Day County, South Dakota

The following table is an index of surnames of persons Confirmed between 1885-1985 at the Bergen Lutheran Church, Lynn Township, Day County South Dakota. It lists 503 individuals with their Date of Confirmation, Surname, Given Name, Married Name and Other infomation. The data is sorted on Surname. Care was made to assure accracy but no warranties are offered. The data is presented here for genealogical purposes in hopes of helping people locate their ancestors. Any errors identified should be submited to Karen Kambestad.

Indexed by: Karen Kambestad, 1999

Comfirmation Date Last Name First Name Married Name Other
1893 Aug Aadland Anna
1895 July Aadland Janne
1943 Jan Abraham Delmar
1901 June Alg Inga
1901 June Alg Selma Mrs. Selma Glover
1903 June Alg Hildur
1905 Aug Alg Lorenzo
1905 Aug Alg Thorvald
1908 Nov Alg Sander
1910 Oct Alg Wilfred
1912 Oct Alg Anna Mrs. Andrew Anderson
1914 Dec Alg Lars
1915 Oct Alg Mabel Mrs. Pete Anderson
1898 Feb Anderson Fred
1898 Feb Anderson Ole
1907 Nov Anderson Emma Mrs. Adolph Anderson
1927 Oct Anderson Arnold
1927 Oct Anderson Ralph
1930 June Anderson Alice
1933 June Anderson Adolph
1933 June Anderson Arthur
1933 June Anderson Alvin
1933 June Anderson Gordon
1934 May Anderson Maynard
1934 May Anderson Richard
1935 Nov Anderson Ernest
1935 Nov Anderson Gladys Mrs. James Bowers
1935 Nov Anderson Lloyd
1936 June Anderson Howard
1938 Apr Anderson Arlene Mrs. Mel Maloney
1938 Apr Anderson Irene Mrs. Irene Brann
1941 May Anderson Marion Mrs. Warren Niete
1941 May Anderson Vivian Mrs. Adolph Smith
1944 Dec Anderson Mrs. Herman Adult
1947 Apr Anderson Herman Adult
1948 June Anderson James
1952 June Anderson Kenneth
1959 May Anderson Duane
1973 May Anderson Dennis
1975 May Anderson Marc
1980 May Anderson Bryan
1984 May Anderson Valerie
1899 Oct Arnesen Ingeborg
1901 June Arnesen Andrew
1903 June Bakken Elmer
1904 Nov Bakken Christian
1904 Nov Bakken Marie Mrs. Tom Peckham
1905 Aug Bakken Christine Mrs. C. J. Hayenga
1907 Apr Bakken Albert
1907 Apr Bakken Richard
1907 Nov Bakken Bertha Mrs. Alden Bratager
1907 Nov Bakken Mathilda Mrs. Lynn McElderry
1909 Oct Bakken Olaf
1910 Oct Bakken Emma Mrs. Martin Orness
1910 Oct Bakken Gina
1911 Oct Bakken John
1914 Dec Bakken Agnes Mrs. Ben Solaas
1915 Oct Bakken Theodore
1916 July Bakken Marthias
1920 June Bakken Clarence
1932 July Bakken Alice Mrs. Oscar Simonson
1935 Nov Bakken Ernest
1943 Jan Bakken Arthur
1948 June Bakken Betty Lou Mrs. Roy Rohde
1953 May Bakken Joan Mrs. Sherrill Sigdestad
1955 May Bakken Kay Mrs. Richard Espeland
1960 June Bakken Carol Mrs. Jerry Raap
1943 Apr Barton John Adult
1943 May Berkness Iva Mrs. Orville Hoffman
1898 Feb Borgeson Bertha Mrs. Jacob Fosheim
1899 Oct Borgeson Bedine Mrs. Carl B. Sandal
