Land Owner Surnames  G-M

1952 ATLAS


Day County

South Dakota


Compiled and Published

By the

Thomas O. Nelson Co.

Fergus Falls, Minnesota



The contents of this atlas have been compiled from information procured from available sources, and is believed to be accurate from data of record on the 20th day of September, 1952.  Because of the possibility of error, no representation is made as to the complete accuracy.  Data scanned and edited by Joe  and Lois Mattecheck []






ANDOVER,        AND.


BUTLER,        BUT.






HOMER          HOM.


KIDDER         KID.



LYNN           LYNN

MORTON         MORT.

NUTLEY         NUT.


RACINE         RAC.


RUSK           RUSK


TROY           TROY

UNION          UN.

VALLEY         VAL.

WAUBAY         WAU.



YORK           YORK

NAME                                TOWNSHIP       MAILING ADDRESS T


GAIKOWSKI, ADAM,                    GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GAIKOWSKI, ADAM A.,                 RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GAIKOWSKI, FRANK P.,                RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GAIKOWSKI, IGNATZ,                  GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GAIKOWSKI, JOHN,                    WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GAIKOWSKI, JOSEPH,                  WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

GAIKOWSKI, STANLEV,                 RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GARDNER, JOHN,                      WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GARDNER, LEO,                       NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

GEBUR, JOE                          BUT.   Twp.,    BUTLER,

GEBUR, LEO,                         BUT.   Twp.,    BUTLER,

GEBUR, BARNEY                       BUT.   Twp.,    BUTLER,

GEBUR, DAVID,                       BUT.   Twp.,    BUTLER,

GEBUR, LEONARD                      YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

GEBUR, ALBERT,                      YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

GEBUR, THEO.,                       YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

GELHAUS, ERNEST                     MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GELHAUS, MELVIN,                    MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GERDES, LEO,                        RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GIER BROS,                          BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

GILBERTSON, ELMER,                  LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

GILBERTSON, MELVIN,                 LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

GILBERTSON, RUEBEN,                 LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

GILL, GORDON                        BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

GILL, LEO C.,                       BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

GILL, LLOYD,                        BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

GLOD, HENRY,                        NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

GLOSIMODT, GEORGE,                  RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GOLDEN, VERN,                       KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GOLLNICK, AMBROSE,                  HIGH. Twp.,   BUTLER,

GOLLNICK, GEORGE,                   MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GOLLNICK, MARTIN,                   MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GOLLNICK, PHILLIP                   RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GOLLNICK, ERVIN,                    RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GOLLNICK, T. J.,                    HIGH. Twp.,   BUTLER,

GONSIR, STANLEY,                    GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GONSOIR, JOSEPH,                    GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GONSOR, BERNARD,                    KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

GONSOR, PETE,                       KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

GOOD, ALBERT,                       C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

GOOD, WM. J.,                       EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

GORT, MARTHA,                       HIGH. Twp.,   BUTLER,

GRAJCZYK, ANTHONV,                  KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

GRAJCZYK, ROMAN,                    KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

GRAJCZYL, ANTON,                    KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE, 

GRAMSERG, REUBEN,                   C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

GRANT, DWYLE,                       WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

GRAVES, EDWIN,                      SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

GRAVES, WM. I.,                     SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

GRAY, DAVID,                        SCOT. Twp.,   BRISTOL,

GREBNER, JOHN A.,                   RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GREEN, T.H.,                        RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GREEN, WILLIS,                      WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GREENO, LATON W.,                   HoM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

GREGERSON, GUSTAV,                  MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GREGERSON, LESTER,                  MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GREGERSON, RAYMOND,                 MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GREGERSON, THOMAS P.                MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GRIMES, R. V.,                      O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

GRIMSRUD, LLOYD,                    UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

GRINAGER, BENFORD,                  IND.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

GRODE, JOSEPH R.,                   TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER

GRODE, NORBERT,                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER

GRODE, RALPH R.,                    VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

GRODE, WALTER M.,                   VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

GRONKE, L.M.,                       KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

GRORUD, ARNOLD,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

GRORUD, ELMER                       IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

GRORUD, RICHARD,                    IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

GROSEK, FRANCIS,                    HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GROSEK, FRANK,                      RUSK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

GROSEK, RAVMOND,                    MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GRUBA, ALPHONSE,                    GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GRUBA, FRANK R.                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

GRUBA,                              WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GRUBY, ERNEST.                      KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

GRUBY, GUST SR.                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

GRUBY, HENRY                        KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

GGRUBY, STANLEY,                    KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

GRUBY, VERNA M.                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

GUBA. FRANCES.                      AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

GUNDERSON. MARIT,                   LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN.

