Land Owner Surnames  N-S

1952 ATLAS


Day County

South Dakota


Compiled and Published

By the

Thomas O. Nelson Co.

Fergus Falls, Minnesota



The contents of this atlas have been compiled from information procured from available sources, and is believed to be accurate from data of record on the 20th day of September, 1952.  Because of the possibility of error, no representation is made as to the complete accuracy.  Data scanned and edited by Joe  and Lois Mattecheck []






ANDOVER,        AND.


BUTLER,        BUT.






HOMER          HOM.


KIDDER         KID.



LYNN           LYNN

MORTON         MORT.

NUTLEY         NUT.


RACINE         RAC.


RUSK           RUSK


TROY           TROY

UNION          UN.

VALLEY         VAL.

WAUBAY         WAU.



YORK           YORK


NAME                                TOWNSHIP       MAILING ADDRESS T


NAESSIG, CARL W.,                   WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

NAESSIG, LEONARD                    RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

NAESSIG, CARLYLE,                   RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

NAREM, BEN.JAMIN H.,                C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY

NAREM, ERNEST,                      C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

NAREM, LESTER E.,                   C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

NELSON, ALFRED T.,                  C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

NELSON, ALVIN,                      WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

NELSON, ERIC E.,                    KID.   Twp.,   HOLMQUIST,

NELSON, INGVALD,                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

NELSON, KNUT,                       HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

NELSON, OSCAR,                      TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,

NEREIM, SAM J.,                     FARM. Twp.,   LANGFORD,

NERLAND, AMOS,                      IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

NERLAND, ARTHUR B.,                 LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

NERLAND, BERDETTA,                  NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

NERLAND, BERNT,                     IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

NERLAND, HARRY                      IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

NERLAND, CARMEN,                    IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

NESS, EMIL,                         UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

NEWCOMB, C.W.,                      AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

NICHOLS, EMMETT,                    BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

NICOLAY, ANTHONY,                   GREN. Twp.,   WEEBSTER,  

NICOLAY, WALTER,                    RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

NILSON, HAROLD L.,                  BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

NILSON, JENS,                       LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

NILSON, JUSTIN,                     LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

NINKE, ARTHUR                       RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

NINKE, BEN,                         RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

NINKE, EMIL C.,                     RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

NINKE, PAUL                         RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

NINKE, NORMAN,                      RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

NINKE, WALTER D.,                   RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

NINKE, WM. F.,                      RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

NISHEIM, PETER,                     EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

NOLTE, AUGUST,                      VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

NORMAN, HOLDEN,                     LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

NORRIS, FRANCIS,                    FARM. Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

NYBERG, WILL,                       WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

NYGAARD, GILBERT,                   RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

NYGAARD, HARVEY,                    LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

NYGAARD, JACOB L.,                  IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

NYGAARD, MELVIN S.,                 HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

NYGAARD, REUBEN,                    LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

NYMOEN, CLARENCE,                   RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

NYVOLD, EDWARD,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

NYVOLD, MATHIAS,                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

OBERG, JOHN,                        BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

OHLEEN, WALTER,                     TROY   Twp.,   LILY,      

OKROI, AUGUST,                      KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

OKROI, BENEDICT,                    KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

OKROI, ROMAN,                       KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

OLSON, CAROLINE                     HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OLSON, MARTIN JR.,                  HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OLSON, CHRIS,                       UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

OLSON, EMIL,                        LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

OLSON, GORDON,                      FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

OLSON, HANS,                        HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OLSON, JOE,                         HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OLSON, KENNETH,                     HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

OLSON, KENNETH,                     BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

OLSON, MERLE J.,                    FARM. Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OLSON, OLE,                         FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

OLSON, OLE E.,                      IND.   TWP.,   LANGFORD,

OLSON, OLEN E.,                     EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

OLSON, OLGER,                       GREN. Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

OLSON, OREAL,                       HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

QLSON, OSCAR J.,                    IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

OLSON, OSCAR S.,                    KID,   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