1899 Oct Borgeson Bert
1901 June Borgeson Elina
1901 June Borgeson Stella Mrs. Anton Olson
1913 Oct Bradlee Carl
1908 Nov Brandlee Oscar
1910 Oct Brandlee Laura Mrs. Olaf Simonson
1916 July Brandlee Andrew
1918 Nov Brandlee Edwin
1940 May Brandlee Jeanette Mrs. Norman Anderson
1943 May Brandlee Orville
1941 June Brandlee Vannie Adult
1950 Apr Brandlee Bernice Mrs. Bruce Simcoe
1953 May Brandlee Mrs. Edwin Adult
1959 May Brandlee Evonne Mrs. Clifford Wietgrefe
1967 Oct Brandlee Warren
1969 Oct Brandlee Rodney
1970 May Brandlee Mark
1973 May Brandlee Renae Mrs. Greg Krutzinger
1975 May Brandlee Tim
1977 Apr Brandlee Ray
1955 May Brockel Avis Brandlee
1943 May Bury Duane
1947 Apr Carlson Kenneth Adult
1952 June Chamberlin Lowell
1940 May Clarke Barthom
1941 May Clarke Alice Mrs. Arnold Lone
1943 May Clarke Richard
1910 Oct Danielson Daniel
1912 Oct Danielson Kristine Mrs. John Schuster
1914 Dec Danielson Julia Mrs. John Kambestad
1916 July Danielson Lena Mrs. John Malik
1918 Nov Danielson Clara Mrs. Gerald Hubbard
1920 June Danielson Rose Mrs. Howard Chamberlain
1895 July Davidson Dedrik
1895 July Davidson Lisa Mrs. Holfdan Sommers
1898 Feb Davidson Rasmus
1899 Oct Davidson Kristine
1905 Aug Davidson Oscar
1907 Apr Davidson Alfred
1907 Apr Davidson Selma Mrs. Charles Carlson
1908 Nov Davidson Olga Mrs. John Carlson
1936 June Distad John T.
1938 Apr Distad Carol Mrs. Palmer A. Peterson
1941 May Distad Paul
1904 Nov Edvadsen Olga Mrs. Olga Gjerde
1925 Aug Eide Orris
1899 Oct Eliason Marie Mrs. Hans Brown
1901 June Eliason Edward
1903 June Eliason Ella
1905 Aug Eliason Herman
1907 Apr Eliason Nils
1941 May Eliason Esther Mrs. Reuben Williams
1943 May Eliason Shirley Mrs. Don Jorgenson
1947 July Eliason Ruby Mrs. Carman Sakariason Comfirmed at Skudesnes
1916 July Elle Margit Mrs. Levor Levorson
1917 Aug Elle Rolf
1923 Jun Engebretson John
1925 Aug Engebretson Melvin
1928 Aug Engebretson Gifford
1930 June Engebretson Elmer
1920 June Erdahl Julia Mrs. Ole Solaas
1907 Apr Fidge Malvine Mrs. Rasmus Ueland
1901 June Flakoll Conrad
1905 Aug Flakoll Magdalena Mrs. Mums Aadland
1911 Oct Flakoll Arthur
1913 Oct Flakoll Marie Mrs. Joe Pfister
1899 Oct Floe Louise Mrs. Clarence Harder
1901 June Floe Marie
1904 Nov Floe Emma Mrs. Emil Matson
1905 Aug Floe Rasmus
1907 Apr Flokoll Berthold
1907 Nov Flokoll Agnes Mrs. Henry Erdahl
1898 Feb Forde David
1916 July Fosheim Arthur
1916 July Fosheim Jacob
1921 Sept Fosheim Bennett
1924 Sept Fosheim Gerhard
1926 Nov Fosheim Jasper
1927 Oct Fosheim Edwin
1930 June Fosheim Agnes Mrs. Jens Hanson
1930 June Fosheim Alice Mrs. Victor Hodel
1931 July Fosheim Ole
1933 June Fosheim Gladys Mrs. Al D. Pilot
1934 May Fosheim Ernest
1939 June Fosheim Violet Mrs. Warren Feller
1905 Aug Fossum Julius
1907 Nov Fossum Rose Mrs. Selmer Erdahl
