Land Owner Surnames  T-Z

1952 ATLAS


Day County

South Dakota


Compiled and Published

By the

Thomas O. Nelson Co.

Fergus Falls, Minnesota



The contents of this atlas have been compiled from information procured from available sources, and is believed to be accurate from data of record on the 20th day of September, 1952.  Because of the possibility of error, no representation is made as to the complete accuracy.  Data scanned and edited by Joe  and Lois Mattecheck []






ANDOVER,        AND.


BUTLER,        BUT.






HOMER          HOM.


KIDDER         KID.



LYNN           LYNN

MORTON         MORT.

NUTLEY         NUT.


RACINE         RAC.


RUSK           RUSK


TROY           TROY

UNION          UN.

VALLEY         VAL.

WAUBAY         WAU.



YORK           YORK


NAME                                TOWNSHIP       MAILING ADDRESS

TANBERG, ARTHUR                     WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

TANBERG, THEO.,                     WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

TASTAD, JALMER,                     HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

TASTAD, JOHN JR.,                   UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

TEIGEN, CHESTER,                    GREN. Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

TESCH, HAROLD,                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

TESCH, HARRY H.,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

TESCH, REINHARD,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

THIEL, EARL,                        EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

THIEL, JOHN,                        C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

THIEL, STEVE,                       MORT. Twp.,   WAUBAY,

THOMPSON, ORVILLE E.,               TROY   Twp.,   LILY,      

THOMPSON, PAUL,                     C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

THORSON, CLARENCE,                  SCOT. Twp.,   BUTLER,    

TIGGELAAR, CASPER,                  C.P    Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

TOBIN, HARVEV                       HOM,   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

TOBIN, JENNINGS N.,                 HOM,   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

TOFLEV, JOHN,                       WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

TOLLEFSON, HAAKON,                  UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

TONGEN, TILLMON,                    EGE.   Twp.,   ORTLEY

TOPLE, BENNIE,                      FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

TOPLE, CARL,                        FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

TOPLE, EMIL                         FARM. Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

TORGUSON, E.S.A.,                   AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

TORGUSON, HELMER,                   FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

TORGUSON, JOHN                      FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

TORGUSON, DUANE,                    FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

TOWNSEND, HOWARD L.,                FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

TRACY, E. W.                        WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

TRACY, GENE,                        WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

TRACY, JOHN,                        MORT. Twp.,   WAUBAY,

TRAPHAGEN, KENNETH,                 BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

TRAUTNER, ADELBERT,                 NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

TRAUTNER, JOHN,                     NUT.   Twp.,   EDEN,      

TRYGSTAD, WALTER,                   YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

TSCHETTER, PETER,                   WAU,   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

TUCHOLSKI, CASMIR,                  KOS,   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

TVINNEREIM, ARNOLD,                 RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

TVINNEREIM BROS.,                   LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

TVINNEREIM, DONALD,                 LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

TVINNEREIM, ERVIN D.,               LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

TVINNEREIM, LENA,                   LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

TVINNEREIM, REUBEN,                 RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

UPTON BROS.,                        WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,    

URBAN, GORDEN,                      BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,     

URBAN, HAROLD,                      TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,     

UREVIG, ORLANDO,                    HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,       

USTRUD, JOSIE,                      WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,    

VALENTINE, ADRIAN,                  RUSK   Twp.,   BUTLER,     

VALSVIG BROS.,                      HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,       

VALSVIG, NELS 0.,                   YORK   Twp.,   LILY,       

VEHE, CHARLES W.,                   BUT.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,    

VEHE, HAROLD A.,                    BUT.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,    

VERUUNDSON, CHRIS F                 IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,   

VERUUNDSON, MERLIN                  IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

VERUUNDSON, BERNARD                 IND.   Twp.,  PIERPONT,

VERUUNDSON, ROBERT,                 IND. Twp.,    PIERPONT,     

VEVANG, LAWRENCE,                   NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,     

VOSS, ERWIN,                        AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,    

VOSS, FLOYD,                        AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,    

VOSS, HAROLD,                       AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,    

Voss, RICHARD,                      AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,    

WADDLE, REUBEN                      WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WADDLE, LESLIE,                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WAGNER, CARROLL,                    FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

WAGNER, CLIFFORD,                   AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

WAGNER, DUANE                       MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WAGNER, MATT,                       MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WAGNER, HAROLD,                     FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

WAGNER, JOHN,                       VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

WAGNER, PAUL,                       AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

WAGNER, PAUL W.,                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN     

WAGNER, RALPH,                      FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

WAGNER. WILLIAM                     FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

WAGNER. HENRV.                      FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

WAHL. JULIUS.                       UN.    Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

WALLER. ERICH.                      RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WALLER. HERMAN JR.                  RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WALLER. MINNIE.                     RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WALTON. CHARLEY R..                 WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WALTON. DELL N..                    WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WALTON. FLOYD D..                   EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

WALTON. J. L..                      WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WARRINGTON. ELMER.                  TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