OLSON, OTTO S.                      HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OLSON, RICHARD                      HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OLSON, DONALD,                      HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OLSON, SEVEREN                      HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OLSON, HARLAN,                      HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OLSON, THOMAS,                      MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

OLSON, THOMAS S.,                   IND.   TWP.,   LANGFORD,  

OLSON, BERNARD,                     IND.   TWP.,   LANGFORD,  

OPITZ, AMBROSE,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

OPITZ, DELMAR,                      KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

OPITZ, GEORGE,                      NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

OPITZ, GERALD,                      NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

OPITZ, JOHN T.,                     NUT.   Twp.,   EDEN,      

OPITZ, MIKE P.,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

OPITZ, RUDOLPH,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

OPSAHL, CLARENCE,                   GREN. Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

ORNESS, MARTIN,                     KID.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

ORR, DALE M.,                       BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

OSMAN, AUSTIN T.,                   EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

OSNESS, HAROLD C.,                  FARM. Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OTTO, HERMAN T.,                    FARM. Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OTTO, JOHN S. W.                    FARM. Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

OXTON, A.P.,                        AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

OXTON, HARVEY                                             AND.          Twp.,            Andover,

PAINTER, JESSE,                     C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

PARKS, HUGH                         BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

PARKS, FLOVD,                       BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

PARKS, KERMIT,                      BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PARKS, RAV                          BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

PARKS, ORION E.,                    BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

PARKS, V.L.,                        YORK   Twp.,   LILY,      

PASZEK, ALBERT,                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

PASZEK, JOSEPH,                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

PAUL, GEORGE B.,                    WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PAUL, OTTO P.,                      WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PAULSON, ARTHUR H.,                 UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

PAULSON, HENRY,                     LVNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

PAULSON, HERMAN,                    LYNN. Twp.,   PIERPONT,

PAULSON, JUSTIN,                    TROV   Twp.,   LILY,

PAULSON, MELVIN &                   IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

PAULSON, HARRIS L.,                 IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

PEOKHAM, CLAYTON,                   SCOT. Twp.,   BUTLER,    

PEOKHAM, MARIE,                     KID.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

PEOKHAM, ORVILLE,                   SCOT. Twp.,   BUTLER,    

PEDERSON, ANDREW,                   FARM. Twp.,   LANGFORD,

PEDEIISON, GEORGE C.,               EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

PEDERSON, MANCEL W.,                EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

PEEPER, CLAUDE,                     EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

PEKRON, BEN,                        RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PEKRON, CLARA B.,                   C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

PERKINS, GEORGE M.,                 KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PERRY, C.V.N.,                      FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

PESALL, BERNARD,                    HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,      

PESALL, HEDWIG,                     HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

PESALL, LOUIS,                      HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

PETERSON, ALMOND,                   HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,      

PETERSON, ANNIE,                    HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

PETERSON, A.O.                      RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

PETERSON, CLIFFORD,                 RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

PETERSON, CURTIS,                   HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

PETERSON, ELMER                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLVN,

PETERSON, ALBERT,                   LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLVN,

PETERSON, HENRV C.,                 HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PETERSON, IRA L.,                   TROV   Twp.,   LILY,

PETERSON, JAMES A.,                 WAU.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PETERSON, JOSIE V.,                 TROV   Twp.,   LILY,

PETERSON, KARL V.,                  VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

PETERSON, KERMIT,                   LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

PETERSON, LAWRENCE,                 BRI.   Twp.,   BRITOL

PETERSON, NARTHUR,                  HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

PETERSON, OTTO,                     BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

PETERSON, O.W.,                     C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

PETERSON, PALMER                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

PETERSON, DARREL,                   LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

PETERBON, PEDER,                    UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

PETERSON, PETER,                    TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

PETERSON, RANDOLPH 0.,              IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

PETERSON, WM. P.,                   TROY   Twp.,   LILY,      

PETRICH, ARTHUR                     BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PETRICH, VIRGIL,                    BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PETRICH, ERVIN,                     BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PHILLIPS, ALVAH,                    WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PICHT, ORVIS C.,                    MORT. Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

