As a source of tracing women, honoring the cooks of the past, and to

determine food styles, the following table is an index of surnames for

Bergen Lutheran Church, American Lutheran Church Women’s 1973 Cookbook,

published by General Publishing and Binding, Iowa Falls, IA.


Care was made to assure accuracy but no warranties are offered. The data is

presented here for genealogical purposes in hopes of helping people locate

their ancestors. Information transcribed by Karen Kambestad.


Individuals and non-profit organizations for their private use may freely

copy this file. Any other use, including publication, storage in a retrieval

system, or transmission by electronic, mechanical, or other means requires

the written approval of the file's author. This file is part of the SDGENWEB



            American Lutheran Church Women’s 1973 Cookbook Index


    Last Name           First Name              Recipe Title         Page        Other

 Aaberg           Janet                        Bacon-Cheese Omelet       97

 Aaberg           Janet                    Chocolate Peanut Fondue      133

 Aaberg           Janet                         Lime Gelatin Salad      112

 Aaberg           Janet                        Mermaid's Party Dip      132

 Anderson         Blanche                             Coconut Bars       54

 Anderson         Blanche                        Orange Slice Bars       59

 Anderson         Blanche                                Pecan Pie       61

 Anderson         Esther                        Best Ever Divinity       31

 Anderson         Esther                     Chocolate Marshmallow       54


 Anderson         Esther                              Cracker Jack       32

 Anderson         Esther                 Easy Refrigerator Dessert       75

 Anderson         Esther                    Fruit Cocktail Dessert       79

 Anderson         Esther                             Good Brownies       51

 Anderson         Esther                      Green Tomato Pickles      120

 Anderson         Esther                     Peach and Cream Salad      106

 Anderson         Esther                     Salted Peanut Cookies       46

 Anderson         Esther                          Sauerkraut Salad      115

 Anderson         Esther                               White Bread        4

 Anderson         Iva                       Apricot Pineapple Bars       57

 Anderson         Iva                                 Oatmeal Cake       23

 Anderson         Lorene                  Apple or Rhubarb Dessert       68

 Anderson         Lorene                              Calico Beans      100

 Anderson         Lorene                            Caramel Apples      136

 Anderson         Lorene                            Cherry Delight       77

 Anderson         Lorene                            Ice Water Cake       21

 Anderson         Lorene                     Rainbow Popcorn Balls       32

 Anderson         Mrs. James                             Lime Snow      111

 Anderson         Mrs. James                      Strawberry Salad      110

 Anderson         Noel                         Angel Food Frosting       28

 Anderson         Noel                               Apricot Salad      109

 Anderson         Noel                          Blueberry or Chery       77


 Anderson         Noel                                Candy Creams       30

 Anderson         Noel                           Caramel for Rolls       29

 Anderson         Noel                          Chocolate Frosting       29

 Anderson         Noel                             Christmas Salad      107

 Anderson         Noel                         Graham Cracker Bars       52

 Anderson         Noel                               Grilled Steak       84

 Anderson         Noel                               Hamburger Pie       87

 Anderson         Noel                              Hot Sandwiches      134

 Anderson         Noel                               Light Dessert       72

 Anderson         Noel                      Molasses Sugar Cookies       38

 Anderson         Noel                                   Pie Crust       61

 Anderson         Noel                           Pumpkin Dream Pie       65

 Anderson         Noel                                       Punch      131

 Anderson         Noel                                       Salad      108

 Badgley          Hazle (Mrs. John)           Cranberry Pound Cake       27

 Badgley          Hazle (Mrs. John)           Gooey Cinnamon Rolls       15

 Bakken           Alice                           Bologna Hot Dish       91

 Bakken           Alice                                 Bundt Cake       22

 Bakken           Alice                   Chinese Noodles Hot Dish       94

 Bakken           Alice                     Donuts for Donut Maker       15

 Bakken           Alice                     Hamburger Dill Pickles      120

 Bakken           Alice                               Pudding Cake       80

 Bakken           Glenda                     Cheese Dip for Fondue      134

