The American Lutheran Church Woman

Webster, SD 1950



          This table is provided as a source of tracing women, honoring the

          cooks of the past, and to determine food styles, the following

          table is an index of surnames for American Lutheran Church,

          Webster, SD, American Lutheran Ladies Aid Sarah Society’s

          "Favorite Recipes" 1950 Cookbook, published by Reporter and

          Farmer, Webster, S. Dak. Additional tables of the ladies aid

          personnel and advertising supporters are available in other



          Care was made to assure accuracy but no warranties are offered.

          The data is presented here for genealogical purposes in hopes of

          helping people locate their ancestors. Information transcribed by

          Karen Kambestad.


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                          American Lutheran Church


                      "Favorite Recipes" 1950 Cookbook


                                Surname Index


        Last              First                    Recipe                Page          Other

 Ackerman           Della             Cold Cucumber Relish                   171

 Ackerman           Della             Drop Ginger Cookies                     59

 Ackerman           Della             Ginger Creams                           66

 Ackerman           Della             Hot Slaw                               151

 Ackerman           Della             Layer Cake                              33

 Ackerman           Della             Mustard Pickles                        173

 Ackerman           Della             Oatmeal Macaroons                       65

 Ackerman           Mrs. Grover       Crispie Cookies                         57

 Ackerman           Mrs. Grover       Vegetable Salad                        146

 Ahlers             Mrs. Franklin     Grandma's Gingerbread Men               61

 Ahlers             Mrs. Franklin     Hot Milk Sponge Cake                    33

 Ahlers             Mrs. Franklin     Imogene's White Cookies                 55

 Ahlers             Mrs. Franklin     Jelly Roll                              47

 Ahlers             Mrs. Franklin     Maridy's One-Egg Cake                   35

 Ahlers             Mrs. Franklin     Pop Corn Balls                          83

 Ahlers             Mrs. Franklin     Porcupine Meat Balls                    98

 Ahlers             Mrs. Franklin     Tomato Soup Cake                        40

 Akerman            Mrs. Grover       Pear Preserves                          92

 Akerman            Mrs. Grover       Strawberry Preserves                    92

 Akerson            Florence          Salted Peanut Cookies                   68

 Akerson            Florence          Whipped Cream Cake                      42

 Akerson            Mrs. O.W.         Cheese Pineapple Salad                 125

 Akerson            Mrs. O.W.         Chili Con Carne                        109

 Akerson            Mrs. O.W.         Hannah's Dessert                       125

 Amundson           Mrs. L.C.         Mock Chicken Casserole                 108

 Ausland            Jenny             Fruit Oatmeal Cookies                   68        Jewel, Iowa

 Avre               Mrs. Wayne        Brownies                                67        Sioux Falls

 Avre               Mrs. Wayne        Oven Chili                             110        Sioux Falls

 Berg               Jean              Rhubarb Cream Pie                      115

 Berg               Jean              Tuna Fish Hot Dish                     103

 Berg               Lois              Angel Food                              42

 Berg               Lois              Overnight Dessert                      135

 Berg               Mrs. E.           Caramel Frosting                        87

 Berg               Mrs. E.           Fudge Frosting                          87

 Berg               Mrs. E.           Strawberry Jam                          91

 Berg               Mrs. E.H.         Wesson-Chef's Salad                    148

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Barbecued Wieners                      107

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Boiled Salad Dressing                  151

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Cabbage Fruit Salad                    147

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Caramel Icing                           87

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Combination Vegetable Salad            146

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Cranberry Relish                       171

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Cranberry Salad                        147

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Garlic Pickles                         176

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Glorious Sunshine Cake                  36

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Ice Cream Icing                         89

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Pecan Pie                              120

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Pineapple Cream Pie                    117

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Pumpkin Pie                            113

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Rhubarb Cream Pie                      115

 Berg               Mrs. Elmer        Rich Yellow Cake                        37

 Berg               Mrs. Gus          Tuna Fish Salad                        142           Aberdeen