PIERCE BROS.,                       C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

PIERCE, FRANK,                      WHEAT. Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

PIERCE, KENNETH,                    WHEAT. Twp.,   FLORENCE,  

PIES, EDWARD,                       WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PIES, HENRY N.,                     MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PIES, MARVIN,                       RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PIES, WALTER,                       RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PIES, ELMER                         RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PIES, GEORGE,                       RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PIONK, JACOB J.,                    GREN. Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

PISCHKE, ANTON,                     MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

PISCHKE BROS.,                      HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PISCHKE, M. J.,                     HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PISCHKE, THOMAS,                    MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

PLEPP, ELDRED,                      KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

PLEPP, EMIL,                        KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

POLLACH, GEORGE,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

POPLAU, ALBERT,                     HIGH. Twp.,   BUTLER,    

POPLAU, JOSEPH,                     HIGH. Twp.,   BUTLER,    

POPLAU, LOUIS,                      HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,      

POPLEAU, CLEMENT,                   HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

POQULIS, PETER,                     BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

POTTER, ARTHUR J.,                  HOM.   Twp.,   PIEPPONT,  

POWELL, EBER                        AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

POWELL, HUGH,                       AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

PRATT, ALLEN,                       KID.   Twp.,   WEBSter

PREMUS, GUST,                       WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

PIEB, DAVID A.,                     MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

PRUNTY, FRANCIS P.,                 AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

PRUSZINSKI, PETER                   KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

PRUSZINSKI, REGINA,                 KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

PRUSZINSKI, STANLY,                 KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

RAAP, ARTHUR,                       UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

RAAP, BERT,                         UN.    Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

RAAP, DUANE,                        LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

RAAP, EDWARD,                       BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

RAAP, HARRY~                        AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

RAAP, HENRY E.,                     AND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

RAAP, MARVIN,                       LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

RAAP, OTTO,                         LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

RAEDER, CARL,                       MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

RAEDER, GEORGE,                     RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

RAEDER, HARVEY L.,                  MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

RAEDER, REUBEN,                     RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

RANDALL, GERALD,                    EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

RASUUNSEN, R.M.                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

RASUUNSEN, GEORGE,                  NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

RASMUSSEN, EDWIN G.,                RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

REAGAN, JOHN E.                     KID.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

REAGAN, CON,                        KID.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

RESELSKE, PETER,                    C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

RE8ELSKI, FRANK,                    GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

REDETZKE, EDWARD P.,                MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

REESE, FLORIAN A.,                  WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

REETZ BROS.,                        RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

REETZ, MARTIN,                      RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

REETZ, REUBEN,                      RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

REINERTSON, PEDER L.,               UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

REINTS, SIEVERT H.,                 HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

REIPRICH, ARTHUR,                   RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

REIPRICH, HENRY,                    RUSK   Twp.,   WEBBTER,   

REIPRICH, HERBERT,                  RUSK   Twp.,   WEBBTER,

REIPRICH, PAUL,                     RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

REIPRICH, REINHOLD,                 RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

REIPRICH, WALTER E.,                RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

RHODE, MARTHA,                      RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

RHODE, MIRTEN,                      RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

RIENTS, WILLIAM S.,                 HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,  

RINSAHL, PETER A.,                  LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

ROBINSON, L.M.,                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

ROETSOH, WALTER,                    SOOT. Twp.,   BUTLER,    

RONSHAUGEN, ELMER,                  GREN. Twp.,   R0SLVN,    

RONSHAUGEN, HJALMER,                LVNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

ROOD, ALBIN,                        RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

ROSETH, ALBERT L.,                  O.G.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

ROTH, ELMON D.,                     UN.    Twp.,   ANDOVER,

ROWCHWATER, MIKE,                   NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

RUMPCA, ANDREW,                     MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

RUMPCA, AUGUST,                     WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