 Bakken           Glenda                          Chocolate Fondue      133

 Bakken           Glenda                   Lime-Apple Sauce Molded      112


 Baltzell         Alvida                                Fattigman       126

 Baltzell         Alvida                         Whole Wheat Bread        4

 Baltzell         Alvida                      Xmas Applesauce Cake       25

 Barton           Edith                   Butterscotch Topping for       32

                                                         Ice Cream

 Barton           Edith                                Coffee Cake       10

 Brandlee         Marge                         Ground Beef-Noodle       95


 Brandlee         Marge                                Lemon Bread       15

 Brandlee         Marge                                  Meat Loaf       88

 Brandlee         Marge                          Onion Ring Batter      135

 Brandlee         Marge                    Pineapple Cinnamon Buns        5

 Brandlee         Marge                          Pineapple Dessert       72

 Brandlee         Marge                          Rosy Spring Salad      110

 Brandlee         Marge                            Unbaked Cookies       35

 Brandlee         Mrs. Andrew                       Fudge Nut Bars       53

 Brandlee         Mrs. Reuben                 Coconut Refrigerator       36


 Brandlee         Mrs. Reuben                  Cucumber and Carrot      121


 Brandlee         Mrs. Reuben                      Easy White Cake       21

 Brandlee         Mrs. Reuben            No Bake Chow Mein Cookies       36

 Brandlee         Mrs. Reuben                       Orange Cookies       40

 Brandlee         Mrs. Reuben                        Pancake Syrup      136

 Brandlee         Mrs. Warren                      Cherry Mix Cake       21

 Brandlee         Mrs. Warren                     Cinnamon Cookies       46

 Brandlee         Renae                     Chocolate Chip Cookies       39

 Brandlee         Renae                            No Bake Cookies       36

 Brockel          Avis (Mrs. Glenn)                     Beet Jelly      122

 Brockel          Avis (Mrs. Glenn)         Pineapple Drop Cookies       40

 Brockel          Myrene                               German Stew      124

 Brockel          Myrene                               Rhubarb Pie       64

 Donat            Nelvina                              Coffee Cake       11

 Donat            Nelvina                       Emergency Hot Dish       95

 Edman            Marilyn                 Delicious Strawberry Pie       66

 Edman            Marilyn                     Refrigerator Pickles      120

 Eliason          Marie                            French Dressing      116

 Eliason          Marie                        Oatmeal-nut Cookies       43

 Erdahl           Clara                              Hamburger Pie       87

 Erdahl           Clara                               Potato Lefsa      129

 Erdahl           Clara                                     Sprits      126

 Espeland         Kay                              Cocoa Date Bars       53

 Espeland         Kay                       Orange Cream Sauce for       29

                                                   Angel Food Cake

 Espeland         Kay                               Rice Casserole       93

 Espeland         Kay                               Salad Dressing      117

 Feller           Vi                         Sweet Sour Beef Balls       86

 Fosheim          Ethel                         Drop Sugar Cookies       38

 Fosheim          Ethel                           Zucchini Souffle       99

 Fosheim          Eunice                                  Brownies       50

 Fosheim          Eunice                           Chocolate Syrup       33

 Fosheim          Eunice                           Over Night Buns        7

 Fosheim          Margaret                  Snow-capped Raisin Pie       63

 Fosheim          Margaret                  Sour Cream Coffee Cake       12

 Fosheim          Pauline (Mrs. Art)           Favorite Green Been      101


 Fosheim          Pauline (Mrs. Art)                  Orange Salad      105

 Fosheim          Pauline (Mrs. Art)                   Party Punch      131

 Fosheim          Sylvia                   Cranberry Pecan Dessert       76

 Fosheim          Sylvia                           Pumpkin Cookies       37

 Fosheim          Sylvia                                     Salad      115

 Fosheim          Vi                        Cabbage-Pineapple Slaw      114

 Fosheim          Vi                                  Calico Beans      100

 Fosheim          Vi                       Double Shrimp Casserole       90

 Fosheim          Vi                                  Lime Pickles      119

 Fosheim          Vi                         Meat Balls in Instant       87


 Fosheim          Vi                         Peanut Butter Cookies       42

 Fossum           Barb (Mrs. Earl)                      Apple Bars       49

 Fossum           Barb (Mrs. Earl)                  Chocolate Cake       21