 Berg               Mrs. Gust         Fruit Cake                              39

 Berg               Mrs. Lloyd        Pea Salad                              147

 Berg               Mrs. Lloyd        Salad Dressing                         152

 Berg               Mrs. Lloyd        Sour Cream Raisin Pie                  122

 Berger             Mrs. H.           Rice Hot Dish                          104

 Blank              Mrs. Emil         Spam Sandwich Filing                   155     Medicine Lake,


 Blocker            Mrs. Orville      Cherry Twinkles                         71

 Blocker            Mrs. Orville      Chocolate Chip Chewies                  63

 Blocker            Mrs. Orville      Eatmore Hot Dish                       103

 Blocker            Mrs. Orville      Krumkake                               165

 Blocker            Mrs. Orville      Raisin Cream Pie                       120

 Blocker            Mrs. Orville      Toast with Custard Sauce               109

 Blocker            Mrs. Orville      White Fruit Cake                        44

 Bloom              Antoinette        24-Hour Salad                          145

 Bloom              Antoinette        Cold Water Devils' Food Cake            41

 Bloom              Antoinette        Cold Water White Cake                   33

 Bloom              Antoinette        Lovely Cookies                          64

 Bostrom            Mrs. Eskil        Black Bottom Pie                       114

 Bowman             Ruth              Jumbola                                108

 Brolin             Mary              Date Nut Crumb Roll                    134

 Brolin             Mrs. Harold       Cranberry Jelly                         92

 Brolin             Mrs. Harold       Raisin Cream Pie                       121

 Brolin             Mrs. Harold       Scalloped Corn                         182

 Buhler             Mrs. Lawrence     Baked Ham                               99

 Buhler             Mrs. Lawrence     Nut Bread                               20

 Buhler             Mrs. Lawrence     Pumpkin Pie                            113

 Burns              Mrs. Merrill      Doughnuts                               76            Milbank

 Bury               Mrs. Ed           Divinity                                81

 Carlson            Ann Jeaneane      Gingerbread                             39

 Carlson            Ann Jeaneane      Orange Drop Cookies                     56

 Carlson            Bondell           Oatmeal Cocoanut Macaroons              65

 Carlson            Mrs. Albin        1-2-3-4 Cake                            34

 Carlson            Mrs. Albin        Cheese Souffle                         109

 Carlson            Mrs. Albin        Cranberry Jelly                         92

 Carlson            Mrs. Albin        Fork Cookies                            58

 Carlson            Mrs. Albin        Muffins                                 25

 Carlson            Mrs. Albin        Rosettes                               166

 Carlson            Mrs. Albin        Sour Cream Spice Cake                   29

 Carlson            Mrs. Albin        Wheaties Dessert                       126

 Carlson            Mrs. Ed           Berlene Kranse                         163          Holmquist

 Carlson            Mrs. Ed           Chuckles Pickles                       175          Holmquist

 Carlson            Mrs. Ed           Danish Klejner                         167          Holmquist

 Carlson            Mrs. Ed           Lady Baltimore Cake                     35          Holmquist

 Carlson            Mrs. Ed           Lutefisk Dinner                        161          Holmquist

 Carlson            Mrs. Ed           Norwegian Butter Cookie                167          Holmquist

 Carlson            Mrs. Ed           Norwegian Christmas Bread              163          Holmquist

 Carlson            Mrs. Ed           Potato Lefse                           165          Holmquist

 Carlson            Mrs. Ed           Swedish Meat Loaf                      165          Holmquist

