover Township
Woodworth           C. A.            142-145                         York Township
Woodworth           Francis (Mrs.)   142-145                         York Township
Wright              Chas.            162-166                         Rusk Township
Wright              P. J.            194-197                         Union Township
Wringer             Geo.             205-210                         Raritan Township
Wyganowski          J. S.            242-243                         Kosciusko Township
Yates               J.               192-193                         Andover Township
Yeager              S. S.            154-156                         Valley Township
York                ?                                                Dakota Territory
Yost                Allan            222-226                         Homer Township
Young               C. A.            198-204                         Lynn Township
Young               Chas. A.         198-204                         Lynn Township
Youngs              Ed.              126-127                         Egeland Township
Zahlman             Aug.             167-168                         Morton Township
Zeigenhagen         Frank            182-186                         Kidder Township
Zimmerman           Jacob            157-161                         Butler Township
Zimmerman           John             154-156                         Valley Township
Zinnie              Mr. ?            72-95                           City of Webster
Zinski              Ignatz           167-168                         Morton Township
Zinski              Math             167-168                         Morton Township
Zipf                Peter            187-191                         Bristol Township

Last Updated on 11 March 1999
By Curtis Sigdestad, Ph.D.