1907 Nov Fossum Selmer
1908 Nov Fossum George
1910 Oct Fossum Henry
1912 Oct Fossum Clara Mrs. Hugh Daggs
1918 Nov Fossum Arthur
1920 June Fossum Ernest
1938 Apr Fossum Ivan
1940 May Fossum Gerald
1942 May Fossum Marilyn Mrs. Gordon Edman
1945 Jan Fossum Earl
1945 Jan Fossum Erwin
1950 Apr Fossum Hazel Mrs. John Badgley
1901 June Franson Herman
1901 June Franson Oscar
1949 May Griese Mrs. Art Adult
1899 Oct Grove Inga Mrs. Olaf Johnson
1899 Oct Grove Selma Mrs. Rasmus Egge
1903 June Grove Selmer
1904 Nov Grove Lena Mrs. Lars Sandvik
1909 Oct Grove Clara Mrs. Martin Larson
1893 Aug Grue Oscar
1899 Oct Gutormson Gertie
1911 Oct Handeland Martin
1918 Nov Handeland Berthold
1923 Jun Handeland John
1901 June Hanson Christena Mrs. John Stevenson
1903 June Hanson Mary
1904 Nov Hanson Hannah Mrs. A. L. Freed
1905 Aug Hanson Lena Mrs. L. G. Callison
1915 Oct Hanson Petra
1916 July Hanson Agnes Mrs. Jens Osness
1923 Jun Hanson Edna
1926 Nov Hanson Evelyn
1907 Nov Hjelle Sofie Mrs. Andrew Erdahl
1895 July Holden Gunder
1918 Nov Holden Mable Mrs. Henry Youngquist
1920 June Holden Ned
1923 Jun Holden J. Marvin
1925 Aug Holden Edmund
1925 Aug Holden Melvin
1925 Aug Holden Sylvia Mrs. Jasper Fosheim
1928 Aug Holden Clarence
1928 Aug Holden Reuben
1930 June Holden Clara Mrs. Joe Kaiser
1931 July Holden Selma Mrs. Carl Brandvold
1933 June Holden Viola Mrs. Viola Stratton
1936 June Holden Edna Mrs. James Presnell
1938 Apr Holden Marion Mrs. Arthur Leininger
1939 June Holden David
1944 Dec Holden Mrs. Norman Adult
1954 May Holden Darold
1955 May Holden Arden
1959 May Holden Robert
1962 Nov Holden Richard
1964 Sept Holden Faye Mrs. Robert Prince Confirmed in Webster
1965 Oct Holden Lee Confirmed in Webster
1968 Oct Holden James Confirmed in Webster
1969 Oct Holden John Mark Confirmed in Webster
1970 May Holden Marnee Mrs. James McConnell Confirmed in Webster
1974 May Holmes Terri
1975 May Holmes Donna Mrs. Leon Herrick
1945 Jan Hubbard James
1947 Apr Johnson Lyle Adult
1966 Sept Johnson Lauren
1966 Sept Johnson Paul
1969 Oct Johnson Karen Mrs. Danny Sumner
1974 May Johnson Gregory
1976 Apr Johnson Douglas
1980 May Johnson Karen Mrs. Paul Johnson Adult
1983 May Johnson Keith
1905 Aug Kambestad Edward
1905 Aug Kambestad Julius Oscar
1907 Nov Kambestad Christian
1908 Nov Kambestad Lewis
1912 Oct Kambestad Anna Mrs. Alfred Simonson
1916 July Kambestad John
1934 May Kambestad Milton
1936 June Kambestad Phyllis Mrs. Phyllis Metzinger
1941 May Kambestad Wallace
1943 May Kambestad Esther Mrs. Reuben Sandve
1968 May Kambestad Karen Confirmed Ellsworth Air Force Base
1914 Dec Loken Gina Mrs. Elmer Skaar
1914 Dec Loken Theodore
1916 July Loken Palmer
1917 Aug Loken Pauline Mrs. Arthur Fosheim
1918 Nov Loken Minnie Mrs. Fred Silvertson
1920 June Loken Melvin
