DAY County South Dakota Genealogy

DAY COUNTY South Dakota GenWeb

The Day County Geneological Web Site (GenWeb) was formed in 1997 with a call for volunteers to "Adopt" a County for inclusion in the South Dakota GenWeb. The present County Coordinator, although not a resident of Day County, volunteered to set up the initial WEB page, until a resident was willing to take over the responsibility of managing the site. The development of the Web Pages included information concerning the GenWeb Project and how it relates to the State, Nation and World GenWebs. In addition, databases were developed along with links to other sites that are of value to anyone searching for ancestors. In 1999 Karen Kambestad who grew up in Day County, agreed to take on the responsibility of the Co-Day County Coordinator. She has made numerous suggestions for possible improvements and has submitted several important databases. Although these databases provide important information their main purpose is to provide indexes of surnames of persons who, at one time or another, lived in Day County. This is invaluable information for anyone searching for ancestors in Day County. Similar data is available in all other South Dakota Counties (SDGenWeb) and all other counties in the Nation (USGenWeb).

The GenWeb Project will continue to grow with centalization of data retrieval that will be futher assistance at the local, state and national level. We hope and trust that citizens of Day County will help in development this site by contributing data and other historical material for possible inculsion. The County Coordinators would like to welcome all persons who would like to become part of this project. There are many important tasks that would be so much easier with more hands. If interested drop a note to to either Curt or Karen. Thanks.

Curtis P. Sigdestad & Karen Kambestad, Day Co. Coordinators

Last Updated on 24 January 2000
By Curtis Sigdestad, Ph.D.