Land Owner Surnames  A-F

1952 ATLAS


Day County

South Dakota


Compiled and Published

By the

Thomas O. Nelson Co.

Fergus Falls, Minnesota



The contents of this atlas have been compiled from information procured from available sources, and is believed to be accurate from data of record on the 20th day of September, 1952.  Because of the possibility of error, no representation is made as to the complete accuracy.  Data scanned and edited by Joe  and Lois Mattecheck []






ANDOVER,        AND.


BUTLER,        BUT.






HOMER          HOM.


KIDDER         KID.



LYNN           LYNN

MORTON         MORT.

NUTLEY         NUT.


RACINE         RAC.


RUSK           RUSK


TROY           TROY

UNION          UN.

VALLEY         VAL.

WAUBAY         WAU.



YORK           YORK

NAME                                TOWNSHIP       MAILING ADDRESS T


AADLAND, HOWARD A.,                 LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

AADLAND, LAWRENCE,                  LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

AADLAND, OLAF,                      LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

AADLAND, OLE G. & ORLIN,            IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

AADLAND, ROY,                       LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

AADLAND, SELMER,                    IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,


AADLAND, ANDREW,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

AASVED, EDWARD, CARLYLE,            UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

ACKER, LLOYD R.,                    C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

ADAMS, CURT,                        WHEAT. Twp.,   FLORENCE,

AHERN, CHAS. E.,                    SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

AHERN, WILLIS L.,                   SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

AHLERS, JULIUS,        WEB.  Twp.,    WEBSTER,

AKERSON, OSCAR W.,                  WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ALG, LAURITZ,                       UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

ALTHOFF, EARL,                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

ALTHOFF, JOHN,                      C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

AMERUD, LILY,                       IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

AMUNDSON, LARS,                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

AMUNDSON, KENNETH                   WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

AMUNDSON, JOHN                      WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

AMUNDSON, AMUNDSON                  WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

AMUNDSON,  LAWRENCE                 WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

AMUNDSCN, LUDVIG,                   RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ANDERSON, ALBERT B.,                BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

ANDERSON, BERNT                     HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

ANDERSON, BERNT                     HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

ANDERSON, RUEBEN,                   HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

ANDERSON, ALVIN C.,                 HOM.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

ANDERSON, ANDREW,                   RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ANDERSON, ARNOLD,                   BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

ANDERSON, ARTHUR,                   HIGH. Twp.,   WEBTER

ANDERSON, ARTHUR H.,                TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

ANDERSON, CHARLES H.,               FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

ANDERSON, EMIL A.,                  IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

ANDERSON, GIDEON,                   KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ANDERSON, HAGGLE,                   RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ANDERSON, HARRY,                    O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

ANDERSON, HENRY,                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

ANDERSON, HERMAN,                   LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ANDERSON, LEONARD,                  HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

ANDERSON, MELVIN,                   NUT.   Twp.,   ROSLYN

ANDERSON, MELVIN,                   BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

ANDERSON, OLE,                      LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ANDERSON, OSCAR E.,                 BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

ANDERSON, RALPH,                    LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL

ANDERSON,' ROY,                     LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ANDERSON, THOS.,                    YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

ANDERSON, WILLIAM,                  WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ARNESON, ALROY R.,                  WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ARNESON, LARS M.,                   EGE.   Twp.,   FLORENCE,

ARNESON, LAWRENCE,                  EGE.   Twp.,   FLORENCE,

ARNOLD, LEE W.,                     WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

ASH, ARDEN,                         BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

ASH, CY,                            YORK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

ASH, C. H.,                         BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

ASH, HENRY,                         IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

ASH, R. J.,                         YORK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

ASLESEN, ALTON D.,                  WHEAT. Twp.,   WAUBAY,

ASLESON, CHRIS,                     EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

ASLESON, OLAF,                      EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

ASLESON, THEO.,                     EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

AUSLAND, GAIUS                      TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

AUSLAND, DONALD,                    TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

AUSLAND, ODEN R.,                   TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