WARRINGTON. VERN.                   TROY,  Twp.,   BUTLER,    

WARRINGTON. WAYNE.                  TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

WASHENBERGER. LEO.                  MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

WASILK. EDWARD.                     KOS.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

WATTIER. ALPHONSE.                  O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,  

WATTIER. DAVID.                     RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WATTIER. ERWIN.                     O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,  

WATTIER, FRED C.,                   O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,  

WATTIER, LAMBERT                    RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WATTIER. NORRIS,                    O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,  

WEAVER, HARRY,                      FARM.  Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

WEBER, CHARLES,                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WEIGER. HERBERT H..                 EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

WEIGER, JOHN.                       EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

WEIN, ADOLPH.                       BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

WEIN, ED C                          BUT.   Twp.,   WEBBTER,   

WEIN, JAMES                         BUT.   Twp.,   WEBBTER,   

WEIN, JAY.                          BUT.   Twp.,   WEBBTER,   

WELCH, LLOYD,                       EGE.   Twp.,   ORTLEY,    

WELCH, LYLE,                        EGE.   Twp.,   ORTLEY.    

WESTBY, JOHN,                       TROY   Twp.,   LILY,      

WESTBY. J.H.,                       TROY   Twp.,   CRANDALL,. 

WESTBY, SEVERT,                     TROY   Twp.,   ORANDALL,  

WEYER, CHRIST,                      NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN     

WEYER, MATH,                        NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

WEYH, ANDREW,                       WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

WEYH, CONRAD,                       WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

WEYH, FRANK                         WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

WEYH, FRANK JR.,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

WHITMYRE, JOHN E.                   BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WHITMYRE, MAYNARD,                  BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WHITMYRE, RUDOLPH,                  BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

WIEGER, MELVIN,                     HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,      

WIK, INGVALD.                       LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WIK, OLAF,                          LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WIKA, JOSEPH,                       WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WIKA, RAVMOND J.,                   GREN. TWP.,   WEBSTER,   

WIKA, VALERIA.                      GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WILKINSON, LLOYD D.,                KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

WILLARD, L.L.,                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

WILLIAMS, ELMER,                    RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WILLIAMS, HILMAN,                   RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WILLIAMS, LLOYD,                    LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

WILLIAMS. OVID,                     LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WILLIAMSON, GILBERT,                VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

WILLIAMSON, JOEL,                   LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

WILLIAMSON, JULIUS,                 BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

WILLIAMSON, ART                     BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

WILLIAMSON, KENNETH.                BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

WINSON, WALTER,                     LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

WIRKUS, ANTON                       GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WIRKUS, ANGELINE,                   GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WIRKUS, BENEDICT A.,                GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WIRKUS, BERNARD J.,                 GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WIRKUS, HELEN,                      GREN. Twp.,   ROSLYN     

WIRKUS. PAUL.                       GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WIRKUS, STANLEV.                    GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

WISEMAN, CLIFFORD,                  WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

WITT. FRANK C.,                     TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

WITT, HARRY D.,                     TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

WITT, HENRY M.,                     TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,

WORMKE, ELMER,                      FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

WORMKE, FRED,                       AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

WORMKE, MARY,                       AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

WORMKE, RAYMOND,                    AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

WORNE,HENRY,                        KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

WUST. JULIUS.                       SCOT. Twp.,   BUTLER,    

YOST, GAYLE,                        HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

YOUELL, ROSERT,                     YORK   Twp.,   LILY,      

YSBRAND, EDWARD,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

YSBRAND, THEODORE,                  WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

ZAKRZEWSKI, ANNA,                   WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

ZEIGENHAGEN, TILDA,                 KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

ZEIGENHAGEN, ARTHUR L.              KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

ZEIGENHAGEN, FRANK,                 KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

ZENIAL, MARTIN,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

ZENIAL, MATH,                       NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

ZENK, FRED J.,                      RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

ZENK, GEORGE,                       RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

ZENK, JOHN J.,                      RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

ZEPF, PETER,                        VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

ZIMMERMAN, ALBERT                   BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

ZIMMERMAN, STANLEY,                 BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

ZIMMERMAN, DONALD,                  VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

ZIMMERMAN, ELROY E.,                BUT.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

ZIIAUERMAN, LLOYD,                  BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

ZIMMERMAN, OTTO &: KEITH,           BUT.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

ZOCHERT, ED                         RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

ZOCHERT, IVAN,                      RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

ZUBKE, EDWARD,                      MORT.  Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

ZUBKE, ERICK,                       WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

ZUBKE, ERWIN,                       WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

ZUBKE, FRANK,                       WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

ZUBKE, GEORGE E.,                   WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

ZUBKE, HAROLD,                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

ZUBKE, HARVEY,                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

ZUBKE, LEO,                         EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

ZUBKE, OTTO,                        WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

ZUBKE, PAUL F.,                     ~EAT. Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

ZUBKE, REINHOLD,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

ZUBKE, VIRGIL,                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

ZUBKE, WALTER A.,                   V/AU. Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

ZUMM, CHARLES,                      FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,