 Fossum           Barb (Mrs. Earl)                 Cranberry Salad      106

 Fossum           Barb (Mrs. Earl)           Strawberry Angel Food       71


 Fossum           Ethel                           Apple Sauce Cake       24

 Fossum           Ethel                  Apricot Pineapple Dessert       73

 Fossum           Ethel                     Million Dollar Cookies       47

 Fossum           Ethel                       Rice Krispie Cookies       47

 Fossum           Ida                          Beef and Tater Tots       94

 Fossum           Ida                       Butter Brickle Delight       79

 Fossum           Ida                               Cherry Dessert       72

 Fossum           Ida                              Chili Con Carne       96

 Fossum           Ida                                      Muffins        9

 Fossum           Ida                                  Round Steak       84

 Fossum           Mrs. Erwin                     Italian Sphagetti      123

 Fossum           Mrs. Erwin                         Sauce Ala Rus       99

 Fossum           Mrs. Gerald                           Apple Cake       70

 Fossum           Mrs. Gerald            Barbecued Green Beans and      100


 Fossum           Barb (Mrs. Earl)               Quick Coffee Cake       11

 Goehring         Jane                                       Pizza      124

 Goehring         Jane                                 Russian Tea      132

 Goehring         Jane                                Tuna Burgers      136

 Goehring         Jane                                    Dill Dip       99

 Gross            Gwen                                       Mints       30

 Gross            Gwen                                Orange Punch      131

 Gross            Gwen                                   Red Punch      131

 Hagen            Irene                      Apricot Coconut Balls       51

 Hagen            Irene                                Fruit Salad      108

 Halverson        Eileen (Mrs. Delbert)        Apricot Fruit Salad      106

 Halverson        Eileen (Mrs. Delbert)          Instant Hot Cocoa      132

 Halverson        Eileen (Mrs. Delbert)            Pineapple Fluff       73

 Halverson        Eileen (Mrs. Delbert)            Rhubarb Delight       68

 Hanson           Alice Fosheim               Chicken Breasts with       83

                                                      Orange Sauce

 Hanson           Alice Fosheim                   Plain Roll Dough        7

 Hanson           Eunice (Mrs. Ronald)                3 Bean Salad      115

 Hanson           Eunice (Mrs. Ronald)                    Brownies       50

 Hanson           Eunice (Mrs. Ronald)               Frosted Salad      113

 Hanson           Eunice (Mrs. Ronald)           Ginger Cream Bars       52

 Hanson           Eunice (Mrs. Ronald)             Raspberry Salad      115

 Haun             Gale Skaare                       Rhubarb Crunch       69

 Holden           Bernice (Mrs. Ray)           Rio Chocolate Sauce       32

 Holden           Bernice (Mrs. Ray)                   Salmon Loaf       85

 Holden           Bernice (Mrs. Ray)              Very Good Fluffy      103


 Holden           Luella                       Apple Goody Dessert       70

 Holden           Luella                          Easy Baked Beans      102

 Holden           Luella                           Four hour Rolls        8

 Holden           Luella                      Fresh Strawberry Pie       66

 Holden           Luella                   Mother's Best Meat Loaf       89

 Holden           Luella                     Never Fail Cornstarch       61


 Holden           Marnee                            Chocolate Cake       20

 Holden           Mrs. Darold                            Beef Stew       87

 Holden           Mrs. Darold                      Beef Stroganoff       89

 Holden           Mrs. Edmund                              Waffles       10

 Holden           Mrs. Marvin                  Low Calorie Cookies      138

 Holden           Mrs. Norman                  Apple Sauce Pudding       70

 Holden           Mrs. Norman                             Brownies       51

 Holden           Mrs. Norman                      French Dressing      116

 Holden           Mrs. Norman                        Jello Dessert       74

 Holden           Mrs. Norman                       Strawberry Jam      122

 House            Linda                   Strawberry Rhubarb Salad      110

 House            Linda                   Sweet and Sour Spareribs       84

 Jacobson         Kathy                   Quick Chocolate Frosting       29

 Jacobson         Kathy                          Quick Sweet Bread        6

 Johnson          Karen                               Caramel Corn       32

 Johnson          Karen                       Glorious Sponge Cake       27

 Johnson          Kathy (Mrs. Lauren)        Easy Red Devil's Cake       20

 Johnson          Kathy (Mrs. Lauren)            Lemon Pie Dessert       74

 Johnson          Mrs. Lyle                        Angel Food Cake       26        Webster

