Bristol, Day Co., SD - G. A. R. (Civil War Vets)


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Alphabetical list of Posts, South Dakota Grand Army of the Republic, with names of veterans residing for a longer or shorter time in the state.


BRISTOL Col. Hawkins Post No. 140


This post was chartered June 18, 1888, with 17 members. It did not report in 1889 and 1890, and on Aug. 26, 1891, a new charter was issued and the name of the post changed to Harvey Post. It was disbanded June 30, 1899, and transfer cards issued to Henry E. Ash, R. P. Brokaw, Nicholas Berry, William F. Colwell, and Peter Behrens. Its largest membership was 13 in 1891.


COMMANDERS                   ADJUTANTS

1888 John C. Nichols               John C. Casey

1891 Wm. T. Colwell               J. C. Casey

1893 Henry P. Ash                   John C. Casey

1894 Henry Ash                       Wm. F. Colwell

1895 J. W. Stevenson              Wm. F. Colwell

1896 C. S. Duell                      Wm. F. Colwell

1897 C. S. Duell                      Wm. F. Colwell

1898 Nicholas Berry                Wm. F. Colwell

1899 Nicholas Berry                Wm. F. Colwell