RUMPCA, FRANK A.,                   EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

RUMPCA, PAUL,                       WEB.   Twp.,   WEBBTER,   

RUMPZA, ANTON,                      GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

RUMPZA, BENEDICT,                   KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

RUMPZA, BERNARD,                    GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

RUMPZA, JOHN,                       KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

RUMPZA, LEO,                        GREN. Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

RYDBERG, VICTOR E.,                 WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

RYE, ARTHUR J.,                     IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

RYE, CARL K.                        HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

RYE, KENNETH,                       HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

RYE, ERNEST K.,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

RYE, PEDER K.,                      IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

SAARHEIM, MATHIAS,                  LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

SAILOR, WM.,                        YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

SAMPSON, LEONARD,                   IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

SAND, OLAF& LARS,                   UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

SANDAL, SELMER R.,                  RAR    Twp.,   WEBTER

SANDELL, HELGE                      RAR    TWP.,   WEBTER

SANDELL, MARVIN                     RAR    TWP.,   WEBTER

SANDELL, VERNON,                    RAR    TWP.,   WEBTER

SANDERSON, RICHARD,                 TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

SANDERSON, WM. EARL,                O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

SANDSTROM, HARRY N.,                C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SANDSTROM, SVEN                     BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SANDSTROM, CARL,                    BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SANDVE, TAMLIN                      IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

SANDVE, HELEN,                      IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

SANDVE, TAMLIN                      IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

SANDVIK, LARS,                      LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SANDVE, HELEN,                      IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

SANNES, THORVALD,                   HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

SASS, LEO J.                        HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SASS, PAUL F.                       HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SASS, RAYMOND,                      HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SASS, MRS. SUSAN,                   HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SATTLER, JOHN P.,                   NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SATTLER, RAYMOND,                   NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SAUER, EMIL,                        WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SAUER, HENRY                        WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SAUER, FREDERICK                    WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SAUER, WALTER                       WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SAUER, WILLIAM                      WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SCHAFER, JOSEPH,                    AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

SCHERBER, JOSEPH                    C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY

SCHERBER, FRANK,                    C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY

SCHERBER, JOSEPH                    C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY

SCHERBER, FRANK,                    C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY

SCHILEY, JOE A.E.,                  YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

SCHILEY, MARY C.,                   YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

SCHILEY, MIKE.,                     YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

SCHIMMEL, ERVIN,                    TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,

SCHIMMEL, HARVEY,                   VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

SCHIMMEL, LAWRENCE,                 TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,

SCHIMMEL, LORRAINE,                 VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

SCHINKEL, L. ARTHUR,                WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SCHINLEY, PAUL,                     VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

SCHLOTTE, CARL,                     HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SCHLOTTE, HENRY,                    RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,


SCHMIDT, ARWIN,                     SCOT. Twp.,   BUTLER,

SCHMIDT, DIANE J.,                  RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SCHMIDT, HARRY,                     RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,


SCHMIDT, KENNETH,                   FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

SCHMIDT, MARLIN,                    MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SCHMIDT, NORMAN,                    IND.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SCHMIDT, PAUL C.,                   LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SCHMIG, HARRY,                      VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SCHMIT, ANTON M.,                   YORK   Twp.,   LILY,


SXHMITT, PAUL,                      RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SCHNEIDER, FRED,                    BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SCHNEIDER, ROBERT,                  HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

SCHULTZ, RAYMOND F.,                GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SCHULZ, ALBERT,                     EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY

SCHULZ, CHRISTIAN,                  EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SCHULZ, CHRISTINA E.,               EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SCHULZ, EMIL,                       EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SCHULZ, ERNEST,                     EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SCHULZ, FRED                        EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SCHULZ, GEORGE                      EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SCHULZ, WALTER                      EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SCHULZ, WM.                         EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SCHURING, HERMAN                    AND.   TWP.,   ANDOVER,