AUSLAND, OREN,                      SCOT. Twp.,   BUTLER,

AXNESS, ALVIN                       IND.   TWP.,   PIERPONT,

AXNESS, KENNETH,                    IND.   TWP.,   PIERPONT,

BAAGTE, EARL J.,                    FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

BABCOCK, ROBERT C,                  HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

BABCOCK, DWIGHT,                    HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

BABCOCK, CLINTON,                   HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

BAILLIE, JOHN,                      HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

BAISCH, FRED                        WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BAISCH, GALE,                       WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BAKER, E. B"                        YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

BAKKEGARD, SAM G.,                  YORK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

BAKKEN, CLARENCE,                   LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL

BAKKEN, OLAF,                       LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL

BAKKEN, THEODORE,                   KID,   Twp.,   BRISTOL

BANEY & STEVENS,                    KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

BARBER, C.A.                        YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

BARNHARDT, WALTER,                  EGE,   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BARRY, L, W"                        O.G,   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

BARTELL, MARTIN A.,                 O.G,   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

BARTELT, ALVIN,                     WAU,   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BARTELT, ARTHUR H.,                 WAU,   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BARTELT, EMIL C"                    WAU,   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BARTELT, HOWARD H.,                 WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BARTELT, WM.,                       WAU    Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BARTON, ROBERT J.,                  BRI,   Twp.,   BRISTOL

BATES, SCOTT M.,                    RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BAUER, LOTER,                       O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

BAULE, CLARENCE,                    AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

BAULE, GLENN,                       AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

BAULE, JOHN,                        AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

BAULE, VERN,                        AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

BAULE, WILLIAM,                     AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

BAUMGARTN, R.,                      KID.   Twp.,   HOLMQUIST,

BEAR, HOWARD,                       IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

BECHT, LAMBERT,                     RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BECKING, JOHN,                      WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BEFFERT, R. J.,                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BELDEN, FRANK,                      AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

BENNETT, ROBERT H.,                 FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

BENSON, A. J.,                      VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

BENSON, ROGER A.,                   WHEAT. Twp.,   FLORENCE,

BERG, ELMER                         KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BERG, MYRL,                         KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BERG, LLOYD H.,                     BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BERGAN, VERNE,                      WHEAT. Twp.,   FLORENCE,

BERGER, ELIZABETH                   BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BERGER, MERLE,                      BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BERGET, ELMER,                      IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

BERGH, PERRY L.,                    EGE.   Twp.,   FLORENCE,

BERGLUND, ELMER,                    RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BERRINGER, MARIE,                   WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BICZKOWSKl, PHILLIP,                KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

BIERSCHBACH, ANTON M.,              WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,


BIERSCHBACH, CLAIRE,                MORT.  Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BIERSCHBACH, MATH,                  BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

BIERSCHBACH, MAURICE,               WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BINGEN, FRANCIS,                    AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

BIRKELAND, ARTHUR C.,               UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

BIRNEY, RONALD,                     WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BISGARD, COLEMAN J.,                EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BISGARD, ELMER,                     WHEAT. Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BISGARD, HARLAN,                    EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BISGARD, HERBERT C.,                EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BJERKE, ANDREW E,                   SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

BJUGAN, JOHN,                       GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BLOCK, ALVIN,                       WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BLOCK, ANTON F.,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BLOCK, ANTON H.,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BLOCK, CLARA E.,                    KOS.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BLOCK, FRANK,                       GREN. Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BLOCK, AMBROSE,                     GREN. Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BLOCK, JACOB,                       KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

BLOCK, LEOCADIA                     KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

BLOCK, JOE A.,                      KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

BLOCK, MARTHA C.,                   KOS.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BLOCK, VICTOR,                      GREN. Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BLOCK, WALTER,                      KOS.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BLOCKE, CARL,                       KOS.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BLOCKER, PERCY,                     HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BLOOM, EARL M.,                     WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BLOOM, FRED G.,                     WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BLOOM, HAROLD W.,                   WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BLOOM, HARRV F.,                    WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BLOOM, WALTER,                      WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BOAL, STEWART,                      C. P. Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BOE, STANLEY,                       IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

