Biography of Alfred Peterson


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Alfred Peterson born  April 21, 1855 Vesene, Sweden. He married Marie Beck (Back) January 3,1880.  They landed in New York on May 1, 1880.

On July 1880 he filed on land E. of Webster which became the family home. The remainder of the summer of 1880, he worked on the railroad witch was being built from Ortonville to Bristal. Alfred and Marie Peterson spent that winter with relatives in Ortonville, returning to their homestead in the spring when they built their small home half of lumber and half of sod.  This is where Selma Fredreicka Peterson, My Mother was born in a sod house. Here they endured all the hardships of pioneer life but as Grandfather said "we had youth and strength and a wonderful vision of better things to be" He lived to see his early prophecies fulfilled and the county settled by a happy prosperous people in modern, comfortable homes. He died January 3, 1930.


Alfred Peterson was a man of strong personality, a gentleman of the old school, honorable, God-fearing and upright. His word was as good as his bond; he was all that becomes a man, an indulgent parent, a good neighbor and a true friend. He has left a great heritage to all of us his grandchildren, an honorable name and a record of a well-spent life.


Ben Millar grandson of Alfred Peterson one of Day County's earliest PIONEERS