1923 Jun Loken Elmer
1924 Sept Loken Oscar
1925 Aug Loken Clara
1927 Oct Loken Selmer
1927 Oct Loken Tillie Mrs. Harry Svein
1928 Aug Loken Gladys Mrs. Robert Acker
1960 June Loken Robert
1907 Apr Ludvigson Jennie Mrs. Andrew Hetle
1964 Sept MacNamara Wanda Adult
1943 Apr McKittrick Glen Adult
1945 Jan McKittrick Donna Mrs. Jesse Peckham
1946 McKittrick James Confirmed in Pierpont
1948 June McKittrick Dale
1948 June McKittrick Harlan
1952 June McKittrick Roger
1969 Oct Miller Barbara Raap
1907 Nov Moland Gina
1899 Oct Mork Bertina Mrs. Louie Erdahl
1899 Oct Mork Kolbin
1903 June Mork Ida Mrs. Ted Strandness
1903 June Mork Christian
1904 Nov Mork Laura Mrs. Jake Dedrickson
1907 Apr Mork Kolbin
1907 Nov Mork Susie Mrs. George Cease
1909 Oct Mork Tina Mrs. Joel Strandness
1920 June Mork Edwin
1927 Oct Mork Ruby
1930 June Mork Kenneth
1931 July Mork Jerome
1932 July Mork Irwin
1933 June Mork Gladys Mrs. Clarence Mathis
1968 Dec Mork David
1970 May Mork James Confirmed in Pierpont
1978 June Mork Donald Confirmed at Skudesnes
1915 Oct Nerland Art
1904 Nov Nodeland Alma Mrs. Hans Hagen
1907 Apr Nodeland Martha Mrs. Einar Haave
1899 Oct Norby Nels
1899 Oct Norby Walter
1907 Nov Norby Anna Mrs. Kolbin Mork
1916 July Oas Magdalina
1895 July Olsen Maren
1893 Aug Olson Ole S.
1895 July Olson Julianna
1899 Oct Olson Ida Mrs. Alden Bratager
1899 Oct Olson Julianna Mrs. Alfred Ronning
1899 Oct Olson Oline
1899 Oct Olson Peter
1901 June Olson Alma Mrs. Alma Jederberg
1901 June Olson Kristina Mrs. Magna Olson
1903 June Olson Emma Mrs. Peter Sakariason
1903 June Olson Caroline Mrs. Iver Sandbo
1903 June Olson Ida Mrs. Herbert Smith
1903 June Olson Marie Mrs. Julius Roseth
1904 Nov Olson Minnie Mrs. Alvin Gardner
1904 Nov Olson Clara
1907 Apr Olson Emma
1907 Nov Olson Selma Mrs. Berthold Flakoll
1909 Oct Olson John
1910 Oct Olson Oscar
1912 Oct Olson Emily Mrs. Chris Jordanger
1914 Dec Olson Oscar (Satta)
1915 Oct Olson Minnie
1921 Sept Olson Ida Mrs. Pete Pederson
1944 Dec Olson Mrs. Oscar Adult
1921 Sept Ormberg Emma Mrs. Emma Jacobs
1921 Sept Ormberg Nels
1898 Feb Orness Jens
1898 Feb Orness Lars
1901 June Orness Anna Mrs. Frank Meuer
1901 June Orness Oline Mrs. Peter Sandal
1905 Aug Orness Christian
1907 Apr Orness Martin
1908 Nov Orness Clara Mrs. Kolbin Jordanger
1911 Oct Orness Rasmus
1915 Oct Orness Arthur
1911 Oct Peterson Oscar
1912 Oct Peterson Selmer
1913 Oct Peterson Minnie Mrs. Ray Morehouse
1916 July Peterson Peder
1920 June Peterson Ida Mrs. Howard Chamberlain
1943 May Peterson Gene
1943 May Peterson Joyce Mrs. Arthur Erdahl
1946 Peterson Marjorie Mrs. Jim Wagner Confirmed in Bristol
1952 June Peterson Donald
1938 Apr Raap Duane
1939 June Raap Marvin
1941 May Raap Deloris Mrs. Ed Stratman
1944 Dec Raap Mrs. Otto Adult
1955 May Raap Mrs. Marvin Adult
