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Surnames Day County

The following are LINKS to surnames indices generated from the Centennial book titled "History of Day County" published in 1981 by The Day County Historical Research Committee. It is seperated into two sections, one listed by TOWNSHIP and the other listed according to POPULATION CENTER or TOWNS.

It does not attempt to list every individual named in the 1,000 page book, rather it lists the individuals and their spouses who are the subject of each contribution. The offspring of these individuals were not included because of the enormity of the task. The table lists 3,329 individuals in the Township section, 1,127 in the Town section. Unfortunately, in some cases, the book did not list the maiden name of the spouse which precluded their inclusion.

Indexed by: Curtis P. Sigdestad

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North Andover South Andover Bristol Butler Central Point Egeland
Farmington Grenville Highland Homer Independence Kidder
Kosciusko Liberty Lynn Morton Nutley Oak Gulch
Racine Raritan Rusk Scotland Troy Union
Valley Waubay Webster Wheatland York

An INDEX of Surnames listed in the TOWN Section.

Last Modified: July 2005