GUSEINUS. JOHN A.                   VAL.   TWP.,   BUTLER,

GUSTOFSON. OLAF                     KID.   Twp.,   BRISTOL.

GUSTOFSON. CLARENCE.                KID.   Twp.,   BRISTOL.

GUTORMSON. LARS.                    LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

GUTTORMSON. ARNOLD.                 LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN.

HAASETH, BEN,                       RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HAGEN, CLARENCE G.,                 GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HAGEN, EDWARD,                      GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HAGEN, MELVIN,                      RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HAGEN, VIRGIL R.,                   C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HALL, JAMES                         AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HALL, SCOTT E.                      AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HALL, JAY                           AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HALLSTROM, CHARLES,                 HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HALLSTROM, E.H.,                    HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HALLSTROM, W.A.,                    HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HAMMAN, WALLACE ,M.,                C.P.   Twp.,   WAIIBAY,

HANSE, MARTIN L.,                   WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HANSMANN, AUGUST,                   RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HANSMEIER, HENRY,                   BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

HANSON, ALBERT G.,                  NUT.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE

HANSON, S. ANNE,                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HANSON, ARNT,                       LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HANSON, ARTHUR,                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HANSON, ARTHUR H.,                  YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

HANSON, A. E.,                      TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

HANSON, CHRIS                       LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

HANSON, LAURIS,                     LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

HANSON, ELLSWORTH E.,               BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

HANSON, ERVIN,                      BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

HANSON, GEORGE,                     WHEAT. Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HANSON, HENRY I.,                   LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HANSON, HENRY L.,                   WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HANSON, JENS M.,                    WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HANSON, KENNETH,                    IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

HANSON, LEWIS                       BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HANSON, WALLACE,                    BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HANSON, MARVIN,                     LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

HANSON, MELVYN,                     WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HANSON, OSCAR Z.,                   BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

HANSON, RONALD,                     BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

HANSON, VERLYN,                     LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HANSON, WILFRED,                    RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HARKSEN, JOHN,                      RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HARMS, LORANE,                      VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

HARPER, CLOYD F.,                   YORK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

HASSETH, CORNELL,                   NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HASSETH, THEODORE,                  GREN. Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HASSINGER, ARTHUR,                  BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

HATLE, OSCAR,                       KOS.   TWP.,   GRENVILLE,

HATLE, THODORE,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HAUGE, ORVILLE,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HAUGEN, HENRY,                      HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

HAUGEN, JULIUS,                     IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

HAUGEN, MATH,                       LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HAVENA, GEO. W.,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HAWKINSON, ARTHUR,                  C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HAWKINSON, ELMER,                   KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HAWKINSON, ROBERT,                  RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HAYENGA, EDWARD,                    AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HAYENGA, HENRY,                     AND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

HAYENGA, ROY,                       UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

HAYHURST, FRANK                     MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HAYHURST, ROY,                      MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HAZELTON, IVAN L.,                  YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

HEADLY, DELBERT B.,                 WHEAT. Twp.,   WALLACE

HEEREN, HARRY,                      C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HEGGELINE, OLE 0.,                  GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HEIN, CHARLES                       AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HEIN, HOWARD,                       AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HEIN, ORVILLE,                      AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HEIN, ROBERT,                       AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HEIN, WILLIAM,                      RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HEIN, WILLIAM E.,                   AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HEIN, WM. & ELMER,                  FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HEINTZMAN, ARCHIE,                  SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HELESON, OLAF,                      LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HELGESON, OLIVER,                   LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HELWIG, ELIZABETH,                  WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HELWIG, FRANK L.,                   GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HELWIG, JAMES,                      GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HEMENWAY, CLARENCE,                 WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HEMMAH, ALFRED,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HEMMAH, ARNOLD,                     LIB.   Twp.,    ROSLYN,

HEMMAH, CLARENCE,                   LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

HEMMAH, JOSIE,                      LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HEMMAH, RUEBEN,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HEMMAH, SELMER,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HENDRICKBON, ED O.                  KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

HENDRICKBON, ELDON,                 KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

HENDRICKSON, OLAF,                  LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

HENDRICKSON, RAYMOND,               RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HENNING, BEN S                      KOS.   TWP.,   GRENVILLE,

