Biographies and More

The biographies that follow are the beginning of what we hope will be a large collection family histories that describe the early days of Day County. If you have a family history that you would like to include in this section, please send it by EMAIL to Curt Sigdestad.


Andover Walter Jesse Ellwood Nelson E. Finch John W. Krueger Potter Family Hastings Family Herpel Family Olson Family Tessin Family
Fred S. Pew Alfred E. Raynes David F. Sullivan, MD Edward C. Toy
BRISTOL George A. Bennett Richard P. Brokaw Fadness Family
Samual F. Farrington A.E. Lundeen Edward J. Murphy
GRENVILLE Rev J.H. Dohny Biography
LYNN John S. Sigdestad Syneve (Hjelle) Sigdestad Keri Sigdestad 2
keri (Sigdestad) Grove Rasmus S. Sigdestad
Kristiana (Sigdestad) Olson Ingeborg (Sigdestad) Skaare Elmer Skaare
PIERPONT Charles A. Foster Charles Henry Sheldon Kambestad and Sand
Eli Stearns Henry Steinhauer Johnson Family
WAUBAY Aaron William Dilley (1881-1964)
WEBSTER Albert C. Biernatzki Albert Smith Dokken Family
William Gast Bert E. Johnson Bertrand E. Hart
Col. Eugene Huntington John L. Harris Peter Holmquist
Charles E. Hyde Charles W. Siglinger Crist Grue
Edwin W. Smail Elmer L Syverson, MD Frank Anderson
Frank Mohs Frank Sears Frank W. Halbkat
George C. Dunton H. J. Rock Hans O. Wickre
Hon. Joseph T. Goodwin Isaiah S. Coomes James C. Garrick
James H. McCoy Anton Karpen Alfred Peterson
John H. Lund John W. Arthur Joseph A. McKibben
Philip A. Gross Ralph W. Parliman Rev Henry Mensing
Rev Walter J. Edgar Robert J. McVicker William Egeland
William G. Waddel William S.D. Adams Donald McLean
Louis G. Ochsenreiter Henry Steinhauer Andrew Smail


Andover 1909 Business Dir 1916 Business Dir
Bristol 1916 Business Dir
Butler 1909 Business Dir 1916 Business Dir
Chautauqua 1909 Business Directory
Crandall 1909 Business Directory 1916 Business Directory
Frank 1909 Business Directory 1916 Business Directory
HANSE 1909 Business Directory
HOLMQUIST 1909 Business Directory
LILY 1909 Business Directory
LYNN 1909 Business Directory
ROSLYN 1909 Business Directory
STRAND 1909 Business Directory

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