 Carlson            Mrs. Herman       Braddock Pie                           116

 Carlson            Mrs. Herman       Fruit Bars                              73

 Carlson            Mrs. Herman       Ham Salad Sandwich Filling             155

 Carlson            Mrs. Herman       Heavenly Pie                           116

 Carlson            Mrs. Herman       Lime Philadelphia Cream Cheese         150


 Cavanaugh          Mrs. Fred         Caramel Apples                          83

 Cavanaugh          Mrs. Fred         Corn Flake Cookies                      57

 Cavanaugh          Mrs. Fred         Hot Dish                               102

 Cavanaugh          Mrs. Fred         Orange Date Cake                        37

 Cavanaugh          Mrs. Fred         Quick Fluffy Frosting                   89

 Cooper             Mrs. Leo          Devil's Food Cake                       45

 Delaney            Mrs. M.R.         Creamed Potato Soup                    179

 Delaney            Mrs. M.R.         Date-filled Cookies                     66

 Delaney            Mrs. M.R.         Griddle Cakes                           26

 Delaney            Mrs. M.R.         Old Style Ludefisk                     161

 Devine             Mrs. Wm.          Sweet Rolls                             22     Portland, Ore.

 Ellig              Mrs. Herb         Caramel Pecan Pie                      119

 Ellig              Mrs. Herb         Baked Beans                            182

 Ellig              Mrs. Herb.        Chocolate Cake                          43

 Engebretson        June Hallstrom    Cakes                                   29       Chicago, Ill

 Engebretson        June Hallstrom    Italian Ham and Spaghetti              102       Chicago, Ill

 Engebretson        June Hallstrom    Lemon Cake Top Pudding                 129       Chicago, Ill

 Engebretson        June Hallstrom    Tangy Salad Mold                       144       Chicago, Ill

 Evenson            Hilda             Graham Cracker Pie                     122

 Evenson            Mrs. Eddie        Pecan Pie                              119

 Evenson            Mrs. LaVerne      Kisses                                  64

 Evenson            Mrs. LaVerne      Matrimony Cake                          42

 Evenson            Mrs. LaVerne      Vegetable Jello Salad                  146

 Evenson            Mrs. LaVerne      Whipped Cream Cake                      30

 Field              May Hallstrom     Black Cherry Salad                     145       Ft. Knox, Ky

 Field              May Hallstrom     Caramel Dumplings                      134       Ft. Knox, Ky

 Field              May Hallstrom     Nabisco Strawberry Dessert             132       Ft. Knox, Ky

 Fisher             Mrs. Willis       Chili                                   98

 Fisher             Mrs. Willis       Devil's Food Cake                       46

 Fisher             Mrs. Willis       Poultry Dressing                        97

 Fromberg           Mrs. Ed           Peanut Butter Cookies                   67

 Fromberg           Mrs. Ed           Prune Bread                             21

 Gelhaus            Mrs. Melvin       Candlestick Salad                      143

 Gelhaus            Mrs. Melvin       Pineapple Pie                          121

 Gerriets           Gladys            Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies          60

 Gokey              Mrs. Clarence     Beet Relish                            171

 Gokey              Mrs. Clarence     Beet Sweet Pickle                      172

 Gokey              Mrs. Clarence     Butter-scotch Rolls                     22

 Gokey              Mrs. Clarence     Choke-Cherry Jell                       91

 Gokey              Mrs. Clarence     Date Pudding                           134

 Gokey              Mrs. Clarence     Devil's Food Cake                       45

 Gokey              Mrs. Clarence     Dill Pickles                           174

 Gokey              Mrs. Clarence     Pumpkin Pie                            113

 Gokey              Mrs. Clarence     Sour Cream Doughnuts                    75

 Gokey              Mrs. Clarence     Tumeric Pickles                        175

 Gokey              Mrs. Clarence     Waffles                                 25

 Gustafson          Ethel             Sour Cream Fruit Cake                   48

 Gustafson          Mrs. R.C.         Tailor Made Sweet Pickles              172

 Hallstrom          Mrs. Charles      Twice Baked Rolls                       23

 Hallstrom          Mrs. E.H.         Fruit Soup                             161

 Hallstrom          Mrs. E.H.         Porcupine Meat Balls                    98

 Hallstrom          Mrs. E.H.         Sour Cream Pie                         118

 Hallstrom          Mrs. E.H.         Stuffed Cabbage                         96

 Hallstrom          Mrs. E.H.         Swedish Pancakes                       164

 Hallstrom          Mrs. E.H.         White Cake                              32

 Hanson             Mrs. Henry L.     Bread and Butter Pickles               177

 Hanson             Mrs. Henry L.     Macaroni and Tuna Salad                142

 Hanson             Mrs. Marvin       Norlandslefser                         162           Pierpont