1962 Nov Raap Shirley Mrs. Gary Bruhn
1966 Sept Raap Norman
1966 Sept Raap Norma Mrs. Roland DeWald
1916 July Reinertson Pete
1916 July Reinertson Simon
1918 Nov Reinertson Marie
1923 Jun Reinertson Ragna Mrs. Ragna Burt
1925 Aug Reinertson Ludvig
1907 Nov Sand Albert
1908 Nov Sand Olaf
1910 Oct Sand Anton
1910 Oct Sand Inga Mrs. Elmer Bakken
1912 Oct Sand Ida Mrs. Chris Kambestad
1915 Oct Sand Lars
1920 June Sand Emma Mrs. Gust Nelson
1923 Jun Sandal Ragna Mrs. Paul Jorgenson
1924 Sept Sandal Julia Mrs. Edwin Rasmussen
1926 Nov Sandal R. Edwin
1930 June Sandal Selmer R.
1931 July Sandal Anna
1931 July Sandal Selmer
1934 May Sandal Minnie Mrs. Clarence Cook
1927 Oct Sandvik Lester
1928 Aug Sandvik John
1931 July Sandvik Edith
1932 July Sandvik Nelvina Mrs. Roy Donat
1936 June Sandvik Lila Mrs. A. W. Taplin
1938 Apr Sandvik Clarence
1941 May Sandvik Iva Mrs. Les Anderson
1962 Nov Sandvik Pamela Mrs. Dennis Kirchmeier
1965 Apr Sandvik Monica Mrs. Tom Oberle
1979 May Sandvik Laurel
1907 Nov Sata Simon
1907 Apr Satta Marit
1909 Oct Satta Gina Mrs. Clarence Miller
1912 Oct Satta Peder
1912 Oct Sigdestad Minnie
1915 Oct Sigdestad Daniel
1915 Oct Sigdestad Selmer
1915 Oct Sigdestad Steward
1916 July Sigdestad Selma
1917 Aug Sigdestad Clarence
1917 Aug Sigdestad Joel
1920 June Sigdestad Clara Mrs. Ed Fugelstad
1920 June Sigdestad Esther
1920 June Sigdestad Serene Mrs. Gilbert Williamson
1921 Sept Sigdestad Sophus
1923 Jun Sigdestad Agnes Mrs. Louis Snedigar
1923 Jun Sigdestad Mildred Mrs. Glenn McKittrick
1924 Sept Sigdestad Maynard
1927 Oct Sigdestad Julia Mrs. Lenny Plepp
1927 Oct Sigdestad Sigvard
1930 June Sigdestad Irene Mrs. Harold Hagen
1930 June Sigdestad Myrtle Mrs. Myrtle Van Kempen
1933 June Sigdestad Carol
1945 Jan Sigdestad Sherrill
1952 June Sigdestad John E.
1957 June Sigdestad Leonard
1958 June Sigdestad Mrs. John Adult
1959 May Sigdestad Ann Marie Mrs. Larry Willette
1965 Apr Sigdestad Janet Mrs. Robert Dedrickson
1965 Apr Sigdestad Lola Mrs. James Klein
1973 May Sigdestad Scott
1974 May Sigdestad Bonnie Mrs. Larry Nelson
1976 Apr Sigdestad Jodie Mrs. Kent Miller
1979 May Sigdestad Jane
1980 May Sigdestad Shawn Mrs. Scott Sigdestad Adult
1901 June Simonson Simon
1903 June Simonson Alfred
1907 Apr Simonson Marthias
1907 Apr Simonson Olaf
1927 Oct Simonson Lorraine Mrs. Ralph Sheperd
1927 Oct Simonson Oscar
1930 June Simonson Alice Mrs. Clarence Bakken
1930 June Simonson Clara Mrs. Jerry Crawford
1932 July Simonson Leslie
1932 July Simonson Rudy
1935 Nov Simonson Evelyn Mrs. Russell Abraham
1935 Nov Simonson Stanley
1954 May Simonson Linda Mrs. Richard House
1958 June Simonson Robert
1927 Oct Sjerven Beatrice Mrs. Frank Vasey
1899 Oct Skaare Emma Mrs. Gunder Holden
1899 Oct Skaare Serine Mrs. Lars Mydland
1901 June Skaare Edwin
