The Langford Bugle

Langford and the Langford Bugle  each observed the 100th Aniversary in 1986.


In 1886, R.G. Bester arrived from Groton and started the first newspaper in Langford. He continued as editor for several years until he sold the paper to T.W Brondgest who published the paper until illness forced him to call Lin Miles who arrived in November 1896. Mr. Miles was an apprentice on the "Day Light" Print Shop.


After Brondgests death, Lin Miles acquired the business and on January 14, 1897, published the paper under the name, "The Bugle".


In 1905 Mr. Miles moved the shop to Williams Bros. Hardware. In 1907 Mr. Miles bought the James Johnson Hotel building where the Bugle was printed until 1919 when he sold the building to W.G. Lambert and moved the plant into the Robbins Building, buying out H.L. Pugh.

In 1943, Miles sold the building to Leonard Likness and moved the newspaper plant into the original Farrar Building where he continued until he retired in 1945. Mr. Miles had been the postmaster in Langford for many years.


Quentin Miles, better known as Kenny, bought his father's business and continued the newspaper until he sold to Dale Holdridge and Charles Card on October 1, 1960, with Holdridge taking over as editor. The Bugle received 2nd place for the South Dakota Press Association in 1961 as the most improved paper in the state. Holdridge who published the paper for 21 years, moved the plant to the former Dwight Furniture Building in 1963.


Holdridge, who retired in July 1981, sold his interest in the Bugle to Charles Card at that time and Eugene Morton, former Britton teacher, became editor.

The above information was transcribed from the Langford 1886 Centennial book, published by the Langford Bugle. Charles Card retired in 1997 and the current Publisher is his son, Douglas Card.

Langford Bugle

Established 1896

Douglas M. Card, Publisher


Published in Langford, South Dakota 57454-0107 every Wednesday. Entered and paid as Periodicals postage at the Post Office at Langford, South Dakota 57454 with additional entry at Britton, South Dakota 57430-9998.


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