Memories of a Military Childhood

My hometown was nowhere, yet it was everywhere.
Home was where the heart and family were.
station, fort, base,
with no dependence on a dwelling.

Some have wondered if I had roots, yet they were deep.
Sinking quickly and holding as a mighty oak.
adapting, stretching, forming,
letting me enrich the country landscape.

I never grew up with someone, yet matured with many.
Friendships formed in hours that lasted decades.
sergeant, captain, chief,
children sharing the universe’s pathways.

Farewells came often, yet sorrow gave me strength.
With a constant hope of meeting again.
Europe, America, Pacific,
venturing half a world away.

So many changes in my life, yet such a rich heritage.
To know I was educated in the world’s school.
geography, finance, politics,
teachers of all accents and nationality.

I shook the hands of brotherhood, yet remembered ol’ glory.
Pride of the American flag hung at every site.
reveille, alert, taps,
a love of soldiers, especially my dad.

Karen Kambestad



Artist Profile:

While working on my family genealogy, I discovered that it was difficult to put in words exactly how my childhood could be described.   So, I tried writing a poem and this is the result.   One of my goals is to the complete a family history with stories, poems, and pictures for generations to come.


Background:     Education:  BS from the University of Northern Colorado 

Employed:  Elgin Community College as Research Specialist IV for the Academic Planning and Research Department.