 Johnson          Mrs. Lyle                            Cherry Bars       56        Webster

 Johnson          Mrs. Lyle                            Cream Puffs       80        Webster

 Johnson          Mrs. Lyle                              Doughnuts       17        Webster

 Johnson          Mrs. Lyle                     Greasless Pancakes       10        Webster

 Johnson          Mrs. Lyle                             Lemon Bars       57        Webster

 Johnson          Mrs. Lyle                     Refrigerator Rolls        6        Webster

 Jordanger        Clara                                 Apple Cake       25

 Jordanger        Clara                        Krispy Date Cookies       35

 Jordanger        Clara                             Orange Cookies       40

 Jorgenson        Shirley (Mrs. Don)           Deep Dish Apple Pie       62

 Jorgenson        Shirley (Mrs. Don)             Delux Yellow Cake       26

 Jorgenson        Shirley (Mrs. Don)                    Toffy Bars       59

 Kambestad        Bertha (Mrs. Oscar)                Corn Pudding       100

 Kambestad        Bertha (Mrs. Oscar)        Matrimonial Cake Bars       55

 Kambestad        Bertha (Mrs. Oscar)          Potato Chip Cookies       41

 Kambestad        Bertha (Mrs. Oscar)         Three Been Casserole       96

 Kambestad        Bertha (Mrs. Oscar)      Upside-down Gingerbread       79

 Kambestad        Ida (Mrs. Christ)                           Buns        7

 Kambestad        Ida (Mrs. Christ)           Macaroni Fruit Salad      108

 Kambestad        Ida (Mrs. Christ)           Refrigerator Pickles      120

 Kambestad        Ida (Mrs. Christ)            Rice and Pork Chops       84

 Kambestad        Ida (Mrs. Christ)             Very Good Hot Dish       88

 Kambestad        Julia (Mrs. John)             Crab Apple Pickles      119

 Kambestad        Julia (Mrs. John)                 Lemon Cake Pie       79

 Kambestad        Wallace                         Good Fruit Salad      106

 Kambestad        Wallace                           Potato Sausage       97

 Kirchmeier       Pamela                           Almond Joy Bars       60

 Kirchmeier       Pamela                            Ribbon Dessert       74

 Klein            Lola (Mrs. Jim)                Mini-Frank Fondue      133

 Klein            Lola (Mrs. Jim)               Minnesota Hot Dish       93

 Loken            Hilda                       Carrot Cake Frosting       29       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                           Choc Scotch Bars       35       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                          Crumble Peach Pie       65       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                    Diet Applesauce Cookies      138       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                          Five Minute Fudge       31       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                      Good Wall Paper Paste      137       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                         Lemon Cake Rhubarb       80       Pierpont


 Loken            Hilda                  Lemon Cheese Cake Dessert       71       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                              Lemon Delight      113       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                       Low Calorie Hot Dish      138       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                            Peanut Blossoms       42       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                        Raspberry Pie Royal       62       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                      Ripe Tomato Preserves      121       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                                   Rosettes      127       Pierpont

 Loken            Hilda                     Strawberry Rhubarb Jam      122       Pierpont