HENNING, ANNA                       KOS.   TWP.,   GRENVILLE,

HENNING, EDMUND,                    KOS.   TWP.,   GRENVILLE,

HENNING, CONRAD,                    KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

HENNING, EDMUND                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

HENNING, BEN                        KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

HENNING, LEO,                       KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

HENNING, FRANK,                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

HENNING, HENRY C.,                  KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

HENNING, RAYMOND,                   KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

HENNING, THEODORE,                  KOS.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HENRICHSEN, NATHAN,                 VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER

HENRICHSEN, THERLO                  TROY   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

HENRICHSEN, ARLO,                   TROY   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

HEROLD, GUS,                        WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HEROLD, WM. R.,                     WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HERR, LESTER,                       VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

HERR, OTTO,                         BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

HERR, RAYMOND,                      BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,    

HERRICK. EDDIE.                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

HERRICK. HENRY,                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

HERRICK. JOE JR.,                   KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

HERRICK. THEODORE,                  GREN. Twp.,   ROSLYN.

HESLA BROS.,                        HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HEWS. HAROLD,                       RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HEYGOOD. EARL.                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HILMING, FRED.                      VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL.

HILT. J. H.,                        WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HINKELIAAN. GEORGE.                 C.P.   Twp.,   WAUB

HINKLEIAAN, EDWARD G.,              C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HINKLEIAAN. MARTIN.                 C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HINZE. ALBERT F.,                   WHEAT. Twp.,   FLORENCE,

HINZE. EDWARD E.,                   WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HINZE. HARVARD T.,                  WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HINZE. HERMAN H.,                   WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HINZE, H. GORDEN.                   WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HINZE. LYLE C.                      WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HOBERG, LLOYD,                      RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HOINES. A.O.,                       LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN.

HOINES. CONSTANCE.                  IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

HOINES, OLE L.,                     IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

HOJNACKE. ANDREW,                   BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

HOJNACKE. JOHN L.,                  BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

HOJNACKE, THOMAS.                   HIGH. Twp.,   BUTLER,

HOLDEN BROS.,                       LVNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HOLDEN, EDMUND,                     LVNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HOLDEN. MARVIN,                     KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HOLDEN. NELS.                       LVNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HOLDEN. NORMAN.                     LVNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER

HOLLAND. ARTHUR,                    IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

HOLLAND. HAAGEN.                    IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

HOLLAND. JACOB.                     RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HOLLAND. SHERMAN,                   RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HOLLER, CLARENCE W.,                FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HOLLER. CLIFFORD,                   YORK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

HOLLER, ELMER,                      YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

HOLLER, FRANK J.,                   FARM.  Twp.,   ANDOVER

HOLLER, DALE C.                     FARM.  Twp.,   ANDOVER

HOLLER, DWAYNE,                     FARM.  Twp.,   ANDOVER

HOLLER. GEORGE P.F.                 FARM.  Twp.,   PIERPONT,

HOLLER. ORVILLE,                    FARM.  Twp.,   PIERPONT,

HOLLER. GUSTAVE A.,                 HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

HOLLER. WALTER.                     FARM. Twp.,   PIERPONT,

HOLIA. MELVIN,                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HOLM. OLE,                          WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HOLMAN. CLARENCE.                   WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY

HOLMQUIST,. ALLEN.                  KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HOLMQUIST,. PERCV.                  BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL.

HOLSCHER. EMIL.                     C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HOLSCHER. LAVERN T.,                WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HOLSCHER. SIIAON.                   C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HOLZERLAND. ERIC.                   C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HOLZERLAND, OTTO A.,                C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HOMMEL. G.E.,                       RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HOMMEL. WIILLSON.                   RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER

HOOK, J. E.,                        RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HOOPS, JOHN,                        AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HOPPS, CHESTER.                     AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HORST, ARTHUR. I                    WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HORST. WALTER.                      HIGH~ Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HORTER. HERBERT,                    BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

HORTER. LLOVD,                      BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

HORTER. WILLIE.                     BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL.

