The following is a brief description of Butler Lutheran Church, Butler, Day County South Dakota.

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Butler Lutheran Church, Sixtieth Anniversary, 1880-1946, Butler, S.D.

Ebenezer congregations organized 1886 by Rev. I. J. Skrondal and Faith congregations organized 1889 by Rev. David Lebahn. Joint business meeting held March 19, 1934 and congregations formally united August 5, 1934 holding services at Faith Church and renamed in November 1934 to Butler Lutheran Congregation.

Ebenezer Congregation

First services were held in homes and then in schoolhouse of District No. 13.

First baptism was Mrs. N. O. Nelson (Anna Kvam) on December 29, 1885.

First marriage is that of Bertinius Aadsen to Olava Serine Peterson, October 7, 1888.

First confirmation class held April 28, 1889 with one member, Ingeborg Nilsen Udal.

Ladies Aid organized Summer 1892.

Church built 1900.

Charter Members:

Mr. and Mrs. Knut Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Kristen N. Boe

Mr. and Mrs. Ole Flattum Mr. and Mrs. Anders L. Haug

Mr. and Mrs. Johannes Halverson Mr. and Mrs. Knut Kvam

Mr. and Mrs. Hans P. Lange Johannes Leegard

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Mikkelson Mr. and Mrs. Ole N. Norby

Mr. and Mrs. Joakin Overgaard Mr. and Mrs. Bernt Overgaard

John Overgaard


Rev. I. J. Skrondal 1886-1889

Rev. T. A. Gunnarson 1889-1892

Rev. J. U. Pederson 1892-1903

Rev. M. Mickelson 1903-1906

Rev. C. J. Fylling 1906-1914

Rev. L. O. Sunde 1915-1919

Rev. K. J. Arne 1919-1923

Rev. G. O. Gronseth 1923-1926

Rev. J. E. Jorgenson (temp) 1926-1927

Rev. L. J. Scheie 1927-1934

Rev. E. W. Rossing 1934-1937





Faith Congregation

First baptism was Emil Herr on February 7, 1886. He was also the first confirmed and married.

Church was built 1906.

Ladies Aid organized 1924.

Charter Members:

Christ Binder Ernest Binder

Karl Binder Jacob Buchele

John Buehler Mrs. William Buehler

Jacob Buhler Karl Deuschele

Edward Esche Fredrick Franke

Jacob Hassinger Ernest Herr

Fredrick Herr William Herr

Mrs. Fritz Krueger Karl Krueger

Richard Krueger Fred Link

Ursule Link Karl Mengert

John Schmid Kathrina Schmid

William Tohm Charley Vehe

John L. Vehe Christ Wein

Daniel Witt John Zimmerman


Rev. Metz 1885-

Rev. Lebahn -1892

Rev. Hageman -1892

Rev. Hummel 1892-1897

Rev. Wunderlick 1897-1901

Rev. Huth 1901-1903

Rev. Peithman 1903-1912

Rev. Streich 1912-1915

Rev. Schult 1915-1921

Rev. Rath 1922-1930

Rev. Mueller 1930-1934

Butler Lutheran Church

Lutheran Daughters of the Reformation organized August 4, 1938.

Ordained as pastor: Palmer Loken on October 21, 1945


Rev. E. W. Rossing 1934-1937

Rev. L. J. Odland (temp.) 1937-1937

Rev. E. O. Ellefson 1937-1943

Rev. Stenseth (temp) 1943-1944

Rev. O. S. Hoven 1944-