The American Lutheran Church, Webster, SD

Cookbook Advertisers


          This table is the Advertiser Supporters and is provided as a

          source of tracing women, honoring the cooks of the past, and to

          determine food styles, the following table is an index of surnames

          for American Lutheran Church, Webster, SD, American Lutheran

          Ladies Aid Sarah Society’s "Favorite Recipes" 1950 Cookbook,

          published by Reporter and Farmer, Webster, S. Dak. Additional

          tables of the recipe providers and ladies aid personnel are

          available in other indexes.


          Care was made to assure accuracy but no warranties are offered.

          The data is presented here for genealogical purposes in hopes of

          helping people locate their ancestors. Information transcribed by

          Karen Kambestad.


          Individuals and non-profit organizations for their private use may

          freely copy this file. Any other use, including publication,

          storage in a retrieval system, or transmission by electronic,

          mechanical, or other means requires the written approval of the

          file's author. This file is part of the SDGENWEB Archives.


                          American Lutheran Church


                      "Favorite Recipes" 1950 Cookbook


                           Advertiser Supporters


             Business Name                 Last Name         First Name        Page

 Attorney                              Harris            Rex                       167

 Bailly Insurance Agency               Bailly            Ann C.                     58

 Bailly Insurance Agency               Bailly            Joan                       58

 Bailly Insurance Agency               Bailly            John C.                    58

 Batie Implement Co.                   Batie             Rex                        26

 Bicknell & Holland, Attorneys         Bicknell          L.W.                       38

 Bicknell & Holland, Attorneys         Holland           Wm. J.                     38

 Builder and General Contracting       Dedrickson        Jake                      122

 Burton Wist                                                                       182

 Coast-to Coast Stores                 Fellbaum          Alvin                      34

 Community Oil Co.                                                                  62

 Contractor-Builder                    Hempel            Paul                       18

 Cornwell Drug Co.                                                                 156

 Crescent Dairy and Dari-Bar           Swanson           Keith E.           14, 30, 76

 Crescent Dairy and Dari-Bar           Schmidt           Paul E.            14, 30, 76

 Cussons Seed Co.                      Cussons           J.G.                       22

 Cussons Seed Co.                      Cussons           C.J.                       22

 Day County Motor Service Co.                                                       50

 Day Marshall National Farm Loan       Coxe              C. H., Sec-Treas.         102


 De Luxe Cleaners                                                                  127

 Dentist                               Huber             Dr. Theo.                  40

 Dentist                               Atkinson          S.C., D.D.S.              120

 Dentist                               Sewell            W.L., D.D.S.              143

 Dentist                               Deeble            Dr. A. L.                 157

 Ed Carlson Hardware                                                               133

 Elevator Store                                                                    150

 Ernie's & Ruby's Café                                                             129

 Esget's Barber Shop                   Esget             J.C.                      166

 Farm Loans                            Waddel            Garner J.                 145

 Farmers Elevator Co.                  Carlson           Herman                    132

 Fiksdal                               Fiksdal           J.R.                      108

 Foss Electric                         Foss              E. A.                     104

 Gandy's Garage                        Gandy             Elmer                     119

 Gellerman & Loe, Inc.                                                             146

 General Mills, Inc., Farm Store                                                   161

 Gokey's Café                                                                      142

 Hammerbacher's Implements                                                         147

 Happe's Café                                                                      179

 Hedman & Company Firestone                                                         46

 Herbert Peterson Oil                                                              181

 Houk Implement Co.                    Houk              George                    117

 Knapp's Bakery                                                                    121

 Koenig Blacksmith Shop                Erickson          Loren                     177

 Krogstad Cleaners                     Krogstad          R.E.                      115

 Lampert Lumber Co.                                                                174

 Langager Implement Co.                                                             32

 Lawyer                                Engebretson       Elmer                     163

 Livestock Shipping Association        Denholm           F.E.                       56

 Livestock Shipping Association        Brady             Geo.                       56

 Locke's Jewelry                       Long              Richard B.                130

 Mahlen Motors                                                                 64, 106

 Marshall Wells Stores                 Hemmah            H.                         74

 Martinson & Sons Building Contractors Martinson         Nels                       98

 Martinson & Sons Building Contractors Martinson         Norman                     98

 Merry's Beauty Shop                                                               110

 Nelson Standard Service                                                            82

 Nerger                                Nerger            E. A.                      94

 New York Life                         Hillgren          Rudolph                    72

 Nick Martin Road Construction         Martin            Nick                       42

 No. American Creamery Co.             Johnson           Eddie                     164

 Northwestern Public Service Co.                                                    92

 Ostepath Physician and Surgeon        Caldwell          Dr. G.R.                  148

 Pacific Grain Co.                                                                  24

 Peabody Clinic                                                                     48

 Pearson's Store                                                                   116

 Plumbing                              Cooper            Leo A.                     20

 Real Estate-Insurance-Auction         Buhler            Sam                       165

 Red Owl Stores                                                                    151

 Remily's Beauty Salon                 Kahnke            Lorraine                  171

 Road Construction                     Vevang            Ingvald                   114

 Road Construction                     Martin            Peter B.                  152

 Sand and Gravel                       Fick              R.C.                      125

 Satrum's Jewelry                      Satrum            Arnold                    149

 Security Bank                                                                      36

 Sewing Machine Repair                 Backhaus          John                       88

 South Main Garage                                                                  44

 Star Service Station                                                              141

 Star Service Station                  Czmowski          Sy                        173

 Storsteen Chevrolet-Buick Co.                                                     118

 Super Valu Way                        Wold              Bob                       134

 Tailored-To-Order Clothes             Gulstine          A.L.                      128

 Texaco Filling Station                Madden            Fred                      172

 The Anna Olson Guild                                                              136

 The Bootery                           Anenson           C.S.                      158

 The Equitable Life Assur. Society     Wickre            Harold O.                 162

 The Klein Hotel                                                                   131

 The New Webster Theatre                                                           109

 The Reporter and Farmer                                                            70

 Thompson Yards                        Ellig             H. A.                      66

 Tjelle & Son Food Guild Stores                                                     60

 Vic's Conoco Service                  Friberg           E. Victor                 144

 Wash-A-Mat Laundry                    Roth              Herb                      135

 Webster Bakery & Coffee Shop                                                       68

 Webster Creamery Co.                  Prieb             Albert                    113

 Webster Creamery Co.                  Schmidt           Ed                        113

 Webster Independent Elevator          Jones             Howard                    176

 Western Transportation Co.            Mitchell          Bob                       126

 Whitmyre Cabinets                                                                 155

 Woodward's                                                                         96

 Woodworth Electric                                                                175