Submitted by Sheri Byer

1. The General Store in Butler, SD


2.  Emil Hanson in the General Store.


3.  Matt Schmidtt and family on the farm. 

this is a picture of Matt or Mathias Schmitt on his farm in Rusk township, Day County....I am assuming this picture was taken before 1912 as that was when my grandfather was born to the family and he is not in the picture...also guessing the car to be 1909?
those pictured are
Katherine Kamps Schmitt-mother
George Schmitt near father Matt, George lived on farm after Matt was gone.
Agnes Schmitt in front-later married Mike Schiley and lived on a farm near Lily.
John Schmitt standing in overalls- John lived in Webster, served as Day county treasurer from 1958-1972. Edgar Schmitt on the horse..Edgar farmed on the homestead.
You can see a horse and buggy or something coming up on left..not sure who that is?
Matt died in 1938. Katherine in 1956.

4.  Matt Schmitt is the one that is sitting on the machine....two guys standing on the right and Matt sitting above them.

5. Pete Schmitt is the one in the door with a hammer, not sure who the rest are.

6.  Pete, in the doorway of his blacksmith shop.  He has the apron.  This blacksmith shop was in waubay.
Pete Schmitt was the owner.


The three men, from left to rite (as you look at it)  Ed Schmidt, E.Paulson and William Scheeler. 
Matt or Mathias Schmitt was the president of the Webster Creamery for 18 years at the time of his death, he died in 1938. Not sure when picture was taken...sometime between 1920-1938...not a really old picture, but don't think that building is there any more.