BOHN, BEN A.,                       VAL.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BOHN, FRANK E.                      BUT.   TWP.,   WEBSTER,

BOHN, GALAND,                       BUT.   TWP.,   WEBSTER,

BOHN, GERALD,                       BUT.   TWP.,   WEBSTER,

BOHN, HARVEY L.                     BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BOHN, BURDELL,                      BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BOIK, ERNEST,                       KOS.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BOIK, MARV J.,                      GREN. Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

BOIK, STEPHEN,                      KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

BOIKE, ANTON B.,                    GREN. Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

BOLLAND, ESTEN L.                   IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

BOLLAND, LLOYD,                     IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

BONN, JOE,                          SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

BOSLAND, A.T.H.,                    C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BOSMOE, JACOB,                      LYNN   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

BRADFORD, WILMER,                   EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BRADY, GEORGE,                      RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BRADY, GLEN H.,                     HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BRALEY,GEORGE,                      RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BRANDLEE, EDWIN E.,                 UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

BRANDLEE, ORVILLE,                  UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

BRANDLEE, REUBEN,                   UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

BRATAGER, A.B.,                     KID.   Twp.,   HOLMQUIST,

BRENDUOEN, O. E.,                   LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

BRESKE, FELIX,                      WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BRESKE, MRS. JOE,                   WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BRESKE, JOHN JR.,                   GREN. Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

BRESKE, JOSEPH JR.,                 GREN. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BRESKE, JOSEPH F.,                  RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BRESKE, LEO JR.,                    GREN. TWP.,   GRENVILLE,

BRESKE, STANLEY,                    GREN. Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

BRESKE, TED,                        WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BRESKE, THEO.,                      RAc.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BROUWER, JOE,                       TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

BRUE, EDWIN,                        VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

BUBB, WM. JR.,                      WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BUCHELE, BENNY,                     BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

BUCHELE, BERT J.                    YORK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

BUCHELE, ARDEN,                     YORK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

BUCHELE, HARVEY,                    YORK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

BUCHNER, AUGUST B.,                 YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

BUCK,ALBERT,                        BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BUCK,EUGENE,                        BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BUE, CONRAD,                        KOS.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

BUEHLER, ELLSWORTH,                 SCOT. Twp.,   BUTLER,

BUHLER,  CLIFFORD,                  BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

BUHLER,  EDWARD,                    BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BUHLER,  EUGENE E.,                 BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

BUHLER, FRANK,                      BUT.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

BUHLER, LAWRENCE,                   RU8K   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BUHLER, MARVIN,                     RUSK   Twp.,   WBSTER,

BULLERT, OTTO D.,                   RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BUNDROCK, BEN,                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BURCHARDT, CLARA,                   WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BURCHARDT, JOHN,                    EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BURNS, CHAS. D.,                    WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BURNS, RAYMOND L.,                  WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BURNS, WALTER,                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

BURY, ARTHUR,                       UN.    Twp.,   BRISTOL,

BURY, ED B.,                        KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BURY, HARRY                         BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BURY, H.B.,                         BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BURY, HARVEY H.,                    BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BURY, NICK J.                       BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BURY, MARVIN E.,                    BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BURY, PERRY,                        RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

BURY, WILLIAM 80 JOHN,              KID.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

BURY, WILLIS B.,                    VAL.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

BUSCH, CLIFFORD,                    TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,

BUSS, ALBERT,                       HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

CALLSEN, GRANT 'A.,                 TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

CAMERON, CURTIS,                    UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

CAMERON, DEAN,                      UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

CAMERON, JERALD,                    UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

CAMERON, J. E.                      UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

CAMERON, ROBERT B.,                 HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

CANNON, ROBERT G.,                  HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,  

CARLSON, ARTHUR                     KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

CARLSON, EDWIN A.,                  KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

CARLSON, CARL J.,                   KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

CARLSON. DUANE,                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

