Andover, Day Co., SD - 1909 Business Directory



                     This file contains a listing from the "South Dakota State Business Directory," published by The Gazetteer Publishing Co., Denver, Colorado in 1909.  Information transcribed by Joy Fisher. This file may be freely copied by individuals and non-profit organizations for their private use.  Any other use, including publication, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission by electronic, mechanical, or other means requires the written approval of the file's author.

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        A prosperous town in Day county, on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul

Ry., 21 miles northwest of Webster. Located in a good farming section.

Population 400.


Last Name                            First Name   Business

Andover Bottling Works                            August Pein & Son proprietors

Andover Gazette (w)                               A E Raynes publisher

Andover Opera House                               Wm C Downing manager

Aplin                                F. F.        general merchandise

Appelman                             R. W.        physician

Bagley Elevator Co.                  Geo. C.      Arthur Johnson buyer

Bond                                 J. H.        livery

Bryant                               Art          manager Williams Bros Lumber Co.

Carpenter                            Wm.          hardware, furniture, harness &


Citizens State Bank                               A J Hilton pres, A W Stone vice-

                                                  pres, A Setbacken cashier

Dakota Lumber Co.                                 Geo W Sackreiter manager

Davis                                Victor       proprietor The Waldorf

Day County Land Co. (inc)                         Fred S Pew pres, J W Krueger sec

                                                  and treas

Debilzan                             Geo.         vice-pres State Bank, farm


Downing                              Wm. C.       manager, Andover Opera House

Empire Elevator Co.                               T J Jones buyer

Farmers Elevator Co.                              O G Newcomb buyer

Flanders                             Archie       buyer, Miller Elevator Co.

Groechel                             August       bakery

Groton-Ferney Mutual Telephone Co.                Lee W Lewis mgr

Gunn & Co.                           H. D.        hardware, furniture, undertaker and


Haight Bros.                                      meat market

Halpin                               Bart         barber

Hilton                               A. J.        president Citizens State Bank

Jackman                              Geo. A.      president State Bank

Johnson                              Arthur       buyer, Geo C Bagley Elevator Co.

Jones                                T. J.        buyer, Empire Elevator Co.

Kelley                               E. C.        groceries

Kelly                                Wm. (Jr.)    photographer

Kimpel                               John         blacksmith

Krueger                              J. W.        sec and treas Day County Land Co.

Kuni                                 Fred         pool, cigars and rooms

Lantz                                H.           carpenter and builder

Lewis                                Lee W.       mgr, Groton-Ferney Mutual Telephone


Methodist Episcopal Church                        Rev Sanderson pastor

Meyer                                Henry        railway express and telegraph agent

Miller                               J. F.        physician

Miller Elevator Co.                               Archie Flanders buyer

Newcomb                              O. G.        buyer, Farmers Elevator Co.

Overholser                           R. L.        drugs

Parkerson                            F.           restaurant

Passage                              D. A.        marshal

Pein & Son                           August       proprietors Andover Bottling Works

Pew                                  Fred S.      pres, Day County Land Co.

Pew                                  James        flour and feed

Porth                                Adam         blacksmith

Raynes                               A. E.        publisher Andover Gazette

Sackreiter                           Geo. W.      manager, Dakota Lumber Co.

Sanderson                            (Rev.)       pastor, Methodist Episcopal Church

Setbacken                            A.           cashier Citizens State Bank

Shea                                 John         pool and cigars

Smith                                C. L.        postmaster

Solberg                              Christ       cashier State Bank

State Bank                                        Geo A Jackman pres, Geo Debilzan

                                                  vice-pres, Christ Solberg cashier

Stone                                A. W.        vice-president Citizens State Bank

Toy                                  E. C.        general merchandise

Vander Meide                         J.           attorney-at-law, real estate and

                                                  farm loans

Waldorf, The                                      Victor Davis proprietor

Williams Bros. Lumber Co.                         Art Bryant manager

Willis Hotel & Café                               W S Willis proprietor