 Hanson             Mrs. Marvin       Rundstykker (Quick Rolls)              167           Pierpont

 Hanson             Mrs. Marvin       Sprutbakkels                           167           Pierpont

 Hanson             Mrs. Marvin       Swedish Pea Soup                       166           Pierpont

 Hawkinson          Mrs. Guff         Carrot Loaf                            181

 Hawkinson          Mrs. Guff         Vegetable Dish                         181

 Hawkinson          Mrs. Guff         Fudge Dessert                          125

 Hawkinson          Mrs. Guff         Lemon Pie                              115

 Hein               Mrs. Clarence     Pop Corn Balls                          81

 Hempel             Mrs. Paul         Chocolate Cake                          45

 Herrick            Hilda             Best Ever Sweet Pickles                173

 Herrick            Hilda             Doughnuts                               76

 Herrick            Hilda             Seventy Special Cookies                 74

 Hillgren           Bessie            All-time Favorite Salad                145

 Hillgren           Bessie            Boiled Salad Dressing                  150

 Hillgren           Bessie            Chocolate Brownies                      70

 Hillgren           Bessie            Corn Meal Buns                          21

 Hillgren           Bessie            Date Nut Bread                          20

 Hillgren           Bessie            Fruit Cake                              49

 Hillgren           Bessie            Ham Loaf                               101

 Hillgren           Bessie            Kidney Bean Salad                      148

 Hillgren           Bessie            Light Gingerbread                       21

 Hillgren           Bessie            Spanish Noodles                        105

 Hillgren           Bessie            Sweet Sour Beets                       150

 Hillgren           Hilda             Pear Harlicau                           93

 Hillgren           Mrs. Rudolph      White Cookies                           55

 Hoberg             Mrs. Lloyd        Banana Cake                             39

 Hoberg             Mrs. Lloyd        Orange Date Loaf                        21

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Baked Rice with Beef                   105

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Buttermilk Biscuits                     20

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Cabbage-Carrot Salad                   146

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Cocoanut Topping                        89

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Coffeecake                              36

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Corn Meal Biscuits                      27

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Cottage Cheese Salad                   149

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Cranberry Pork Chops                    96

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Crisp Dill Pickles                     174

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Dainty Tea Cookies                     162

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       English Muffins                         23

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Graham Cracker Roll                    130

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Gumdrop Cookies                         65

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Ham Loaf                                99

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Hot Cross Buns                          24

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Ice-Box Dessert                        135

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Meat Balls                             101

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Mincemeat Spice Cake                    49

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       One Minute Chocolate Frosting           87

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Orange Drop Rolls                       19

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Prune Doughnuts                         75

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Strawberry Festival Pie                118

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Swedish Tea Ring                       164

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Tangy Baked Beans                      109

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Veal Loaf with Eggs                     95

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       Whipped Cream Krumkake                 166

 Holmquist          Mrs. Albert       White Icing for Rolls                   89

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Apricot Charlotte                      132

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Drop Cookies                            58

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Noodle Ring                            106

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Nut Bread                               19

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Rhubarb Jam                             93

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Salmon Patties                          98

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Salted Peanut Cookies                   72

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Savory Salmon Loaf                      99

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Soft Molasses Cookies                   69

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Spanish Rice                           105

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Spiced Peanut Bars                      74

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Ten Day Pickles                        176