 Loken            Mrs. Mikkel              Romme Grot "Cream Mush"      128

 Loken            Mrs. Oscar                         Chicken Salad      109

 Loken            Mrs. Oscar                          Molded Salad      112

 Loken            Mrs. Oscar                   Ring Macaroni Salad      109

 Loken            Mrs. Oscar                Topping for Angel Food       29

 Loken            Mrs. Robert                         Spanish Rice       91

 Loken            Mrs. Robert                    Tootsie Roll Bars       55

 McKittrick       Mildred                Baked Chow Mein Hamburger       93

                                                          Hot Dish

 McKittrick       Mildred                              Carrot Cake       23

 McKittrick       Mildred                         Home Baked Beans      101

 McKittrick       Mildred                               Quick Buns        8

 McKittrick       Mildred                            Rhubarb Bread       13

 Metzinger        Phyllis                     Jello Strawberry Pie       67

 Metzinger        Phyllis                      Last Minute Dessert       73

 Mork             Myrna                                    Bar-B-Q      134

 Mork             Myrna                                 Fudge Bars       53

 Mork             Myrna                         Hamburger Hot Dish       95

 Mork             Myrna                                   Krumkake      127

 Mork             Myrna                                  Meat Loaf       88

 Mork             Myrna                              O'Henry Balls       31

 Mork             Myrna                          Strawberry Freeze       66

 Mork             Myrna                         Tater-tot Hot Dish       94

 Oberle           Monica                            Hamburger Bake       92

 Oberle           Monica                            Salmon Paddies       88

 Olson            Edith                             Strawberry Pie       67

 Olson            Edith                          Swedish Rye Bread        3

 Olson            Lois                                 Hobo Dinner       94

 Olson            Lois                               One Dish Meal       92

 Olson            Mrs. Edward                  Ed's Favorite Bread       80


 Olson            Mrs. Edward J.                  Egyptian Filling       30

 Olson            Mrs. Edward J.                Homemade Ice Cream       81

 Orness           Emma                            Apple-Date Dream       73

 Orness           Emma                                 Chunk Salad      108

 Orness           Emma                                     Dessert       72

 Orness           Enna                                 Carrot Bars       59

 Peckham          Donna                                  Cole Slaw      114

 Peckham          Donna                       Cottage Cheese Salad      111

 Peterson         Shirley (Mrs. Ronald)             Bean Casserole      102

 Peterson         Shirley (Mrs. Ronald)                Fruit Salad      111

 Pilot            Gladys                                 Angel Pie       75

 Pilot            Gladys                             Seafood Salad      105

 Plepp            Julia                     Rhubarb Cinnamon Crisp       69

 Plepp            Julia                        Almond Bark Cookies       36

 Plepp            Julia                             Date-Nut Bread       13

 Prince           Fay                    Easy Hamburger Stroganoff       89

 Prince           Fay                         Meat and Cheese Roll       85

 Raap             Barbara                                 Brownies       50

 Raap             Barbara                 Quick Chocolate Frosting       29

 Raap             Carol                           Lemon-Lime Jello      113

 Raap             Carol                                 Lime Jello      112

 Raap             Carol                       Meatballs for Fondue      133

 Raap             Carol                               Orange Salad      110

 Raap             Carol                           Shoestring Salad      116

 Raap             Carol                   Western Sauce for Fondue      133

 Raap             Donna                                Carrot Bars       58

 Raap             Donna                               Cherry Winks       47

 Raap             Donna                       Date Filled Tribbies       45

 Raap             Donna                               Fork Cookies       46

 Raap             Donna                       Norwegian Apple Cake      125

 Raap             Donna                            Oatmeal Cookies       42

 Raap             Donna                                  Pie Crust       61

 Raap             Donna                         Whoopie Pie Cookie       48

 Raap             Mrs. Marvin                       Cherry Dessert       78

 Raap             Mrs. Marvin                  Tasty Apple Pudding       71

 Raap             Mrs. Otto                         Salad Dressing      117

 Raap             Norma                                Pizza Dough      124

 Raap             Norma                              Stew Hot Dish       92

 Raap             Mrs. Otto                      Butter Horn Rolls        5

 Reinertson       Clara                           Applesauce Bread       13

 Reinertson       Clara                       Cottage Cheese Salad      111

 Reinertson       Clara                             Hamburger Dish       92

 Rohde            Betty Lou               Caramel Sandwich Cookies       43        Webster