SCHURING, J W                       AND.   TWP.,   ANDOVER,

SCHURING, ROBERT                    AND.   TWP.,   ANDOVER,

SCHUSTER, HENRY,                    NUT,   Twp.,    ROSLYN

SCHUSTER, WM.                       KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

SCHWAB, ANTON,                      AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

SCHWAB, JOHN J.,                    AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

SCHWAB, MAGDALENA,                  AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

SCHWARTZ, EDWARD,                   TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,

SEISON, T.E.                        EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SELLEVOLD, CHESTER,                 NUT,   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

SELLEVOLD, LISA,                    NUT.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

SENSKE, EDWIN                       MORT. TWP.,   WEBSTER,

SENSKE, JOHN A.,                    MORT. TWP.,   WEBSTER,

SHANNON, JOHN,                      O.G,   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

SHEBELBKI, ALEX,                    RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SHERVEY, CLAIRE,                    HOM.   Twp.,    PIERPONT,

SHERVEY, CLIFFORD,                  HOM.   Twp.,    PIERPONT,

SHERVEY, ELMER,                     HOM.   Twp.,    PIERPONT,

SICHMELLER, JOHN H.                 WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SICHMELLER, JOSEPH S.,              RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,


SICHMELLER, PETER,                  WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SICHMILLER, STANLEY F.              RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SIGATY, MATH. JR,                   NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SIGDESTAD, CLARENCE,                LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

SIGDESTAD, MAVNARD,                 LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SIGDESTAD, SELMER,                  LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SIGDESTAD, SIGURD,                  LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SIGDESTAD, STEWARD,                 LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

SIGLIN, L. R.,                      HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SIGLIN, M. R.,                      HIGH, Twp.,   WESSTER

SIKKINK, GEARETT,                   WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SIKKINK, MILO,                      EGE,   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SIKKINK, RALPH,                     EGE,   Twp.,   WAUSAV

SIMONSON, OLAF,                     LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SIMONSON, OLAF,                     UN,    Twp.,   BRISTOL

SIMONSON, OSCAR,                    UN.    Twp.,   BRISTOL

SIMONSON, SIMON,                    UN.    Twp.,   BRISTOL

SIMONSON, STANLEV,                  LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SIMUNDSON, LESLIE,                  LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SJUSON, JAMES,                      VAL,   Twp.,   BUTLER,

SKAADEN, ALBERT,                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLVN

SKAADEN, RUEBEN,                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SKAARE, ELMER E                     BRI,   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SKAARE, JOHN & JOHN L               LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SKAARHAUG, JOHN l.                  KOS.   TWP.,   GRENVILLE,

SKAARHAUG, NELS,                    KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

SKAARHAUG, OLAF,                    KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

SKIBA, MIKE,                        KOS,   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

SKIEDE, LARS,                       LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SKUNDBERG, JOHN M.,                 GREN. Twp.,   ROSLYN

SLETTEN, JOSEPH,                    UN,    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

SLETTEN, ROVAL,                     UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

SLETTEN, WALTER,                    UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

SMEINS, GEO.                        FARM. Twp.,   LANGFORD,

SMEINS, MARVIN,                     FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

SMEINS, WM.,                        UN,    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

SMITH, DORA,                        LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLVN

SMITH, GEORGE, A                    EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SMITH, JOHN H.,                     LIB,   Twp.,   ROSLVN

SMITH, LESTER,                      SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

SNAZA, ALEX,                        GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SNAZA, ANTON F                      GREN. Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

SNAZA, BENNIE,                      KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

SNAZA, BERNARD,                     GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SNAZA, EDMUND M.                    NUT.   TWP.,   ROSLYN

SNAZA, ANNA,                        NUT.   TWP.,   ROSLYN

SNAZA, EDWIN,                       GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SNAZA, HENRY,                       NUT,   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SNAZA, JOE A.,                      RAR,   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SNAZA, JOE T.,                      NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SNAZA, LEONARD,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SNAZA, PAUL,                        GREN. Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