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        Waffles                                 25

 Holmquist          Mrs. Allan        White Cream Cake                        33

 Horter             Mrs. Herb         Barbecued Hamburger                     95

 Horter             Mrs. Herb         Easy Caramel Icing                      88

 Isackson           Mrs. Harvey       Overnight Fruit Salad                  144

 Jenkins            Mrs. Fred         Ice Cream                              136      Portland, Ore

 Johnson            Edythe            Meat Loaf                              101

 Johnson            Elizabeth         Beet Chowder                           174

 Johnson            Elizabeth         Chocolate Roll                         136

 Johnson            Elizabeth         India Relish                           171

 Johnson            Elizabeth         Sliced Pickles                         174

 Johnson            Margaret          Chocolate Chip Cookies                  70

 Johnson            Margaret          Chocolate Layer Cake                    46

 Johnson            Margaret          Graham Cracker Dessert                 130

 Johnson            Mrs. Carl M.      Doughnuts                               74

 Johnson            Mrs. Carl M.      Sugar Fork Cookies                      59

 Johnson            Mrs. Donald       Chocolate-Graham Cracker Cake           39

 Johnson            Mrs. Donald       Chop Suey                               96

 Johnson            Mrs. Donald       Cocoanut Sour Cream Frosting            88

 Johnson            Mrs. Donald       Cottage Cheese Salad                   149

 Johnson            Mrs. Donald       Date and Nut Roll                      128

 Johnson            Mrs. Donald       Greaseless Pancakes                     26

 Johnson            Mrs. Donald       Norwegian Meat Balls                   166

 Johnson            Mrs. Donald       Potato Pancakes                         26

 Johnson            Mrs. Donald       Snow On The Mountain                   126

 Johnson            Mrs. Donald       Tuna Fish Casserole                    106

 Johnson            Mrs. Donald       Warm Potato Salad                      143

 Johnson            Mrs. Elmer        Brownies                                71

 Johnson            Mrs. Elmer        Cocoanut Cookies                        61

 Johnson            Mrs. Elmer        Peach Pie                              120

 Johnson            Mrs. Herman       Oatmeal Crispies                        69

 Johnson            Mrs. Hugo         Butter Chews                            70

 Johnson            Mrs. J. G.        Chocolate Cookies                       63

 Johnson            Mrs. J. G.        Chocolate Frosting                      88

 Johnson            Mrs. J. G.        Donuts                                  76

 Johnson            Mrs. J. G.        Fudge Cake                              41

 Johnson            Mrs. J. G.        Sour Cream Cup Cakes                    48

 Johnson            Mrs. Oscar        Butterscotch Pie                       120

 Johnson            Mrs. Oscar        Date Cake                               37

 Johnson            Mrs. Oscar        Hot Meal Salad                         142

 Johnson            Mrs. Oscar        Ice Water Cake                          32

 Johnson            Mrs. Oscar        Jelly Roll                              47

 Johnson            Mrs. Oscar        Matrimony Cake                          40

 Johnson            Mrs. Oscar        Pineapple Fluff                        133

 Johnson            Mrs. Oscar        Raisin Delight                         132

 Johnson            Mrs. Oscar        Red Devil's Food Cake                   41

 Johnson            Mrs. Oscar        Rhubarb Meringue Pie                   115

 Johnson            Mrs. Oscar        Rocks                                   63

 Johnson            Mrs. Oscar        Swedish Meat Balls                     162

 Johnson            Mrs. Ture         Chicken Chow Mien                       97

 Johnson            Mrs. Ture         Date Bread                              19

 Johnson            Mrs. Ture         Dream Bars                              72

 Johnson            Mrs. Ture         Fork Cookies                            59

 Johnson            Mrs. Ture         Glazed Doughnuts                        75

 Johnson            Mrs. Ture         One Dish Meal                          105