HOUGH. GORDON,                      HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

HOUT, ALBERT.                       RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HOWE, ALTO C.,                      VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

HUBER. MARTIN J.,                   AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HUBSCH, ALBERT,                     RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HUBSCH. FRED, '                     MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HUSSCH, HAROLD,                     RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HUBSCH, WILFRED.                    MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

HUBSCH, WILLARD.                    MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER

HUFT. FRED,                         AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

HUGGETT, CLARENCE,                  NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HUGGETT, GEORGE,                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HUGGETT, HENRV,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

HUGGETT. THOMAS.                    NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

HUGGETT, WM. L.                     C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

HUTCHINSON. LEE,                    O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

HUWE, GUSTAVE H.,                   YORK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

HUWE. H.C. & WALT.                  VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

HUWE, ORVILLE.                      BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

HUYCK, WESLEY,                      AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

IHLEN, HARRY,                       WHEAT, Twp.,   WEBSTER,

IHLEN, OTTO,                        WHEAT, Twp.,   WEBSTER,

IHRKE, REUBEN E                     BUT,   Twp.,   BUTLER,

IHRKE, DONALD F                     BUT,   Twp.,   BUTLER,

IMSLAND, EDWARD,                    O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

ISBURG, CHARLES,                    WEB,   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ISBURG, HAROLD,                     WEB,   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

IVERSON, EDDIE                      SCOT, Twp.,   BUTLER

IVERSON, HELGE,                     SCOT, Twp.,   BUTLER

IVERSON, ODIEN,                     VAL,   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

JACOBSON, ARTHUR S.,                EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

JACOBSON, CLARA,                    SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

JACOBSON, JACOB,                    IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

JACOBSON, MILTON,                   RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JACOBSON, SHERMAN,                  IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

JACOBSON, SIDNEY,                   SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

JANDAHL, ANNA                       IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

JANDAHL, EDWARD,                    IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

JANDAHL, MARVIN,                    IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

JANISCH, VERLYN,                    AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

JASKULK, JOHN                       Kos.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

JASKULK, ROSE,                      Kos.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

JENSEN, CLARENCE,                   VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

JENSEN, ETTA B.                     HIGH.  Twp.,   LILY,

JENSEN, C.G.,                       HIGH.  Twp.,   LILY,

JENSEN, FRED A.                     IND.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

JENSEN, MARLYN,                     IND.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

JENSEN, HAROLD F.,                  VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

JENSEN, VICTOR,                     TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,

JENSON, ALLEY,                      LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

JENSON, BEN,                        AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

JENSON, HANS,                       BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

JERDE, VERLE,                       EGE.   Twp.,   WAUSAY.

JESKE, EMIL.                        MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JESKE, MILTON.                      MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JESME, JOHN A.,                     WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JHADE, ALFRED,                      RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHANNSEN, ROY,                     LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, ADOLPH.                    RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, ADRIAN 0.,                 HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

JOHNSON, ALSERT,                    KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, ALVIN.                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, ALVIN F.,                  WHEAT. Twp.,   LILY,

JOHNSON, ANDREW G.,                 EGE.   Twp.,   WAUSAY.

JOHNSON, CARL M.,                   BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, CARL 0.,                   LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

JOHNSON, CLIFFORD L.,               EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

JOHNSON, DARYL,                     UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

JOHNSON. DEAN,                      HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

JOHNSON, DONALD,                    KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, EDWIN F..                  LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

JOHNSON, ELMER C.,                  VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

JOHNSON, F. L.,                     VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

JOHNSON, GEORGE J..                 BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

JOHNSON, GUST.                      LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, HANS J.                    WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, RAYMOND.                   WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON. HENRY E.,                  RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON. HERBERT, t                 NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

JOHNSON. HERMAN.                    KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, HUGO,                      KID.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

JOHNSON, JACOS                      RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, JAMES A.                   RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, R                          RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON. K. WM.,                    UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

JOHNSON, LYLE,                      LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON. MARVIN.                    BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

JOHNSON, MICHAEL,                   LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, NORMAN,                    UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT

JOHNSON, ORLIN,                     IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

JOHNSON, ORVILLE A.,                KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, OSCAR,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

JOHNSON, REUBEN,                    KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, GOTFRED                    KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, JOSEPH,                    KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, RICHARD,                   UN     Twp.,   PIERPONT,

JOHNSON, TONY & LLOYD,              KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, TURE,                      WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

JOHNSON, WARD,                      UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

JOHNSON, WILLIAM,                   AND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

JOHNSON, YNGVE,                     HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

JONES, CLAYTON F.,                  C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

JONES, FORREST.                     C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

JORDANGER, ANTON,                   KID.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

JORGENSON, ADOLPH,                  C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

JORGENSON, ANTON,                   EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

JORGENSON, MARVIN.                  C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

JORGENSON, ORVILLE,                 C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

JOST, JOHN,                         EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

JOST, JOHN SR.,                     EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KAASA, PERCY,                       EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KAHLA, LEONARD,                     O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