CARLSON, EDWIN,                     KID.   Twp.,   HOLMQUIST,

CARLSON, HERMAN,                    KID.   Twp.,   HOLMQUIST,

CARLSON, JEROME,                    KID.   Twp.,   HOLMQUIST,

CARLSON, KENNETH,                   KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

CARLSON, VERNIE,                    RAR.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,    

CARLSON, WM                         TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

CARR, WALTER,                       MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

CASSELS, GERALD,                    FARM. Twp.,   GROTON,

CAVANAUGH, ALVIN,                   KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

CAVANAUGH, FRED,                    MORT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

CAVANAUGH, SHERMAN,                 FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,   

CHAMBERLAIN, HOWARD,                BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

CHAMBERS, FRED W.,                  FARM. Twp.,   PIERPONT,

CHAPMAN, C. H.,                     WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,     

CHRISTENSEN, ANKER                  WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

CHRISTENSEN, MIMMIE,                WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

CHRISTENSEN, ERNEST,                WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

CHRISTENSEN, ERVIN,                 WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,     

CHRISTENSON, AXEL,                  RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

CHRISTOPHERSON, OLAF,               RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

CHRISTOPHERSON, P.O.,               YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

CLAUSEN, CLIFFORD,                  TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

COLLIER, BESSIE,                    AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

COMELIUS, ORVILLE,                  LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

CORBIN, MYRON,                      YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

CORNELIUS, OLAF,                    LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

COWAN, BEN,                         FARM. Twp.,   LANGFORD,

COWAN, JOSEPH J.,                   RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

COWAN, LAWRENCE,                    O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

Cox, DONALD,                        VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

COYLE, DONALD,                      BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

COYLE, GEORGE,                      BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

COYNE, C. J.,                       BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

COYNE, C. J.,                       KID.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

COYNE, FRANCIS R.,                  BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

COYNE, JOHN J.,                     BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,   

COYNE, LAWRENCE,                    TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,

COYNE, THOS. E.,                    YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

CZMOWSKI, ARNOLD,                   HIGH. Twp.,    WEBSTER,

CZMOWSKI, FRANK,                    HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,     

CZMOWSKI, HERMAN,                   RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,   

CZMOWSKI, HILARY,                   RUSK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

CZMOWSKI, MARTIN,                   HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

CZMOWSKI, NICK,                     YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

CZMOWSKI, SYLVESTER,                HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

CZOWSKI, LEO,                       RUSK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

DAHL, ALBIN A.,                     EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DAHL, MELVIN P.,                    EGE.   TWP.,   WAUBAY,

DAHL, OLE M.,                       EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DALAGER, ALBIN,                     LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DALAGER, ANDREW,                    LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DALE, CLARENCE,                     HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

DALE, HANS,                         HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

DALE, JEROME,                       HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

DALE, JOSEPH,                       HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

DALE, ROBERT,                       HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

DANIELSON, ALFRED,                  BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

DARGATZ, JOE,                       WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DARGATZ, PAUL,                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DARRINGTON, HARVEY,                 EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DARRINGTON, MILO,                   EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DARRINGTON, RUSSEL,                 EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DARRINGTON, WALTER J.,              EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DAUWEN, JOSEPH,                     AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

DAVIDSON, D. J.,                    BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL

DAVIDSON, EARL P.,                  RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DAVIDSON, E.B.                      LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DAVIDSON, MARVIN,                   LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DAVIDSON, VINCENT,                  VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

DAVIS, DARWIN B.,                   WHEAT. Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DEAN, DONALD                        KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DEAN, ELLA,                         KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DEAN, HARRISON,                     TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,

DEAN, HERBERT,                      TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

DEBELZAN, FRANCIS,                  AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

DECK, GEO. M.,                      YORK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

DECK, LEO N.,                       YORK   Twp.,   BUTLER,

DEMBOWSKI, JEROME,                  WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DEMPSEV, CHARLOTTE,                 BRI.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

DENHOLM, BURDETTE E.,               SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