 Johnson            Mrs. Ture         Pigs in Blankets                       108

 Johnson            Mrs. Ture         Sugar Kringles                         162

 Kennedy            Mrs. Geo.         Poor Man's Cookies                      69

 Kennedy            Mrs. Geo.         Sour Cream Cookies                      56

 Kidder             Ethel             Apple Pudding                          131

 Kidder             Ethel             Salad Dressing                         152

 Kidder             Ethel             Tomato Soup Cake                        49

 Kidder             Mrs. D.C.         Chili Sauce                            174

 Larson             Mrs. Fredrika     Soldier Boy Cookies                     61

 Lauersen           Mrs. Floyd        Campfire Hot Dish                      103

 Lauersenm          Mrs. F.           Butterscotch Cookies                    67

 Loseth             L.                Devil's Food Cake                       30

 Lovering           Dorothy           Chicken Salad                          143

 Lundgren           Mrs. Anna         Baked Rhubarb Dessert                  131

 Lundgren           Mrs. Anna         Cocoanut Oatmeal Cookies                60

 Lundgren           Mrs. Anna         Overnight Scotch Cookies                61

 Madden             Clara J.          Apple Chow Chow                        173

 Madden             Clara J.          Beet Relish                            172

 Madden             Clara J.          Cheese Pie                             118

 Madden             Clara J.          Cocoanut Oatmeal Cookies                60

 Madden             Clara J.          Fattigmand                             163

 Madden             Clara J.          Filling for Buns                       155

 Madden             Clara J.          Hollywood Hash                          95

 Madden             Clara J.          Krum Kaka                              165

 Madden             Clara J.          Norwegian Cookies                      164

 Madden             Clara J.          Potato Chip Hot Dish                   101

 Madden             Clara J.          Scalloped Corn with Rice               181

 Madden             Clara J.          Sill Salad                             141

 Madden             Clara J.          Tuna Fish Loaf                          99

 Malloy             May               Dill Pickles                           175

 Malloy             Mrs. P.A.         Doughnuts                               76

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Apple Sauce Nut Bread                   19

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Bread and Butter Pickles               175

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Butter Cookies                          55

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Chuckles Pickles                       175

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Chunk Pickles                          176

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Crispies                               178

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Devil's Food Cake                       41

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Dill Pickles                           176

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Graham Cracker Dessert                 131

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Lemon Snaps                             64

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Meringue Fruit Baskets                 128

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Oatmeal Date Filled Cookies             68

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Orange Drop Cookies                     56

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Rock Cookies                            71

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Russian Tea Cakes                       69

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Salad - Lime and Cuke                  142

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         Schaum Torte                           129

 Martinson          Mrs. Nels         White Cake                              31

 Mikkelsen          Mrs. Ed           Pimento Pickles                        177          Spearfish

 Mundy              Doris Hallstrom   Chocolate Temptation                   127 Fergus Falls, Minn