KAISER, BERNARD,                    WEB., Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KAMBESTAD, CHRIB,                   UN.,   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

KAMBESTAD, JULIA                    UN.,   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

KAMBESTAD, JOHN,                    UN.,   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

KAMBESTAD, MILTON,                  UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

KAMBSTAD, OSCAR,                    KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KAMPA, ALEX F.,                     GREN. Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KAMPA, ED                           KOS.   Twp.,   WAUBAY

KAMPA, BENEDICT,                    KOS.   Twp.,   WAUBAY

KAMPA, JOHN,                        GREN. Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KA'APA, J.S.,                       KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KANAGO, WILLIAM,                    WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KAPLAN, C. QUENTIN,                 HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KAPLAN, ROSINA,                     HIGH. Twp.,    WEBSTER,

KASTEN, KENNETH,                    YORK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

KASTEN, W. A.,                      BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KEMP, ALVIN C.,                     FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

KEMP, V.A.                          FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

KEMP, ORMOND,                       FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

KENNEDY, HARRY J.,                  KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KESTNER, EDWARD,                    WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KESTNER, HENRY F.,                  WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KESTNER, HERMAN F.,                 WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KETTLER, EUGENE,                    NUT.   Twp.,   EDEN,

KETTLER, ROMAN,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

KEUP, R.C.,                         AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

KIDDER, L.O.,                       KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KIDDER, RALPH C.,                   KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KIENTZ, PHILIP,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

KIRSCHBAUM, HARRY,                  RAC.   Twp.,   WESSTER,

KJORSVIG, CARL                      NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

KJORSVIG, PALMER,                   NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

KJORSVIG, OLE,                      NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

KJOSA, ORLANDO,                     TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

KJOSA, RODNEY                       YORK   Twp.,   LILV,

KLEIN, ANTON,                       RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KLEIN, B.J.,                        KID.   Twp.,   BRIBTOL,

KLEVEN, HJALMER,                    L,B.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

KLEVEN, OSCAR,                      LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

KLEVEN, RUDOLPH,                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

KLOKE, LULU E.,                     HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

KNAGO, WM,                          RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KNAPP, FRANCIS,                     RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KNAPP, MAURICE                      RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KNAPP, JAMES,                       RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KNEBEL, DAN J.,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

KNEBEL, PAUL JR.,                   NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

KNEBEL, PAUL SR.,                   NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

KNEBEL, ROBERT,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

KNEBEL, SAM,                        TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

KNIGHT, DAVID D                     HOM.   TWP.,   PIERPONT,

KNIGHT, CARROLL N.,                 HOM.   TWP.,   PIERPONT,

KNUTSON, CONRAD,                    EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KNUTSON, HARVEY,                    EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KNUTSON, RICHARD,                   EGE.   Twp.,   FLORENCE,

KNUTSON, RUDOLPH,                   HIGH. Twp.,   LILV,

KNUTSON, SIGVALD,                   EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY

KNUTSON, VIRGIL N.,                 EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KOEIGUER, ERNEST,                   AND.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

KOENIGUER, ERNEST,                  VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

KOHLHOFF, HAROLD,                   RAC.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KOHLHOFF, HERMAN,                   WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KOHLHOFF', ELLSWORTH,               WAU.   Twp.,   WAUSAV,

KOHLHOFF, OTTO                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KORF, AUGUST,                       BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

KORTAS, ALPHONSE,                   KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KORTAS, JOHN T.                     KOS.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KORTAS, J.T.,                       KOS.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KOSLOWSKI, FRANK,                   WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KOSLOWSKI, JOSEPH H.,               GREN. Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KOSLOWSKI, THECLA,                  WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KOTTKE, KARL,                       LVNN   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

KOTTKE, KARL,                       BRI.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

KOTZEA, JOSEPH S.,                  C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KRAAI, EDWARD,                      AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

KRAAI, HENRY,                       AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

KRAUS, RUTH,                        WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KRAUSE, ELSBETH                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KRAUSE, FRED,                       WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KRAUSE, PAUL,                       LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

KRIECH, LEO J.,                     WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KRIECH, PAUL,                       RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KROLL, ARTHUR,                      AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

KROLL, MILDRED,                     AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

KROLL, WM.,                         AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

KROOS, HERMAN,                      FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

KRUEGER, EMIL,                      VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

KRUSE, MARVEL G.,                   VORK   Twp.,   LILY,

KRUSE, WALTER R.,                   VORK   Twp.,   LILY,

KUBITCHIEK, FRANK,                  EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KUECKER, CHAS.,                     MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER

