The American Lutheran Church Women


          This table is the American Lutheran Ladies Aid Personnel is

          provide as a source of tracing women, honoring the cooks of the

          past, and to determine food styles, the following table is an

          index of surnames for American Lutheran Church, Webster, SD,

          American Lutheran Ladies Aid Sarah Society’s "Favorite Recipes"

          1950 Cookbook, published by Reporter and Farmer, Webster, S. Dak.

          Additional tables of the recipe providers and advertiser

          supporters are available in other indexes.


          Care was made to assure accuracy but no warranties are offered.

          The data is presented here for genealogical purposes in hopes of

          helping people locate their ancestors. Information transcribed by

          Karen Kambestad.


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          freely copy this file. Any other use, including publication,

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                          American Lutheran Church


                      "Favorite Recipes" 1950 Cookbook


                   American Lutheran Ladies Aid Personnel


        Last Name            First Name        Church Organization        Page

 Ackerman                Mrs. Della                      Naomi Society      6

 Ahlers                  Mrs. Franklin                  Dorcas Society      5

 Amundson                Mrs. Lars                      Miriam Society      5

 Backhaus                Mrs. John                       Naomi Society      6

 Bauman                  Mrs. Ervin                       Ruth Society      5

 Becken                  Mrs. Warren                      Mary Society      5

 Berg                    Mrs. Gust                    Honorary Members      5

 Berg                    Mrs. Elmer                      Sarah Society      4, 6

 Blocker                 Mrs. Orville                     Ruth Society      5

 Bowman                  Mrs. Everett                   Dorcas Society      5

 Brolin                  Mrs. Harold                 Elizabeth Society      5

 Buhler                  Mrs. Lawrence                    Ruth Society      5

 Burns                   Mrs. Howard                      Lois Society      5

 Carlson                 Mrs. Albin                          President      5

 Carlson                 Mrs. Albin                     Rachel Society      6

 Catlin                  Mrs. Eldon                     Dorcas Society      5

 Cavanaugh               Mrs. Fred                        Ruth Society      5

 Christensen             Mrs. Anker                     Miriam Society      5

 Cooper                  Mrs. Leo                       Rachel Society      6

 Delaney                 Mrs. Melvin                    Esther Society      6

 Donat                   Mrs. Henry                  Elizabeth Society      5

 Ellig                   Mrs. Herb                       Naomi Society      6

 Evenson                 Mrs. LaVerne                     Mary Society      5

 Fisher                  Mrs. Loyal                     Dorcas Society      5

 Friberg                 Mrs. Vic                       Rachel Society                                       Mrs. Ed                      Honorary Members      5

