Bristol, Day Co., SD - 1916 Business Directory


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        BRISTOL. Pop 500. Day county. A village on the C M & St P Ry 39 miles e of Aberdeen. Has Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran and Methodist churches, 2 banks, 2 hotels, a commercial club,a feed mill, 4 grain elevators, a creamery, an electric light plant and water works. A weekly newspaper the Day County News is

published. Ships live stock, grain and produce. Land is worth $40 to $75 per acre. Exp W F & Co. Tel W U. Thos McAllen P M.


Last Name                    First Name     Business

Adams                        B. A.          pres, Bristol Commercial Club

Adams                        Burton A.      phys

Adams                        Burton A.      see J. T. Steile & Co.

Amo                          Fred P.        see Northwest Welding Co.

Anderson                     Axel           cementwkr

Anderson                     Elwin A.       gen store

Bebessem                     Lawrence P.    barber

Bennett                      G. A.          pres, First National Bank

Bennett Bros.                               (Geo A and Everett S), gen store

Blakely                      Sanford O.     feed mill

Bristol Commercial Club                     B A Adams, pres; H A Patterson, sec

Bristol Light & Power Co.                   (Severt P Waage, Chas Colaff)

Bristol Water Works

Brokaw House                                Wm L Brokaw propr

Buckley                      Danl           blksmith

Byron                        J. Peter       vet surgeon

Canfield                     A. M.          restaurant

Clemens                      Mathias B.     blksmith

Colaff                       Chas.          see Bristol Light & Power Co.

Crown Elevator Co.                          Nicholas Moxness agt

Day County News                             Herman A Patterson pub

Edsal                        Lars           mngr, Farmers Independent Telephone Co.

Empire Elevator Co.                         Ward Gramphrey agt

Farmers Independent Telephone Co.           Lars Edsal mngr

First National Bank                         (capital $25,000), G A Bennett, pres; Torgus Strandness, cashr

First State Bank                            (capital $20,000), Michael Meuer, pres; C B Knott, cashr

Ford & Watson                               (Jno J Ford, Geo E Watson), meats

Freeze                       Carl           billiards

Gehon                        Geo. C.        creamery

Gramphrey                    Ward           agt, Empire Elevator Co.

Gullander                    Jno O.         lawyer

Haatvedt                     Ollie A.       agt, Lampert Lumber Co.

Hagley & Nelson                             (Norman C. Hagley, Peter Nelson),genstore

Hansmeier                    Henry F.       real est

Hanson                       Gust           cementwkr

Haughjas                     Egil T.        gen store

Hensler                      Henry P.       drugs

Hofland                      Saml           see Larson & Hofland

Jerome                       Chas. E.       agt, Pacific Elevator Co.

Johnson                      Bernt W.       photogr

Julson                       Edwin J.       mngr, John W. Tuthill Lumber Co.

Knott                        C. B.          cashr, First State Bank

Knott                        Chas. B.       ins agt

Knott Bros.                                 (Chas B and Wm B), hardware

Lampert Lumber Co.                          Ollie A Haatvedt agt

Larson & Hofland                            (Melvin Larson, Saml Hofland), garage

Lundeen                      Alb.           farm impts

Marquardt                    Jennie (Mrs.)  milliner

Mayers                       Chas.          r r, exp and tel agt

McGarry                      Wm. J.         billiards

McGarry House                               Chas B Wright propr

Meuer                        Michael        pres, First State Bank

Nelson                       Peter          see Hagley & Nelson

Northwest Welding Co.                       (Fred P Amo), blksmiths

Olson                        Herman O.      drugs

Orpheum Theatre                             Fred G Wenger mngr

Pacific Elevator Co.                        Chas E Jerome agt

Patterson                    H. A.          sec, Bristol Commercial Club

Patterson                    Herman A.      pub Day County News

Rhodes                       Jackson        phys

Sjuverson & Co.              Ole            Ole Sjuverson mngr, grain elevator

Sogness                      Mathias        tailor

Steile & Co.                 J. T.          (Jno T Steile, Burton A Adams), jewelers

Stephenson                   W. Ritchie     barber

Strandness                   Torgus         cashr, First National Bank

Strandness                   Torgus         hardware

Strom                        Otto           meats

Tuthill Lumber Co.           John W.        Edwin J Julson mngr

Waage                        Severt P.      see Bristol Light & Power Co.

Watson                       Geo. E.        see Ford & Watson

Wenger                       Fred G.        mngr, Orpheum Theatre

Werner                       Erwin P.       livery

Wertman                      Alb. C.        restaurant

Wright                       Chas. E.       propr, McGarry House