 Murschel           Mrs. Kermit       Cranberry Salad                        148

 Murschel           Mrs. Kermit       Peanut Drop Cookies                     57

 Murschel           Mrs. Kermit       Pineapple Fluff                        133

 Murschel           Mrs. Kermit       Spice Cake                              29

 Murschel           Mrs. Kermit       Sponge Cake                             34

 Nelson             Mrs. Joe          Red Devil's Food Cake                   41

 Nelson             Mrs. Joe          Rhubarb Pie                            116

 Nelson             Mrs. Wesley       Fruit Candy                             82

 Nelson             Mrs. Wesley       Fruit Salad                            144

 Nelson             Mrs. Wesley       Oatmeal Rocks                           71

 Nelson             Mrs. Wesley       Salad Dressing                         152

 Ninke              Doris             Bakeless Fruit Cake                     40

 Ninke              Doris             Marshmallow Cake                        34

 Ninke              Doris             Sour Cream Devils Food Cake             40

 Ninke              Doris             Very Good Relish                       171

 Ninke              Doris             Whipped Cream Chocolate Cake            51

 Ninke              Mrs. Emil C.      Bacon and Cabbage Salad                145

 Ninke              Mrs. Emil C.      Baked Salmon with Spaghetti            103

 Ninke              Mrs. Emil C.      Gingerbread Cup Cakes                   43

 Ninke              Mrs. Emil C.      Ingham's Stew                          107

 Ninke              Mrs. Emil C.      Orange Vegetable Salad                 145

 Ninke              Mrs. Emil C.      Pineapple Marmalade                     91

 Ninke              Mrs. Emil C.      Salami Salad Filing                    151

 Ninke              Mrs. Emil C.      Tuna Fish with Spaghetti               104

 Ninke              Mrs. Emil C.      Unbaked Fruit Cake                      48

 Ninke              Mrs. William      Cranberry Salad                        148

 Nolte              Hazel             Grape Conserve                          91

 Nolte              Hazel             Rhubarb Conserve                        91

 Nolte              Mrs. Aug.         Cranberry Salad                        147

 Nolte              Mrs. August       Chocolate Angel Food                    30

 Nolte              Mrs. August       Kisses                                  64

 Nolte              Mrs. August       Raspberry Jam                           91

 Nolte              Mrs. Herbert      Super Cole Slaw                        150

 Nordtvedt          Gertie            Graham Cracker Candy                    81

 Olson              Florence          Date Dessert                           135

 Olson              Florence          Ginger Creams                           31

 Olson              Florence          Orange Cake                             43

 Olson              Florence          Rice Souffle                           110

 Olson              Mrs. Wm.          Chocolate Drop Cookies                  68

 Olson              Mrs. Wm.          Cup Cakes                               43

 Olson              Mrs. Wm.          Surprise Hot Dish                      101

 Olson              Mrs. Wm.          White Nut Cake                          50

 Page               Mrs. Forest       Wisconsin Salad Dressing               149       Madison, Wis

 Peithman           Mrs. Emma         Pound Cake                              36

 Peithmann          Mrs. Emma         Devil's Food Cake                       45

 Perkins            Mrs. Roy          Graham Cracker Meringue Pie            122

 Peterson           Mrs. Quentin      Kiddies Delight                         57

 Peterson           Thea              Meat Loaf                               97

 Peterson           Thea              Red Devil's Food Cake                   47

 Pies               Mrs. Ed, Sr.      Dream Bars                              73

 Pies               Mrs. Ed, Sr.      Six-course Casserole                   107

 Plepp              Irene             Heinz Pickles                          178

 Plepp              Mrs. Emil         Marble Cake                             50

 Reckmo             Mrs. Jeanette     Ginger Cookies                          66

 Reiprich           Mrs. Gust         Flish Kiechala                          94

 Reiprich           Mrs. Gust         Halp Sie (Pig in a Blanket)             94

 Reiprich           Mrs. Herbert      Barbecued Hamburger                     97

 Reiprich           Mrs. Herbert      Double Fudge Candy                      81

 Reiprich           Mrs. Herbert      Marshmallow Dessert                    133

 Reiprich           Mrs. Herbert      Peanut Cookies                          73

 Reiprich           Mrs. Herbert      Sour Cream Pie                         119

 Sanborn            Mrs. M.E.         Ice Box Pudding                        136

 Sandell            Ethel             Cookies (Swedish)                      168  Minneapolis, Minn

 Sandell            Ethel             Porcupines                             106  Minneapolis, Minn

 Sandell            Mrs. Helge        Holiday Pudding                        137

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Chocolate Fudge Candy                   82

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Chocolate Fudge Cake                    45

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Date Pudding                           128

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Doughnuts                               75

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Frosting                                35

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Frosting                                89

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Full Spaghetti Dinner                  104

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Goulash                                107

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Hot Dish                               103

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Ice Water Cake                          32

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Marshmallow Cake                        34

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Sweet Apple Cream Pie                  122