SNAZA, STANLEY,                     RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SOLAAS, BEN,                        LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SOLBERG, ALBERT,                    TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

SOLBERG, MELVIN,                    SCOT. Twp.,   BUTLER,

SOLDATKE, CLARA                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

SOLDATKE, AUGUST,                   KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

SOLDATKE, FRANK,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SOLOMON, CECIL E.,                  O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

SOMBKE, ROY,                        AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

SORBEL BROS.,                       WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SORBEL, DAVID M,                    WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SORBEL, MARTIN W.,                  WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SORENSON, ALBERT,                   LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

SORENSON, JOHN,                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SORRELL, FLEVIUS,                   RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SPARSY, OSWALD,                     LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SPIERING, E.H.                      RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SPURING, FORREST,                   O.G.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

STADSKLEV, CLARENCE,                TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

STADSKLEV, EDWIN,                   SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

STADSKLEV, HALVOR O.,               TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

STA1NSON, CARL,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

STAINSON, JOHN L.,                  NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

STAVE, ARDEN,                       LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

STAVE, MELVIN A.,                   LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

STAVIG, CARL T.,                    GREN. Twp.,   ROSLYN

STAVIG, EMIL,                       LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

STAVIG, HENRY,                      GREN. Twp.,   ROSLYN

STAVIG, JULIUS,                     RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

STAVIG, MELVIN,                     RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

STAVIG, SERVICE,                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

STEE, CLIFFORD,                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

STEE, MANFORD,                      EGE,   Twp.,   ORTLEY

STEFFEN, FLOYD,                     UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

STEFFEN, FRED,                      AND.   TWP.,   ANDOVER,

STEFFES, CHRISTIAN                  AND.   TWP.,   ANDOVER,

STEFFES, C.I.                       AND.   TWP.,   ANDOVER,

STEN, GUY                           WAUBAY TWP.,   WAUBAY,

STERN, DANIEL,                      O.G.   TWP.,   BRISTOL,

STERN, VERGIL,                      O.G.   TWP.,   CRANDALL,

STEUCK, AUGUST                      AND    TWP.,   PIERPONT,



STEVENSON, JOHN H.,                 AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

STIANSON, BYRON,                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

STOLMARK, MARTIN B.,                HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

STOLSMARK, ARNOLD,                  HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

STOLSMARK, DAN,                     LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

STORLEY, CLARENCE,                  NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STORLEY, C.A.,                      NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STORLEY, ED R.,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STORLEY, HENNING,                   NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STORLEY, INGVOLD,                   NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STORLEY, JIM,                       NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STORLEY, MELVIN,                    NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STRAND, ANDREW,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STRAND, CARL K.,                    LIB.   Twp.,   R0SLYN,

STRAND, ELMER,                      LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STRAND, HENRY E.,                   LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STRAND, JULIUS,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STRAND, OLE H.,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STROMSETH, ELMER,                   NUT, " Twp.,   ROSLYN,

STURM, HENRY                        UN.    Twp.,   ANDOVER,

STURM, ADDIE,                       UN.    Twp.,   ANDOVER,

SUDMAN, HENRY C.,                   HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SUNDERMEYER, IVIA.,                 AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

SURMA, STANLEY,                     WHEAT. Twp.,   WAUBAY,

SVEUM, DAVID,                       HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SVEUM, HENRY,                       HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SVIEN, HARRY                        WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SVIEN, THEO.,                       WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SWANSON, EVERETT S.                 BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SWANSON, HARRY,                     VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

SWANBON, JOHN                       RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SWANBON, ORDON,                     RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SWANSON, JOHN C.,                   BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

SWANSON, TED,                       UN.    Twp.,   BRISTOL,

SWANSON, WALTER,                    FARM. Twp.,   LANGRORD,

SWEARINGER, JOSEPH,                 FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

SWENSON, EVERETT S.,                IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

SYHRE, MAYNARD E.,                  WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

SYHRE, OLAF,                        IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

SYVERSON, HARVEY,                   MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,