 Gast                    Mrs. August                  Honorary Members      5

 Gelhaus                 Mrs. Melvin                      Ruth Society      5

 Gerriets                Mrs. Louis                     Rachel Society      6

 Glander                 Mrs. Paul                        Lois Society      5

 Gokey                   Mrs. Clarence                   Sarah Society    4, 6

 Gregerson               Mrs. Tom                       Martha Society      5

 Gustafson               Mrs. Frank                   Honorary Members      5

 Hallstrom               Mrs. Ed                        Martha Society      5

 Hallstrom               Mrs. Franc                     Martha Society      5

 Hallstrom               Mrs. Charles                     Mary Society      5

 Hansmann                Mrs. August                    Martha Society      5

 Hanson                  Mrs. Gerald                      Mary Society      5

 Hanson                  Mrs. John                      Esther Society      6

 Hawkinson               Mrs. Chas.                   Honorary Members      5

 Hawkinson               Mrs. G. E.                     Esther Society      6

 Heinz                   Mrs. Alvin                       Lois Society      5

 Hempel                  Mrs. Paul                        Mary Society      5

 Herrick                 Mrs. Andrew                      Ruth Society      5

 Hillgren                Mrs. Rudolph                    Sarah Society   4, 6

 Hoberg                  Mrs. Lloyd                       Mary Society      5

 Holmquist               Mrs. Allen                      Sarah Society   4, 6

 Holmquist               Mrs. Albert                     Sarah Society   4, 6

 Hoven                   Mrs. Harold                         Secretary      5

 Hoven                   Mrs. Helmer                  Honorary Members      5

 Hoven                   Mrs. Harold                      Mary Society      5

 Huber                   Mrs. Mike                    Honorary Members      5

 Isackson                Mrs. Harvey                    Rachel Society      6

 Isburg                  Mrs. Charles                   Miriam Society      5

 Johnson                 Mrs. Oscar                   Honorary Members      5

 Johnson                 Mrs. Mabel                     Martha Society      5

 Johnson                 Mrs. Ture                   Elizabeth Society      5

 Johnson                 Mrs. Donald                 Elizabeth Society      5

 Johnson                 Mrs. Hans                   Elizabeth Society      5

 Johnson                 Mrs. Josephine              Elizabeth Society      5

 Johnson                 Mrs. John                   Elizabeth Society      5

 Johnson                 Mrs. Raymond                Elizabeth Society      5

 Johnson                 Mrs. Eddie                     Rachel Society      6

 Kirschbaum              Mrs. Harry                     Dorcas Society      5

 Krause                  Mrs. Elizabeth              Elizabeth Society      5

 Krueger                 Mrs. Victor                      Lois Society      5

 Lange                   Mrs. Martin                       V.President      5

 Lange                   Mrs. Martin                      Mary Society      5

 Larson                  Mrs. Fredrika                Honorary Members      5

 Lesnar                  Mrs. Eddie                       Mary Society      5

 Lindquist               Mrs. Chas.                   Honorary Members      5

 Lindquist               Mrs. Clarence                  Miriam Society      5

 Ludtke                  Mrs. Emil                      Martha Society      5

 Ludtke                  Mrs. Ernest                      Mary Society      5

 Lundgren                Mrs. Anna                      Miriam Society      5

 Madden                  Mrs. Fred                       Sarah Society   4, 6

 Martin                  Mrs. Nick                        Lois Society      5

 Martinson               Mrs. Nels                      Miriam Society      5

 Mathemeier              Mrs. F.                      Honorary Members      5

 Murschel                Mrs. Kermit                      Ruth Society      5

 Murschel                Mrs. Jake                      Esther Society      6

 Nelson                  Mrs. Alvin                     Miriam Society           5

 Nelson                  Mrs. Wesley                    Esther Society           6

 Nelson                  Mrs. Joe                       Esther Society           6

 Nelson                  Mrs. Oliver                    Rachel Society           6

 Nerger                  Mrs. E. A.                   Honorary Members           5

 Nerger                  Mrs. E. L.                       Mary Society           5

 Ninke                   Mrs. Emil Sr.                Honorary Members           5

 Ninke                   Mrs. Ben, Sr.                Honorary Members           5

 Ninke                   Mrs. Paul                      Dorcas Society           5

 Ninke                   Mrs. William                   Martha Society           5

 Ninke                   Mrs. Melvin                    Esther Society           6

 Olson                   Mrs. Herman                  Honorary Members           5

 Olson                   Mrs. Lynn                      Martha Society           5

 Paeth                   Mrs. Milton                      Lois Society           5

 Peithmann               Mrs. Emma                        Lois Society           5

 Peterson                Mrs. Thea                        Lois Society           5

 Peterson                Mrs. Quentin                   Rachel Society           6

 Pies                    Mrs. Ed                        Miriam Society           5

 Rebelski                Mrs. Adam                      Esther Society           6

 Reiprich                Mrs. Gust                    Honorary Members           5

 Reiprich                Mrs. Henry                  Elizabeth Society           5

 Reiprich                Mrs. Herbert                    Sarah Society        4, 6

 Rosengren               Mrs. Mauritz                   Dorcas Society           5

 Sauer                   Mrs. Fred                       Naomi Society           6

 Schlotte                Mrs. Paul                    Honorary Members           5

 Schlotte                Mrs. Carl                      Martha Society           5

 Schmidt                 Mrs. George                  Honorary Members           5

 Schmidt                 Mrs. Fred                        Lois Society           5

 Schmidt                 Mrs. Franklin                   Naomi Society           6

 Schmig                  Mrs. Floyd                       Ruth Society           5

 Schwantes               Mrs. Louise                     Naomi Society           6

 Seburg                  Mrs. Clarence                  Dorcas Society           5

 Smith                   Mrs. Tom                     Honorary Members           5

 Sudman                  Mrs. Wm.                         Ruth Society           5

 Sundman                 Mrs. Wm.                            Treasurer           5

 Syverson                Mrs. Harvey                      Ruth Society           5

 Tjelle                  Mrs. Elmer                     Esther Society           6

 Tofley                  Mrs. John                   Elizabeth Society           5

 Tvinnereim              Mrs. Clifford                  Dorcas Society           5

 Unke                    Mrs. Ben                     Honorary Members           5

 Unke                    Mrs. Archie                     Sarah Society        4, 6

 VanHunnick              Mrs. Aries                     Dorcas Society           5

 Waller                  Mrs. H., Sr.                 Honorary Members           5

 Waller                  Mrs. Eric                      Martha Society           5

 Walton                  Mrs. Martha                    Esther Society           6

 Wein                    Mrs. Ed                         Sarah Society        4, 6

 Wolff                   Mrs. Louis                      Naomi Society           6

 Zinnie                  Mrs. August                  Honorary Members           5

 Zochert                 Mrs. Ed                         Naomi Society           6

 Zubke                   Mrs. Erwin                      Naomi Society           6