KUECKER, EDWIN JR.,                 MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KUECKER, EDWIN SR.,                 MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KUECKER, NORMAN                     MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KUECKER, WALTER,                    MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KULESA, ANTHONV,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KULESA, EDWARD,                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KULESA, FRANK,                      KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KULESA, JOHN,                       KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KURKOWSKI, LUCY                     KOB.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KURKOWSKI, JOHN,                    KOB.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KURKOWSKI, MARTHA                   KOB.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KURKOWSKI, PHILLIP,                 KOB.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

KURKOWSKI, TED,                     WAU.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KVERNEVIG, RODNEV,                  TROY   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

KWANIUSKI, ALVINA,                  NUT.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

KWASNIEWSKI, BEN A.,                HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KWASNIEWSKI, HENRY,                 MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

KWASNIEWSKI, I.P.,                  MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

LAMB, WILLIAM L.,                   HOM.   Twp.,     GROTON,

LAMBERTON, HENRY A.,                HOM.   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LAMBERTON, ROBERT H.,               HOM.   Twp.,     PIERPONT,

LANGE, .JOHN J.,                    RUSK   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LANGE, MARTIN 0.,                   RUSK   Twp.,     BUTLER,

LARDY, JOHN,                        RAR.   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARDY, OSCAR,                       GREN. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARDY, PETER A.,                    RAR.   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARDY, RAYMOND,                     RAR.   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARSON, ALBIN E.,                   RAR.   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARSON, ALFRED,                     RAR.   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARSON, ANNA,                       RAR.   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARSON, ARNOLD M.,                  RAR.   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARSON BROS.,                       AND.   Twp.,     ANDOVER,

LARSON, CLIFFORD,                   IND.   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LARSON, ED                          UN.    Twp.,     PIERPONT,

LARSON, CARRIE,                     UN.    Twp.,     PIERPONT,

LARSON, E. C.,                      LIB.   Twp.,     ROSLYN,

LARSON, HAAKON,                     WHEAT. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARSON, HANS C.,                    IND.   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LARSON, HARRY,                      FARM. Twp.,     ANDOVER,

LARSON, HJALMER,                    RAR.   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARSON, JACOB P.,                   RAR.   Twp.,     ROSLYN,

LARSON, LEO M.,                     WHEAT. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARSON, LEWIS,                      IND.   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LARSON, LEWIS JR.,                  IND.   Twp.,     PIERPONT,

LARSON, LINAS                       GREN. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARSON, ANNA,                       GREN. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LARSON, LUTHER,                     IND.   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LARSON, OSCAR 'A.,                  RAR.   Twp.,     WEBSTER

LARSON, OTIS,                       KID.   Twp.,     BRISTOL,

LARSON, REDVIN,                     LIB.   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LASELL, SYLVAN,                     C.P.   Twp.,     WAUBAY,

LAUSING, MELVIN,                    WAU.   Twp.,     WAUBAY,

LAWSON, LLOYD T.,                   SCOT. Twp.,     ANDOVER,

LEBHOLZ, CHARLES,                   WHEAT. Twp.,     FLORENCE,

LEE, EDWIN,                         LYNN   Twp.,     PIERPONT,

LEE, HARRY,                         HIGH. Twp.,     LILY,

LEE, HENRY O.,                      LYNN   Twp.,     PIERPONT,

LEE, JOHN E.,                       UN.    Twp.,     PIERPONT,

LEE, JOHN H.,                       HIGH. Twp.,     LILY,

LEE, LARS G.,                       YORK   Twp.,     LILY,

LEEGARD, ELMER,                     BUT.   Twp.,     BUTLER,

LEIMKUHL, WM. H.,                   C.P.   Twp.,     WAUBAY,

LEMMON, WALTER                      UN.    Twp.,     PIERPONT,

LEMMON, MILTON,                     UN.    Twp.,     PIERPONT,

LEMMON, WARD,                       AND.   Twp.,     ANDOVER,

LEIAMON, WM.,                       AND.   Twp.,     ANDOVER,

LENTSCH, CARL,                      NUT.   Twp.,     ROSLYN,

LENTSCH, JOHN,                      RAR.   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LENTZ, JULIUS,                      EGE.   Twp.,     WAUBAY,

LESNAR, EDWARD C.,                  HIGH. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LESNAR, FRANK 'J.,                  EGE.   Twp.,     WAURAY,