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Whipped Cream Cake                      33

 Schmig             Mrs. Floyd        Yellow Angel Food                       35

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Almond Toast                            82

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Apple Sauce Cake                        38

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Caramels                                82

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Cherry Chiffon Pie                     121

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Chinese Chews                           63

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Chocolate Rocks                         62

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Cranberry Orange Bread                  27

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Crisp Oatmeal Cookies                   60

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Crumb Cake                              36

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Date-Nut Bread                          22

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Fudge Frosting                          87

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Golden Corn Bread                       27

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Grapenut Bread                          19

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Green Tomato Mincemeat                 177

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Ham Loaf                                99

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Holiday Fruit Cookies                   65

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Hot Dish                               103

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Hot Fudge Pudding                      127

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Lemon Sauce                            179

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Mock Chow Mien                         107

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Noodle Ring                            105

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Oatmeal Cookies                         59

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Pineapple Upside Down Cake              38

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Quick Butterscotch Frosting             88

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Rye Bread                               24

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Shortbreads                             64

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         White Fruit Cake                        44

 Seburg             Mrs. C.T.         Yeast Cookie Rolls                      25

 Smith              Mrs. Emma         Green Tomato Chow Chow                 173

 Smith              Mrs. Emma         White Cookies                           55

 Sudman             Mrs. Wm.          Date Roll                              128

 Sudman             Mrs. Wm.          Oatmeal Cocoanut Cookies                61

 Unke               Freda             Ice Box Cookies                         62

 Unke               Freda             Rocks                                   71

 Unke               Henrietta         French Dressing                        151

 Unke               Henrietta         Fudge Frosting                          90

 Unke               Henrietta         Red Devil's Food Cake                   46

 Unke               Henrietta         Sour Cream Spice Cake                   29

 Unke               Henrietta         Viennese Crescent                       63

 Unke               Lillie            Beloney                                 81

 Unke               Lillie            Date Filled Cookies                     67

 Unke               Lillie            Lemon Prune Whip                       135

 Unke               Lillie            Strawberry Jam                          92

 Walton             Esther            Cranberry Salad                        147

 Walton             Esther            Graham Fruit Roll                      130

 Walton             Esther            Marshmallow Salad                      143

 Walton             Esther            Moravian Stew                           97

 Walton             Esther            Pineapple-Cottage Cheese Icebox        117


 Walton             Martha            Apple Crisp                            126

 Walton             Martha            Bean Soup                              179

 Walton             Martha            Hard-boiled Eggs in Brown Gravy         95

                                      (German Style)

 Wein               Mrs. Ed           Apple Goody                            126

 Wein               Mrs. Ed           Aunt Julia's Plum Pudding              127

 Wein               Mrs. Ed           Date Cream Cake                         51

 Wein               Mrs. Ed           Fork Cookies                            58

 Wein               Mrs. Ed           Ginger Overnight Cookies                62

 Wein               Mrs. Ed           Rich Pumpkin Pie                       113

 Wein               Mrs. Ed           Short Cake Biscuits                     26

 Wein               Mrs. Ed           Sour Cream Pie                         119

 Wein               Mrs. Ed           White Sugar Cookies                     55

 Zochert            Mrs. Ed           Cranberry Salad                        149

 Zochert            Mrs. Ed           Sprits Cookies                         163

 Zochert            Mrs. Ivan         French Fried Onions                    181

 Zochert            Mrs. Ivan         Hominy Au Gratin                       182

 Zubke              Mrs. Edwin        Graham Gems Yum Yum                     47

 Zubke              Mrs. Edwin        Never Fail Jelly Roll                   47

 Zubke              Mrs. Ervin        Cherry Torte                           129

 Zubke              Mrs. Ervin        Seven Minute Frosting                   89

 Zubke              Mrs. Ervin        Sour Cream Cookies                      57

 Zubke              Mrs. Erwin        Molasses Crinkle Cookies                69