 Rohde            Betty Lou                              Chow Mein       87        Webster

 Saarheim         Ingeborg                              Donughnuts       16

 Saarheim         Ingeborg                              Fattigmand      126

 Saarheim         Ingeborg                        Overnight Cookie       37

 Saarheim         Ingeborg                            Sandbakkelse      127

 Saarheim         Ingeborg                           Sugar Cookies       37

 Sakariason       Ruby (Mrs. Carman)                    Date Bread       14

 Sakariason       Ruby (Mrs. Carman)             Chicken Casserole       90

 Sandal           Mrs. Selmer R.                  Cream Spice Cake       19

 Sandal           Mrs. Selmer R.               Date Filled Cookies       45

 Sandal           Mrs. Selmer R.                     Feather Rolls        9

 Sandal           Mrs. Selmer R.                 One Bowl Brownies       50

 Sandal           Mrs. Selmer R.                       Wheat Bread        4

 Sandve           Esther                          5 Hour Casserole       91        Webster

 Sandve           Esther                         Chicken Casserole       90        Webster

 Sandve           Esther                                 Chow Chow      121        Webster

 Sandve           Esther                      Refrigerator Muffins        9        Webster

 Sandvik          Edith                          Butterscotch Bars       51

 Sandvik          Edith                                 Jello Cake       78

 Sandvik          Edith                         Orange Slice Bread       14

 Sandvik          Edith                   Rhubarb Upside-down Cake       23

 Sandvik          Edith                      Tossed Salad Dressing      117

 Sandvik          Lena                                  Grahm Klub      123

 Sandvik          Lena                                  Liver Klub      123

 Sandvik          Lena                                 Potato Soup      102

 Sandvik          Lena                                 Tomato Soup      103

 Schauer          Cora Williamson             Heavenly Fruit Salad      107

 Schauer          Cora Williamson             Mound Chocolate Bars       60

 Sievertson       Minnie Loken                        Baked Onions      101

 Sievertson       Minnie Loken                  Beef Roast in Foil       85

 Sigdestad        Ann Marie                       Coffee Cream Pie       64

 Sigdestad        Ann Marie                Company Chicken Special       83

 Sigdestad        Beth                                 Banana Bars       57

 Sigdestad        Beth                            Coconut Frosting       30

 Sigdestad        Beth                     Coconut Oatmeal Cookies       43

 Sigdestad        Beth                             Elephant Tracks        5

 Sigdestad        Beth                         Lemon Crumb Dessert       76

 Sigdestad        Beth                                  Play Dough      137

 Sigdestad        Beth                               Popcorn Balls       31

 Sigdestad        Beth                                   Popsicles      136

 Sigdestad        Beth                             Rainbow Dessert       75

 Sigdestad        Beth                     Seven Day Sweet Pickles      119

 Sigdestad        Beth                          Strawberry Cookies       44

 Sigdestad        Carol                     Chocolate Velvet Cream       77

 Sigdestad        Carol                       Paradise Pumpkin Pie       65

 Sigdestad        Clarice (Mrs. Joel)                        Punch      131

 Sigdestad        Clarice (Mrs. Joel)                      Turtles       41

 Sigdestad        Elsie                              Bar-B-Q Beans       99

 Sigdestad        Elsie                                 Flat Bread      129

 Sigdestad        Elsie                                  Meat Loaf       89

 Sigdestad        Elsie                                Orange Bars       58

 Sigdestad        Elsie                         Peanut Butter Bars       49

 Sigdestad        Elsie                               Potato Lefsa      129

 Sigdestad        Esther                    Chocolate-Date Dessert       76     Rapid City

 Sigdestad        Esther                           Cranberry Salad      107     Rapid City

 Sigdestad        Esther                        Vegetable Hot Dish      102     Rapid City