LESNAR, LAWRENCE,                   NUT.   Twp.,     ROSLYN,

LESNER, FRANK J.,                   WHEAT. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LESNER, JOHN,                       GREN. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LESNER, JOSEPH,                     GREN. Twp.,     GRENVILLE,

LESNER, STANLEY,                    GREN. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LESNER, STANLEY C.                  GREN. TWP.,     WEBSTER,

LESNER, JAMES,                      GREN. TWP.,     WEBSTER,

LEWANDOWSKI,.JOSEPH,                KOS.   Twp.,     GRENVILLE,

LEWNO, ALEX,                        MORT. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LEWNO. MATHEW.                                       WAUBAY,

LEWNO. ROMAN.                       KOS,   Twp.,     WAUBAY,

LIDEL. ALYIN R,.                    UN.    Twp.,     PIERPONT,

LIGHT. O.B..                        HOM.   Twp.,     PIERPONT

LIKNESS. CONRAD                     IND,   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LIKNESS. EDWARD.                    IND,   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LIKNESS. GUSTAV                     IND,   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LIKNESS. TANDER.                    IND,   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LIKNESS. KNUTE C.,                  HOM.   Twp.,     LANGFORD

LIKNESS. MARVIN                     IND,   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LIKNESS. JULIUS.                    IND,   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LIKNESS. MELVIN.                    IND,   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LIKNESS. RUDOLPH                    LIB,   Twp.,     ROSLYN,

LIKNESS. MARCHAL.                   LIB,   Twp.,     ROSLYN,

LIKNESS. THORVALD                   IND,   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LIKNESS. B,K,.                      IND,   Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LINDGREN, EDWIN,                    WHEAT, Twp.,     FLORENCE,

LINDQUIST, CLARENOE,                WEB,   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LINDQUIST. WALLACE.                 WEB,   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LINGREN. ANDREW                     FARM,  Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LINGREN. EDWIN                      FARM,  Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LINGREN. CLEMENT.                   FARM,  Twp.,     LANGFORD,

LINK. ERHARD C.,                    BUT,   Twp.,     BRISTOL.

LOBLAND. JAMES.                     UN,    Twp.      BRISTOL.

LOCKEN,REYNOLD.                     RAR,   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LOHNER. JOHN,                       WHEAT, Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LOKEN. PALMER.                      LYNN   Twp.,     PIERPONT,

LONE. ARNOLD F,.                    LYNN   Twp.,     PIERPONT,

LONG. GORDON W,.                    HIGH, Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LONG, ORRIE.                        WAU.   Twp.,     WAUBAY,

LONG. PERCY M.,                     WHEAT, Twp.,     WAUBAY,

LORENBERG. CARL.                    LILY,  Twp.,   ROSLYN,

LORENSBERG. HAROLD M.,              RAR,   Twp.,     WEBSTER,


LORENSON, CLARENCE.                 VAL,   Twp.,     BUTLER,

LORENSON. JESIE.                    KOS,   Twp.,     GRENVILLE,

LOTERBAUER, EDWARD.                 YORK   Twp.,     LILY,

LOTERBAUER, FRANK,                  TROY   Twp.,     LILY,

LUCKOU, HERBERT,                    BUT,   Twp.,     BUTLER,

LUDTKE. ERNEST,                     MORT, Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LUDTKE. MARVIN,                     MORT, Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LUNDBERG. H.B.                      YORK   Twp.,     LILY,

LUNDBERG, OSCAR W"                  WHEAT, Twp.,     WAUBAY,

LUNDBY, HANNAH,                     WHEAT, Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LUNDEEN, ART M,                     KID.   Twp.,     BRISTOL,

LUNDEEN, LENA.                      KID.   Twp.,     BRISTOL,

LUNDEEN, LLOYD.                     BRI,   Twp.,     BRISTOL,

LUNDGREN. ED,                       WEB,   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LUTZ. AUGUST H,.                    RUSK   Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LUTZ, LEONARD.                      MORT. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

LUTZ. MARION M,.                    AND.   Twp.,     ANDOVER,

LYNCH. ARTHUR,                      YORK   Twp.,     LILY,

MACHMILLER, AUBREY,                 BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

MACHMILLER, WALTER,                 BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

MADDEN, FRED B.,                    KID.   Twp.,   HOLMQUIST,

MAGEE, M. D.,                       WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MAGNUS, WALTER W.,                  RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MAGNUSSEN, PETE,                    HOM    Twp.,   LANGFORD,

MAHLEN, CHESTER,                    KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

MAHLEN, ELMER,                      LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