1903 June Skaare Sivert
1904 Nov Skaare Clara Mrs. George Erdahl
1907 Apr Skaare John
1907 Nov Skaare Ida Mrs. Julius Fossum
1909 Oct Skaare Elmer
1912 Oct Skaare Emily Mrs. Carl Bradlee
1915 Oct Skaare Agnes Mrs. Lars Larson
1940 May Skaare John Leo
1941 May Skaare Carol Mrs. Lyle Johnson
1943 May Skaare Eunice Mrs. Ronald Hanson
1945 Jan Skaare Philip
1946 Skaare Margaret Mrs. Erwin Wattier Confirmed in Bristol
1948 June Skaare Robert
1950 Apr Skaare Leona Mrs. Larry Wattier
1953 May Skaare Noel Mrs. Kenneth Anderson
1970 May Skaare Jeffrey
1973 May Skaare Jerry
1974 May Skaare Joan
1978 June Skaare Julie
1984 May Skaare Joy
1901 June Skor Lena Mrs. Ben Tvinnereim
1901 June Skor Melvin
1904 Nov Skor Serene Mrs. William Cumine
1905 Aug Skor Rasmus
1910 Oct Skor Sara Mrs. Louie Rydjord
1912 Oct Skor Sivert
1913 Oct Skor Millie Mrs. Freeman Barkuloo
1915 Oct Skor Rasmina Mrs. Albert Carlson
1917 Aug Skor Karen Mrs. Nels Peterson
1917 Aug Skor Kent
1907 Nov Skor Laura Mrs. William Burns
1945 Jan Solaas Jerauld
1946 Solaas Beverly Mrs. Gene Orr Confirmed in Bristol
1948 June Solaas James
1953 May Solaas Betty�� Mrs. Leo Long
1903 June Solem Emma Mrs. Christy Irwin
1904 Nov Solem Clara Mrs. Sigal Olson
1923 Jun Sommers Percy
1923 Jun Sommers Selmer
1933 June Sparby Sylvia Mrs. Adolph Schmidt
1943 May Sparby Norman
1936 June Sparby Grant
1961 March Swanson Signe Mrs. Dennis Tol
1911 Oct Teiten Theodore
1893 Aug Tofley Josefin Mrs. George Engebritson
1898 Feb Tofley Hannah Mrs. George Senie
1898 Feb Tvinnereim Bent
1898 Feb Tvinnereim Johanne Mrs. PeterBjorkelo
1899 Oct Tvinnereim Bertha Mrs. John Sandal
1904 Nov Wahl Clara Mrs. Clarence Gjerde
1904 Nov Wahl Julius
1925 Aug Wangensteen Monty
1925 Aug Wangensteen Ragna Mrs. David Lindgren
1939 June William Winson
1924 Sept Williams Elmer
1924 Sept Williams Melvin
1926 Nov Williams Ovid
1933 June Williams Lloyd
1961 March Williams Bernice Mrs. Raymond Spiering
1961 March Williams Mrs. Elmer Adult
1923 Jun Williams Hilman
1912 Oct Williamson Effie Mrs. Oscar Larson
1914 Dec Williamson Gilbert
1916 July Williamson Tena Mrs. A. E. Sargent
1918 Nov Williamson Agnes Mrs. Jens Hanson
1920 June Williamson Alfa
1927 Oct Williamson Ellen
1928 Aug Williamson Joel
1931 July Williamson Cora Mrs. Gerhart Schauer
1932 July Williamson Violet Mrs. R. G. Hudkins
1934 May Williamson Clifford
1893 Aug Wilson Louise Mrs. John Pederson
1952 June Wilson Mrs. Beverly Adult
1933 June Winden Sylvia Mrs. Harry Greene
1898 Feb Winson Willie
1899 Oct Winson Minnie Mrs. John Tastad
1901 June Winson Allette Mrs. Conrad Flakoll
1904 Nov Winson Oscar
1926 Nov Winson Walter
1927 Oct Winson Eleanor Mrs. Jack DeSart
1933 June Winson Jean Mrs. Warren Forsyth

Last Updated on 18 January 2000
By Curtis Sigdestad, Ph.D.