 Sigdestad        Harriet                   Orange Tapioca Dessert      105

 Sigdestad        Harriet                               Quick Buns        8

 Sigdestad        Harriet                          Raspberry Swirl       76

 Sigdestad        Jeanette                   Crandberry-Apple Mold      137

 Sigdestad        Jeanette                 Low Calorie Fruit Salad      138

 Sigdestad        Jeanette                 Pumpkin, Custard or Pie      137

 Sigdestad        Jeanette                              Raisin Pie      137

 Sigdestad        Jeanette                          Rump Pot Roast       85

 Sigdestad        Lorinda (Mrs. Maynard) Bread Dressing for 10 lb.       97


 Sigdestad        Lorinda (Mrs. Maynard)                 Cream Pie       63

 Sigdestad        Lorinda (Mrs. Maynard)            Glorified Rice       81

 Sigdestad        Lorinda (Mrs. Maynard)            Kookie Brittle       46

 Sigdestad        Lorinda (Mrs. Maynard)   Marshmallow Fluff Icing       28

 Sigdestad        Lorinda (Mrs. Maynard)      Marshmallow Meringue       61

 Sigdestad        Lorinda (Mrs. Maynard)                Milk Lefsa      129

 Sigdestad        Lorinda (Mrs. Maynard)      Mock Angel Food Cake       26

 Sigdestad        Lorinda (Mrs. Maynard) Sour Cream Chocolate Cake       19

 Sigdestad        Lorinda (Mrs. Maynard)  White Decorator Frosting       28

 Sigdestad        Minnie                       Anise Bread Kringle      128

 Sigdestad        Minnie                               Danish Puff      125

 Sigdestad        Minnie                             Rhubarb Juice      132

 Sigdestad        Mrs. Daniel                        Honey Jumbles       44

 Sigdestad        Mrs. Daniel                        Swedish Rusks      128

 Sigdestad        Mrs. Joel                      Date Orange Bread       14

 Sigdestad        Mrs. Rasmus                             Krumkake      127

 Sigdestad        Mrs. Sakris                 Norwegian Meat Balls      123

 Sigdestad        Mrs. Sakris                   Norwegian Pancakes      125

 Sigdestad        Mrs. Sherrill                 Crisp Dill Pickles      121

 Sigdestad        Mrs. Sherrill                Quick and Easy Bars       55

 Sigdestad        Mrs. Sherrill                       Unbaked Bars       35

 Sigdestad        Terry                                 Ranch Ribs       84

 Simonson         Alice (Mrs. Oscar)             Barbecued Chicken       83

 Simonson         Alice (Mrs. Oscar)       Cranberry-Orange Relish      122        Bristol

 Simonson         Alice (Mrs. Oscar)           Favorite Jelly Roll       26        Bristol

 Simonson         Alice (Mrs. Oscar)                       Kringle      127        Bristol

 Simonson         Alice (Mrs. Oscar)                 Peanut Butter       37        Bristol

                                              Refrigerator Cookies

 Simonson         Alice (Mrs. Oscar)                   Rhubarb Pie       62        Bristol

 Simonson         Alice (Mrs. Oscar)            Shipwreck Hot Dish       91        Bristol

 Simonson         Alice (Mrs. Oscar)                          Soap      136        Bristol

 Simonson         Alice (Mrs. Oscar)                       Waffles       10        Bristol

 Simonson         Carol                             Raw Apple Cake       25

 Simonson         Laura                            Unbaked Cookies       35

 Simonson         Marlys                              Cabbage Slaw      114

 Simonson         Marlys                                Flat Bread      129

 Simonson         Marlys                              Orange Salad      105

 Simonson         Marlys                           Rhubarb Dessert       69

 Skaare           Gina                    Apple Sauce Bars or Cake       54        Bristol

 Skaare           Gina                           Mincemeat Cookies       40        Bristol

 Skaare           Gina                         Orange Drop Cookies       40        Bristol

 Skaare           Gina                    Pork Chops with Cream of       86        Bristol

                                                     Mushroom Soup

 Skaare           Gina                   Sour Cream Raisin Dessert       78        Bristol

 Skaare           Gina                          Sweet Pickle Beets      120        Bristol

 Skaare           Jeanne                     Carrots and Onions Au      102        Bristol


 Skaare           Jeanne                            Cloud Biscuits        6        Bristol

 Skaare           Jeanne                      Cottage Cheese Salad      111        Bristol