MAHLEN, CURTIS,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

MAHLEN, VERGIL R.,                  LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

MAHLEN, EMIL,                       RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MAHLEN, THORVALD,                   RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MAHLEN, ERNEST,                     HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

MAHLEN, JULIUS,                     IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

MALONEY, MELVIN,                    RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MALONEY, NELLIE,                    C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

MANSKE, ED L.,                      C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,    

MANSKE, HARRIET,                    C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

MARCH, DUANE,                       BRI.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MARCH, ERNEST,                      BRI.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MARKO, PETER,                       RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MARKVE, GLENN,                      EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

MARSKE, ERNEST D.,                  AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MARSKE, RICHARD,                    AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MARSKE, ROBERT,                     AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MARTIN, ANTON,                      BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

MARTIN, ED,                         HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

MARTIN, EDWARD,                     VAL.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MARTIN, JoHN L.,                    HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

MARTIN, FREEMAN,                    UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

MARX, EDWARD,                       BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

MARX, JOE,                          BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

MATHIASON, HENRY,                   RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,


MATTECHECK, MARIUS,                 WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MATTHEWS, LLOYD L.& JOE,            YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

MATTSON, REUBEN,                    KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MAY, NORMAN,                        AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MAY, RICHARD,                       AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MC BRIDE, CHAS. W.,                 SCOT. Twp.,   BUTLER,

MC CABE, CHAS.,                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

Mc CARLSON, ARNOLD,                 NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

Mc CARLSON, BENNIE,                 WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

Mc CARLSON, MARTIN,                 LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

Mc CARLSON, MELVIN,                 LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

Mc CARLSON, SHERMAN,                RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MC CARTY, EARL,                     HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

MC CARTY, WARREN D.,                HOM    Twp.,   LANGFORD,

McCOLLOUGH, DONALD,                 BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MC KANE, JAMES,                     AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MC KANE, JAMES .JR.,                BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

MCKITTRICK, GLEN,                   UN.    Twp.,   BRISTOL

MCKITTRICK, ROBERT,                 UN.    Twp.,   BRISTOL

MCKITTRICK, WESLEY,                 UN.    Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MCKITTRICK, ALICE                   UN.    Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MCKITTRICK, AUDREY,                 UN.    Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MC TIGH, JIM,                       RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MEIER, BERNARD,                     RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MELAND, ALBERT,                     WHEAT. Twp.,   FLORENCE,  

MENDELL, CLARENCE,                  EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

METZ, AMOS,                         RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MEUER, PETER                        WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MEUER, ROY,                         WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,


MICKALOWSKI , FRANK,                KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

MIKKELSON,MELVIN                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

MIKKELSON, DON,                     WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

MILLER, HENRY,                      BRI.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MILLER, WM. F.,                     O.G.   TWP.,   CRANDALL,

MIOTKE, MARY E                      KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

MIOTKE, JOE,                        KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

MOEN, ARTHUR,                       NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

MOEN, GOTTFRED,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

MOEN, HAROLD,                       NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

MOEN, SIGVART,                      NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

MOEN, THEODORE,                     NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

MOIR, A. C.                         UN.    Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MOIR, WALTER W.,                    WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MONDRY, FRANK,                      KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

MONDRY, LEO,                        KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

MONSHAUGEN, ALFRED,                 LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

MONSON, EDWIN M.                    IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

MONSON, EllSWORTH,                  IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

MONSON, INGA,                       IND.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

MONSON, PERCIVAL,                   IND.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

MONSON, ElWOOD                      IND.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

MONSON, ROGER,                      IND.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

MONSON, KENNETH,                    HIGH, Twp.,   LILY,

MONSON, L.O.,                       HIGH, Twp.,   LILY,      

MONSON, NORMAN,                     NUT.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

MONSON, OSCAR,                      GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MONZEL, JOHN,                       MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MOREHOUSE, CHARLEY,                 VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

MOREHOUSE, EARL,                    BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

MOREHOUSE, EVERETT,                 BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

MOREHOUSE, LLOYD,                   BRI.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MOREHOUSE, VAN,                     BRI.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

MOREHOUSE, CLIFFORD,                O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

MORK JEROME,                        LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

MORK, KALBEN,                       LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

MORRISON, RAYMOND,                  EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

MORTENSON, LEWIS,                   IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

MOUCHET, JOHN C.,                   C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

MURSCHEL, CLIFFORD,                 WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MURSCHEL, KERMIT,                   WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MURSCHEL, REUBEN,                   RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

MYDLAND, LUTHER,                    LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,