DENHOLM, JOHN,                      SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

DENHOLM, MILLARD,                   SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

DEUSCHLE, OTTO,                     BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DEUSCHLE, REUBEN,                   BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DEVRIES, THOMAS,                    FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

DINKEL, ALFRED                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DINKEL, ROBERT                      WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DINKEL, ELSMER,                     WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DITMANSON, ELMER C.,                RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DOKKEN, ALFRED,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

DOKKEN, MELVIN,                     LIB.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

DOKTER, JOHN,                       AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

DOKTER, W. T.,                      RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DOLNEY, ANDREW,                     RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DOLNEY, AUGUST,                     IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

DOLNEY, JEROME,                     GREN. Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DOLNEY, JOHN                        RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DOLNEY, LEO H.,                     RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DOLNEY, JOHN J.                     WAU.   Twp.,   GRENVILLE,

DOLNEY, LEO H.,                     RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DOLNEY, JOSEPH,                     KID.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DOLNEY, MAX                         RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DONAT, GEORGE,                      RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DOXSEE, DONALD,                     WAU.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DRAKE, BERT C.,                     EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DRAKE, CLARENCE L.,                 EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DRAKE, EARL,                        EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DRAKE, FLOYD I".,                   EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DRAKE, HAROLD,                      EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DRAKE, HOWARD,                      EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DRAKE, JOHN W.,                     EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DRAKE, LESLIE B.,                   EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DRAKE, RALPH,                       EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DRAKE, W.W.                         EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

DUERRE, CHESTER,                    YORK   Twp.,   LILY,

DUERRE, DEWEY,                      TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,

DUERRE, DEWEY JR.,                  TROY   Twp.,   BUTLER,

DULITZ, ELMER F.,                   WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DULITZ, FRANK                       MORT.  Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DULITZ, WESLEY,                     MORT.  Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DURYEE, W. A.,                      RUSK   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

DWIGHT, LEONARD,                    HOM.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

DWIGHT, MILAN,                      UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

DYLLA, DOMINIC,                     AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

DYLLA, HERBERT,                     AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

DYLLA, JULIUS,                      AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

DYLLA, RAYLIUS,                     AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

EDE, IVER,                          O.G.   Twp.,   CRANDALL,

EHRENBURG, GEORGE,                  AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

EIDAHL, JOHN,                       IND.   Twp.,   ROSLYN,

EIDET, PAUL,                        C.P.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

EIK, OSCAR,                         WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBBTER,

ELIASON, HERMAN                     LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

ELIASON, EDWARD,                    LYNN   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

ELIASON, NELS,                      LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ELLERT, GEORGE,                     SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

EMMEN, ERWIN,                       UN.    Twp.,   ANDOVER,

EMMEN, HANS A.,                     AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

ENEHOE, RUDOLPH,                    IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

ENGEBRETSON, JOHN,                  LYNN   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ENGSTROM, CARL,                     EGE.   Twp.,   WAUBAY,

ENGSTROM, LEROY,                    HIGH. Twp.,   LILY,

ENGSTROM, WALTER,                   AND.   Twp.,   ANDOVER,

ENGVORSON, CHRIS, T                 TROY   Twp.,   LILY,

ENSTAD, JEROME K.,                  IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

ENSTAD, JOHN 0.,                    IND.   Twp.,   PIERPONT,

ENSTAD, JULIAN G.                   IND.   TWP.,   PIERPONT,

ENSTAD, MELVIN,                     IND.   TWP.,   PIERPONT,

ERDMAN, ALFRED                      RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ERDMAN, EDWARD A.,                  RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ERDMAN, ELLA,                       WEB.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ERDMAN, MAX G.,                     RAC.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ERDMANN, GEORGE IV.                 FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER

ERDMANN, ROBERT,                    FARM. Twp.,   ANDOVER

ERICKSON, BEN,                      IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

ERICKSON, EMIL                      IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