 Skaare           Jeanne                         Dressing for Fowl       96        Bristol

 Skaare           Jeanne                       Hot Corned Beef and      134        Bristol

                                                 Cheese Sandwiches

 Skaare           Jeanne                     Lemon-Lime Fruit Mold      113        Bristol

 Skaare           Jeanne                             Pumpkin Bread       15        Bristol

 Skaare           Jeanne                             Raised Donuts       16        Bristol

 Skaare           Jeanne                 Scalloped Corn and Celery      101        Bristol

 Skaare           Jeanne                         Soup for Skinnies      103        Bristol

 Skaare           Jeanne                            Special K Bars       56        Bristol

 Skaare           Jeanne                            Spritz Cookies      126        Bristol

 Skaare           Joan                      Chocolate Chip Cookies       39

 Skaare           Mrs. John R.                          Cherry Pie       62

 Skaare           Mrs. John R.                      Graham Muffins        9

 Skaare           Mrs. John R.              Oatmeal Raisin Cookies       44

 Snedigar         Agnes                        Chicken-Fruit Salad      109

 Snedigar         Agnes                          Scalloped Cabbage      101

 Sparby           Mrs. Osvald                         Banana Bread       11

 Sparby           Mrs. Osvald                   Drop Sugar Cookies       38

 Sparby           Mrs. Osvald                         Rhubarb Bars       58

 Spiering         Bernice (Mrs. Ray)                  O'Henry Bars       56

 Spiering         Bernice (Mrs. Ray)                   Raisin Bars       56

 Stratton         Viola                       Corned Beef Hot Dish       94

 Stratton         Viola                         Turkey Potato Chip       90


 Svien            Tillia (Mrs. Harry)         Barbecued Pork Chops       86        Webster

 Svien            Tillia (Mrs. Harry)                  Beet Relish      121        Webster

 Svien            Tillia (Mrs. Harry)             Danish Dumplings      103        Webster

 Svien            Tillia (Mrs. Harry)                     Hot Dish       95        Webster

 Swanson          June                      American Oatmeal Bread        3

 Swanson          June                    Chocolate Cinnamon Sheet       20


 Swanson          Mrs. Ted                              Apple Bars       48

 Swanson          Mrs. Ted                          Chocolate Cake       19

 Swanson          Mrs. Ted                               Doughnuts       16

 Swanson          Mrs. Ted                            Gumdrop Cake       22

 Taplin           Lila                                 Fruit Salad      107

 Taplin           Lila                            Raw Rhubarb Cake       24

 Wattier          Leona                               Carrot Bread       12

 Wattier          Leona                      Sour Cream Somersault       12


 Wattier          Leona                       Strawberry Glaze Pie       67

 Wattier          Margaret                             3 Bean Bake       96

 Wattier          Margaret                       Chicken Casserole       90

 Wattier          Margaret                   Cowboy Chocolate Chip       39


 Wattier          Margaret                Strawberry Shortcut Cake       67

 Wietgrefe        Evonne                             Pecan Fingers       44

 Wietgrefe        Evonne                              Pumpkin Bars       49

 Wietgrefe        Evonne                       Soft Chocolate Drop       52


 Wietgrefe        Evonne                               Sugar Puffs       43

 Williams         Mrs. Reuben                        Cabbage Salad      114

 Williams         Mrs. Reuben                      Red Velvet Cake       24

 Williamson       Alfia                                Apple Crisp       71    Sioux Falls

 Williamson       Alfia                             Lazy Doughnuts       17    Sioux Falls

 Williamson       Alfia                          Pineapple Cookies       41    Sioux Falls

 Williamson       Ellen                       Honey Salad Dressing      117

 Williamson       Ellen                     Powdered Sugar Cookies       37

 Williamson       Ellen                             Salad Dressing      117

 Winson           Mrs. Walter             Bread and Butter Pickles      119

 Winson           Mrs. Walter                            Doughnuts       17

 Winson           Mrs. Walter              Spicy Ginger Snaps with       42


 Winson           Mrs. Walter                Tart Pitted Prune Pie       63