ERICKSON, PHILIP,                   IND.   Twp.,   LANGFORD,

ERICKSON, KENNETH,                  UN.    Twp.,   BRISTOL,

ESCHE BROS.,                        SCOT. Twp.,   ANDOVER,

ESCHE, FLOYD,                       VAL.   Twp.,   BRISTOL,

ESLICK,DALE                         RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ESLICK,LLOYD M.,                    RAR.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

ESPELAND, CLARENCE,                 BUT.   Twp.,   BUTLER,

ESPELAND, JOE,                      UN.    Twp.,   PIERPONT,

ESPELAND, MAGNUS,                   BUT.   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

EVENSON, JAY,                       HIGH. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

EVENSON, LA VERNE,                  BUT,   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

EWALT, ANTON,                       GREN, Twp.,   WEBSTER,

EWALT, EDMUND,                      RAR,   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

EWALT, FRANK                        RAR,   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

EWALT, DANIEL,                      RAR,   Twp.,   WEBSTER,

EWALT, JOHN,                        GREN, Twp.,   WEBSTER,

FADNESS, ELMER,                     O.G. Twp.,     BUTLER,

FADNESS, LAWRENCE,                  SCOT. Twp.,    BUTLER,

FALMER, CECIL,                      IND. Twp.,     PIERPONT,

FARMEN, MAURICE,                    LIB. TwP.,     ROSLYN,

FELDMEYER, BUD,                     WAU. Twp.,     WAUBAY,

FELLERS, THURLOW,                   O.G. Twp.,     CRANDALL,

FESTE, ELMER,                       WHEAT. Twp.,   .WEBSTER,

FESTE, JULIA,                       WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

FIKSDAL, ODELL,                     HIGH. TWP.,    LILY,

FISCHER, JOHN H.,                   NUT. Twp.,     ROSLYN,

FISHBECK, JOHN,                     LIB. Twp.,     ROSLYN,

FISHBECK, ORRIS,                    LIB. Twp.,     R0SLYN,

FITCH, ORVAL E.,                    HOM. Twp.,     PIERPONT,

FLATTUM, ALBERT B.,                 BUT. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

FLATTUM, BERT,                      BUT. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

FLATTUM, B. CARL,                   BUT. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

FLATTUM, DONLEY,                    VAL. Twp.,     BUTLER,

FLATTUM, RICHARD,                   TROY Twp.,     BUTLER,

FLATTUM, RUDOLPH,                   BUT. Twp.,     BUTLER,

FLATTUM, SAM,                       VAL. Twp.,     BUTLER,

FLATTUM, SELMER,                    BUT. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

FLEISCHAKER, JOHN,                  RUSK Twp.,     WEBSTER,

FLEISCHHAKER, F.M.,                 RUSK TWp.,     WEBSTER,

FOLDAGER, ALFRED,                   EGE. Twp.,     WAUBAY,

FOLDAGER, OTTO,                     EGE. Twp.,     WAUBAY,

FOLKSTAD, LLOYD,                    BRI. Twp.,     BRISTOL,

FOLSOM, K. G.,                      HOM. Twp.,     PIERPONT,

FOSHIEM, BERTHA                     KID. Twp.,     BRISTOL,

FOSHIEM, OLE,                       KID. Twp.,     BRISTOL,

FOSSUM, ARCHIE L.,                  YORK Twp.,     LILY,

FOSSUM, IDA,                        UN. Twp.,       PIERPONT,

FOSSUM, IVAN                        UN. Twp.,       PIERPONT,

FOSSUM, EARL,                       UN. Twp.,       PIERPONT,

FOSSUM, RALPH L.,                   YORK Twp.,     LILY,

FOSSUM, VERN v., Y                  ORK Twp.,       LILY,

FRANSON, OSCAR,                     KID. TWP.,     WEBSTER,

FRANSON, VERNON,                    KID. Twp.,     WEBSTER,

FRITH, HAROLD,                      AND. Twp.,     ANDOVER,

FROSLIE, GORDEN,                    WHEAT. Twp.,   WEBSTER,

FROSLIE, HENRY,                     HIGH. Twp.,    WEBSTER,